Grattis inredningsvis - 1 år idag!

Congratulations Inredningsvis – 1 year old today!

inredningsvis 1 year

Hi! This is Jon, and today I’m a guest author here at inredningsvis!

Maria has mentioned me in a couple of her previous posts about travel and cooking – but I’m more than just the chef behind the Shepherds Pie post :)

A year and a half ago I met Maria – an artistic, deep, thoughtful, and beautiful person in many different ways. I noticed her huge passion for interior design and realised that she needed a means to express all of her creativity about interior design and decor. As I had already worked on a couple of online projects previously, I introduced her to the blog world.

“I can show you how blogging works, but this will be *your* blog – I’m just here as a resource to help you get started, and help with other things along the way…”

Maria’s creativity was in high gear (as usual :) and she plucked the name “Inredningsvis” out of the ether. Inredningsvis in Swedish is a word which can have a couple of different meanings: “Wise/smart, in terms of interior design and decor” and “regarding interior design and decor”. It works very well in Swedish, and in my opinion is the perfect name for a Swedish interior design and decor blog!

We started work on the logo, website design, programming and article writing, and on the 1st of February 2012 Maria’s first ever post was published: Inspiration: Bathroom interior decorating in purple.

The creativity hasn’t subsided at all over the year, with almost 200 published articles and over 3500 comments from you, inredningsvis’ loyal readers from around the world! We’ve even travelled to France and Spain thanks to inredningsvis, and worked with some of the biggest names in the interior design profession, including BoråsTapeter and Värnamo of Sweden, as well as many web shops.

So with this, Maria and I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to inredningsvis for being online for 1 year – and CONGRATULATIONS to you Maria, for continuing to inspire thousands of people (including myself!) from all 4 corners of the world.

I will continue to support Maria with inredningsvis – I translate all of the posts into English, as well as take care of finances and some technical aspects of the blog behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to seeing what year 2 has to offer!

And if you’re really lucky, I might even post a couple of my secret recipies here from time to time! :) I hope you continue to be inspired by inredningsvis – Sweden’s best and most-loved interior design and decor blog!


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    Maria Ljungström

    Maria Ljungström is the founder and writer at She is an expert in interior design and has worked as a home stylist with a solid background in interior decorating. Maria likes to offer tips on how to make your home beautiful and luxurious affordably. With Inredningsvis, she has participated in several well-known media outlets such as Expressen, DN, and has written for GP Bostad.

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