15 bästa julfilmer värda se i repris

15 Christmas movies worth watch on repeat

You probably knew that there are lots of great Christmas movies to binge on when it’s snowing and Christmas is approaching. But which ones are absolutely not to be missed? Which are the best foreign and Swedish Christmas films that give the maximum Christmas feeling?

The Christmas movies that are the most popular and that give the ultimate Christmas feeling
Many of these wonderful films can be streamed on various streaming services, some are broadcast at Christmas time on TV to create Christmas feeling and warmth. Which movies give you the most Christmas feeling?


The Holiday (2006)

This has become a modern classic among Christmas movies!

The plot: Two completely different women, where one lives in a cozy English cottage and the other in a ramshackle Hollywood villa. The only common denominator is bad experiences with men. The two decide to change homes, which leads to something they neither wanted nor expected, a new romance.

Home Alone (1990)

Little Kevin is accidentally left at home when his big, rowdy family goes away for Christmas. It is also when the burglars are at their most active. Kevin has a plan, he will try by all means to scare the thieves away and deceive them that there are people at home.

Life is Wonderful (1946)

George considers taking his own life. Clarence is an angel tasked with helping George become an angel. He hears a lot of good that George has done for his friends and his hometown. Clarence brings him to town to show what it would be like if he didn’t exist. George realizes that it might still be worth taking advantage of life.

The Grinch (2000)

Everyone but one in the small village of Whoville loves Christmas. The Grinch hates Christmas and will do whatever it takes to ruin it.


Elf (2003)

Buddy was adopted by a kind Santa. But one day he realizes that making elven crafts is not so easy, even though he is not good at wrapping things and is three times taller than everyone else in the elven world. As Christmas approaches, Buddy decides to search for his biological family.

Bad Santa (2003)

Willie T. Stokes is the Santa who is not only unpleasant and creates chaos around him, he is also a petty criminal who spreads more misery than Christmas joy. He and his short buddy Marcus have a plan to rob the department store they both work at.

A Pear for Daddy’s Christmas (1989)

Are you longing for a nice, homely, old-fashioned Christmas, when the whole family gathers and the snow slowly falls in the lighted house? This also applies to Clark Griswald, but as usual when he’s on the move, things don’t turn out exactly as he intended.

Swedish Christmas movie favourites

The Swedish Christmas film as we know it today was first born in 1999 with “Tomten er far till alla barnen”. I could not find a Swedish Christmas classic in the style of the American “Life is wonderful” (1946) or “White Christmas” (1954). However, there are a number of predecessors, albeit mostly films with occasional Christmas scenes. Many films are also closely associated with Christmas and many classic films are often shown during the Christmas holiday, such as Sällskapsresan, Jönssonligan and Änglagård.

1. Santa is the father of all the children (from 1999)

Jan and Sara live together. Sarah was previously married and has four children living at home: Elin, Rickard, Johanna and Liselotte. Sarah invited her ex-partner over for a Christmas Eve party. Husband and current wife/mother-in-law Åke and Rita (and neighbor Marika), Gunnar and Eva, Thomas and Anne, Eric and Pauline and their children. Sara’s mother Signe is also at the party. This is how a modern Swedish Christmas movie should be, with lots of bonus children, typical themes such as infidelity, racism and homophobia. Not only is it stylish, it is still the funnest Swedish Christmas film in my opinion.

2. A Wonderful Damn Christmas (from 2015)

It is a comedy about a new alternative family and how different family situations and relationships are tested during the holiest family day of the year. So it’s basically a repeat of “Santa is father to all the children” and that’s everything you want in a Swedish Christmas movie. The film received mixed reviews, but mostly positive reviews, and was a huge hit with audiences.

3. I’ll be home again for Christmas (from 2019)

Two brothers and their musical family must confront their traumas and secrets during an intense Christmas holiday at a beautifully decorated family farm. Here, too, alcohol plays an important role. The father took up all the inheritance. This Christmas movie has it all, and most of the additions are Loa Folkman, who plays an eccentric uncle with a Johann Hakelius look (bright plaid waistcoat and handkerchief); My hobbies are playing the trumpet and directing Christmas plays.

4. The Tale of Karl-Bertil Jonsson’s Christmas Eve (from 1975)

Young Karl Bertil Jonsson dreams of becoming a modern Robin Hood and before Christmas he makes a big decision; to take from the rich and give to the poor. This is probably the Swedish film most associated with Christmas. The action takes place in a kind of 1940s, but a slightly different version of the 40s when people had televisions in their homes.

5. The social trip (from 1980)

After watching so many Swedish Christmas films, it’s easy to decide if you want to escape abroad and celebrate Christmas in a warmer climate, just like Lasse Åberg plays in this classic Swedish comedy. Christmas plays a central role in the film, and the friends Stig-Helmer (Lasse Åberg) and Ole (Jon Skolmen) get it together with the sisters Majsan (Lotti Ejebrandt) and Siv (Kim Andersson) Two couples who have had their eyes on each other since the beginning of the film . The next morning is Christmas Eve, and a

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