Fixa en uteplats med tak – 6 bästa tips

Hot to get a covered patio – 6 best tips

If you set up a covered patio you will get better protection from the weather and you can also sit outside more. You can also get a more intimate environment for socializing and well-being. A patio with a roof can simply provide more possibilities!

Of course, you have several options to choose from if you want to provide your patio with a roof. The options range from variants with pavilions to regular roofs. What you should choose depends a little on space, taste and budget. To help, we can present here our 6 best tips on alternatives.

Sliding balcony roof

Today, a balcony roof does not have to be an unwieldy construction. There are many flexible variants in robust yet light frames for both easy assembly and placement. They are mounted on the wall and usually have only two or three posts (depending on the width of the roof).

A lot of patio roofs are also equipped with sliding windows. It is a very flexible solution for the patio. When it rains, or when you just want protection from the UV rays, make sure all the windows are closed. If you want to let the sun through instead, you can open the entire roof, alternatively open it partially.

The roofs for these types of protection against rain and sun are often made of rather thick channel plastic. They have a long lifespan and also withstand the stresses of snow and ice better than other options for patio roofs.


Practical and smart with pavilion

The pavilion is often the cheapest option for a roof for your patio. A pavilion is also flexible in that it does not need to be a fixed installation. Many products in this category are simply portable.

You can therefore move the pavilion to the lawn or other areas of the plot if you wish. In addition, the pavilion comes with the advantage that you can supplement the roof itself with walls to create extra protection against the weather and against visibility.

Of course, you have many options to choose from if you think a pavilion is a good choice for your patio. There are pavilions in all sizes and in several types of materials. Of course, you can also choose between different colors.

It is good to remember that the UV protection and UV resistance can be different in different materials. A rule of thumb is that fixed pavilions have a higher quality in this aspect.

What does UV resistant mean?

When researching and comparing patio roofing materials, you will come across the term UV resistant. What does it mean? This means that the material is not damaged by the sun’s UV rays.

Pergola – the elegant solution

A pergola is actually a passage with a roof and walls that are decorated with climbing plants. In modern garden architecture, the word has acquired a slightly different meaning. Today, a pergola is a construction with four poles and a roof perfect for both patio and garden.

You can advantageously choose a pergola if you have a slightly larger patio and do not want a roof right next to the facade. The pergola is also perfect by a pool area to provide shade and weather protection by the pool.

It is also possible to open the roof of a modern pergola. Some models have classic sunroofs in airy fabric that you can easily pull in and out depending on the weather. Others have slats that can be set in different positions. For a little extra luxury at home, choose a pergola with motorized slatted roof.

Should you have a roof that can be rolled in when the sun shines?

If you have a roof that can be rolled in or slid in, you can vary how much sun you get on the patio. That can be an advantage. Usually, however, this benefit comes with a higher price tag. You simply have to make a trade-off between price and function.

Outdoor room – for both patio and plot

A patio with a roof does not have to be directly adjacent to your house. You can place it anywhere on the plot. Why not build a conservatory? It is something that is becoming more and more popular because it creates an extra place for socializing and relaxing on the grounds.

You can design a free-standing conservatory as you wish, but there are also ready-made construction kits to buy. The majority are intended to function as both conservatories and greenhouses, but of course there are many variants.

Parasol – smart for smaller patios

A parasol is a smart solution above all for the slightly smaller patio. It is also a very budget-friendly solution for protection against, above all, the sun’s rays and heat. However, the parasol is less good at protecting against rain and wind.

When choosing a parasol, it is important that you choose a model that actually has very strong protection against the sun. A dense polyester fabric with a high UV factor (UV Protect 80) is what you should look out for. With less protection than that, the fabric does not block enough of the sun’s UV rays.

Five important questions before buying a parasol:

How big should the parasol be?
Which model do you want?
What size and weight should the foot have?
Material: aluminum or wood?
Need a parasol cover?

Should you buy sun sails – are they good?

A sun sail is a budget solution for the patio. It can create a more cozy feeling, but the protection against the elements is small. A sun sail usually has a protection of UV30, which is a relatively low figure. Solar sails also have the disadvantage that they may have to be “moved” with the sun.

Awning – flexible for both small and large patios

A roof for the patio does not necessarily mean a fixed roof. An awning can be a smart and flexible solution. There are several advantages to mention. For example, awnings are available in all sizes, from window awnings to models with an area of up to 15 square meters.

Awnings also have the advantage that they can be both free-standing and fixed to the facade. On the market today there are many options to choose from, for example:

● Awning parasol
● Double awning parasol
● Terrace awning
● Window awning

Even for awnings, UV protection is of course central. Both the UV resistance and the UV factor must be high. Polyester in a tight weave is the recipe for textiles that keep the harmful rays away and keep the material fresh for a long time.


Equipping the patio with a roof can really make a difference to the outdoor environment on your property. We hope this list of 6 tips on patio options can help you find the right solution.

All patios look different and our preferences around the sun are also different. Use our tips when researching possible solutions, but make sure you choose the option that best suits your taste and your circumstances.


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