10 mest populära julklappar 2023

10 most popular Christmas Gifts 2023

Are you ready for Christmas Gifts 2023? The shops are beginning to fill with Christmas gifts ready for the festive season. Buying the perfect gifts for those around you can be a stressful task. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you.

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Take a look at some of our favourite trending gifts for 2023!

Christmas Gifts 2023

Board Games

First up on our list is a slightly unexpected one. While many think board games are a thing of the past, they are making a comeback. The Swedish Institute for Commercial Research has voted that board games are the Christmas gift of the year for 2023. They are a great way for families and friends to get together and enjoy having fun. Let’s just see which relatives’ competitive sides come out!

Barbie Bonanza!

With the 2023 smash hit film Barbie hitting the screens this year, one of the biggest Christmas gift trends is anything Barbie! Barbie gifts are popular for both kids and adults and come in many shapes. Some of our favourite Barbie gifts include:

  • Barbie Dolls
  • Barbie Dream House
  • Barbie Clothing

Audiobook Subscription

For the avid book lover in your life, give the gift of reading with an Audible subscription. Buying a subscription means your loved one has access to a huge range of books and podcasts – where they can choose to listen to their favourite genres on the go.

Theragun Pro Plus Massage Device

Massage guns were popular last year and are still going to be one of this year’s top gifts. There is nothing better than rubbing tension out for muscles to truly relax. Massage guns are great for this, especially for people who work out.

Headspace Meditation App Subscription

2023 has further highlighted the importance of mental health and wellness. If you’re loved one is keen on stress-busting activities such as meditation, why not get them a Headspace subscription. This will allow them to access a number of guided meditations as well as calming tips and advice. Give the gift of calm this Christmas.

Smart Home Gadgets

One of the most trending topics of 2023 is smart gadgets. Our homes are becoming more clever than ever before. Buy a smart home gadget for your loved one to update their space. From voice-controlled assistants to home cameras, the possibilities are endless. One of our favourite smart gadgets is the Amazon Echo Show 5. This small screen effortlessly combines a smart speaker and screen. You can use it to video call loved ones, watch videos or even wake you up in the morning.

Fashionable Wearables

Wearable technology is a popular gift choice this year. This technology can track fitness goals, sleep patterns, heart rate and much more. Brands such as the Fitbit Luxe or the Apple Watch are great choices. Not only are they functional, but they look great too. The best of both worlds.

Indoor Plant Subscription

Plants have grown in popularity in recent years, with more people adding them to their décor. There is something brilliant about taking care of another living thing. For your plant loving friends and family members, why not buy them an Indoor Plant subscription. This will deliver a lovely plant to their home regularly throughout the year – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Samsung The Frame TV (55-Inch)

It’s the TV that has been all over interior design social media pages all year. Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV screen matches perfectly with any room. It is a pricey gift, but perfect for a close loved one if you have a large budget. The TV looks like a piece of art if not being used, and has a matte display. If you walk past it, you won’t even realise it’s a TV! The frame around the TV comes in a number of different styles to keep everyone happy – what’s not to love.

Sonos Move 2 Speaker

Last, but not least on our list is a portable Bluetooth speaker. Portable speakers are perfect for those who love to socialise, and travel or those who just love music. After all, what’s better than sharing the gift of music with someone. One of our favourite wireless speakers on the market is the Move 2 Sonos speaker. Known for its excellent sound quality and sleek design, everyone would love to receive one.


Can I return a gift purchased online if it’s not suitable?

Check the policy on each website that you are purchasing from. Each site will have a different policy, but many offer easy returns and exchanges. Some even extend their return time over the festive season.

Are online subscriptions suitable for someone with a busy schedule?

Yes – they are perfect! Subscriptions allow your gift recipients to choose when they access what you have bought them. Ones that are online such as Audible allow them to fit it in their busy schedule at their own pace.

How do I ensure the gift is delivered on time, especially during the holiday season?

Each business will have a different shipping policy. Check delivery times before ordering to make sure it arrives in time for Christmas Day. It is best to order well in advance so that if there are delays, it still arrives on time.


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