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10 Tips for Christmas Gift Shopping Online

Christmas Gift Shopping online can be just as stressful as braving the busy brick-and-mortar stores. If you feel under pressure, you are not alone. Studies even suggest the ”stress of holiday season” is a major reason for the high rate of cardiac arrests at this time of year. But how might you avoid this stress?

There are many reasons to avoid the shopping malls this year. Shops will be busier than ever and supply might not meet demand. Rising costs are now a certainty and you can usually find the same products online for a lesser price.

Here you get 10 best tips to help you with your Christmas Gift Shopping online. And remain stress free all the way to Newyears eve!

Christmas Shopping Online -10 tips

1. Plan Your Christmas Gifts Ahead of Time

It’s not easy to decide what Christmas gifts to buy for friends and family. Brainstorming can help you come up with ideas for gifts. This means you are more likely to pick up these gifts ahead of time and will not be leaving everything to the last minute. Also, psychologists conclude that you are more likely to choose meaningful Christmas gifts when you plan ahead in this way.

2. It’s Not Just Santa that Needs a List

It’s not just Santa that needs a list, you need one too. A shopping list will help you stay organised and ensure you do not forget anything. Writing things down is also known as a great way to alleviate stress. In fact, David Allen is a best-selling author that teaches people how to be more productive. Writing things down is at the very core of his methodology because it means you do not need to retain so much information. The same principle applies to shopping online for Christmas gifts!

 3. Set a Budget and Track All Spending

You don’t want to begin the new year in debt after spending more than you can afford. Research shows significantly more people have debt problems in January than any other time of the year. It’s easy to reach this point with there being so many gifts and things to buy an Christmas.

But how to avoid overspending?

Set a budget and stick to it. You can set this budget by accounting for every expense and gift you expect to buy this year. It might also help to keep this budget on your smartphone. YNAB and Mint are popular budgeting apps that can help track expenses and avoid overspending at Christmas.

4. Use Social Media to Research Ideas

Surveys suggest not knowing what to buy is the main cause of stress for most shoppers. You can often avoid this stress by following the previous points on this article. However, what practical steps can you take to find ideas? Social media is largely ignored as a source of inspiration for Christmas gifts. You can start by searching hashtags for “Christmas gifts” and scrolling through the results. It’s also possible to check the profile of the person and checking out their interests. Social media is a unique source for ideas because ideas will often find you rather than the other way around!

5. Look for Deals, Discounts and Bargains

Amazon is a rather obvious place to start your search for Christmas gifts. However, Zalando can sometimes have better options. The same can be said about online stores for businesses in your local area. You can simply use “near me” in a search query on Google to find these options. Meanwhile, Honey helps you search for bargains on more than 30,000 websites and RetailMeNot is great for finding discounts.

6. Consider Gifting Experiences Instead of Products etc.

Consider gifting a experience if you struggle with gift ideas. Studies show people feel more connected to the gift-giver when they receive an experiential gift. For example, a gift certificate for a hotel or adventure experience is always a nice option. Alternatively, event tickets or vouchers for a restaurant can seem more thoughtful than an expensive bottle of wine.

7. Make Sure to Check Dates and Returns Policy

I’m sure you know about the importance of delivery times for Christmas gifts. Many online shops have a cut-off point for guaranteed deliveries. That said, things don’t always go to plan and sometimes items do not arrive in time. This is why it is especially important to check the delivery dates. You should also take time to check the returns or cancellation policy for every purchase.

8. Pay Close Attention to Shipping Costs

A recent study indicates 63% of participants abandon their shopping cart due to the high cost of shipping. This points to the fact that shipping costs can be over-priced and often defeat the purpose of a discount. It’s important to weigh up these fees. You should also factor in the cost of shipping before making a purchase online. Speaking of which, try this next online shopping hack…

9. Try the “Abandon Cart” Hack

Believe it or not, many online stores like to offer discounts when you abandon cart on the checkout page. That is to say, these companies try to entice you back with a juicy discount or special offer. You have nothing to lose with this hack as the price will be at least the same as before you abandoned the cart.

10. Compare Prices on Competitor Websites

It’s always a good idea to compare the price of Christmas gifts before you buy. While you can do this by navigating to competitor websites, Google Shopping is often quicker. Google Shopping has a filter which enables you to sort results by price or brand. You simply click the “compare price” button and it’s a great way to save money on Christmas gifts rather than buying the first item you see.

Conclusion – Christmas Gift Shopping Online

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a stressful affair and this is especially true if you don’t plan ahead. Writing a shopping list can bring certainty to the process and social media is great place to find inspiration. If there are no products that come to mind, consider gifting an experience and the abandon cart hack is worth a try! Finally, make sure to pay close attention to shipping and at least compare prices before you go ahead with the purchase.




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