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Christmas Table Setting – 10 best tips ever

Setting up your Christmas table is a quick way to bring a festive mood to your home. Whether you are a minimalist or like to go all out, there are limitless tablescaping ideas for Christmas. So whether you are hosting brunch with the girls, a tea party or a family dinner, check out these Christmas table decorating ideas to add holiday cheer to your home as the year ends.

Select a Theme

Picking a theme is the first action when setting up your Christmas table. Consider a theme that matches your interior décor. If your living space comprises mainly hardwood, go for checkered patterns, pine and rustic décor to achieve an outdoorsy Noel look. Likewise, silver ornaments will be ideal if your space is highlighted with dark colour schemes. You can also use décor with shine and varying tones. For a Winter-themed dining room, consider adding splashes of dark and light blues to your pastel-coloured room. On the other hand, single-colour designs will be perfect for a modern theme. Also, you can never go wrong with deep greens, reds and gold or white if you want to give your dining room a traditional vibe.

Use Tablecloths

A linen table runner or tablecloth is a great idea to give your dinner table a  more formal appeal. Tablecloths protect your table and set the tone for your table setting. White tablecloths are ideal for creating a clean, crispy look. They also help décor and dishes to pop. Bold colours like black, on the other hand, steal the limelight on the dinner table. If you decide to go for colourful options, ensure you get cutlery and dishes with matching accents.

What Is the Importance of a Table Runner?

Mainly, it adds texture and colour to your table setting. However, it also shields the table from dripping wax, hot dishes and sweating glasses.

Create a Unique Centrepiece

A beautiful centrepiece pulls a Christmas tablescape together. Depending on your selected theme, it could come in different sizes, styles and shapes. You can easily purchase a Christmas centrepiece or embark on a DIY project to create one. A brilliant idea for a Christmas centrepiece is binding pone and eucalyptus together and placing them on the table. This adds a touch of Mother Nature to your space. You can also add some ornaments and complete the look with layered candles. Alternatively, you could arrange fresh flowers in a simple vase to heighten your table setting.

Personalise Your Place Settings

Create personalised place settings to give your dining room a personal touch. This way, your guests know that you value their presence. Begin by shopping for placemats that complement your Christmas dinner theme. After that, create handwritten place cards to indicate each guest’s sitting position at the table. Lastly, finish the look with a gift for each guest. It could be a common gift, or it may be tailored for each of them.

Are Placemats Out of Style?

Placemats are still in style. While there are several unattractive options left, you can choose from equally many lovely options.

Bring in Some Candlelight

Candles are always invaluable to any table setting, regardless of your theme. They add style and warmth to the dinner table. Tall thin candles are ideal for modern designs, while stockier candles pair well with traditional arrangements. You can even go ahead to create an elegant centrepiece using tealight candles. Sandwich them between eucalyptus and pine, and voila! While white candles are suitable for most designs, candles with darker tones can give your dinner table setting a dramatic look. Throw in some candle holders to complete the look.

Bring Out Fine China

Dishes are an essential part of your Christmas table setting. Fine china and porcelain dishes can add a touch of elegance and an exotic feel to your dining table. Take advantage of your theme by pairing crockery in solid colours with patterned plates. When setting a formal dining table, begin with the dinner plate and place the salad plate on top of it. Then, place a dessert or bread plate on the top-left side and a saucer cap on the top right.

Arrange Drinking Glasses

Properly setting wine and water glasses on your Christmas table can make all the difference. Set up a red wine glass on the top-right side of your place setting and place a white wine glass on its left. Remember to place a water glass in front of the wine glasses.

Pay Attention to the Cutlery

Gold and silver cutlery never go out of style. They pair perfectly with most Christmas table themes. A general rule of thumb is pairing gold cutlery with warm and silver with cool colours. If bold, consider black silverware for your modern theme, although it will look unseemingly in traditional themes. As you lay the Christmas table, begin by laying a salad fork on the far left of the pace-setting and a dinner fork to the left of the plates. Then, place the dinner knife on the right side of the plates and a dinner spoon to its right before laying the soup spoon on the far right. For the bread plate, ensure you leave a butter knife. For the dinner plates, lay a dessert spoon and fork.

Napkins for a Soft Touch

Cotton, polyester and linen napkins give your dinner an elegant look. Consider white napkins, as they go well with most Christmas table designs. On the other hand, cream napkins are perfect for off-white Christmas themes, while napkins in darker hues pair well with white plates. If you use a tablecloth, go for napkins of the same texture and colour. Doing so gives your table setting a uniform look whilst taking advantage of classic or bold napkin rings to enhance the festive mood.

Customise the Chairs

Try to liven things up by tying a bow around your dining chairs. You could also hand a wreath from the back or cover them using slipcovers.

What Are the Essentials of a Christmas Table?

First and foremost, your table should have room for food. Second, it should have silverware for eating the food. Third, besides plates, it should have cutlery and glasses. Finally, you could also throw in some candles and foliage for a festive mood.

What Are the Don’ts of Christmas Table Setting?

Here are some things to avoid when decorating your Christmas table:

  • Do not be afraid of experimenting
  • Do not forget to add a centrepiece
  • Do not limit your décor ideas to the table
  • Do not forget to play good music
  • Do not be so hard on yourself!


If you are having guests over for Christmas, your dinner table setting is among the tiny details they will always remember. So ensure you always step up your game. From candles to cutlery and napkins, these Christmas tablescape ideas will make your guests’ dining experience memorable.











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