How to choose the right kitchen lamp

Wich is the right kitchen lamp? That question many kithen owners ask themselfes. Not only does the right kitchen lamp  light up the space, but it also makes the room warm inviting. Choosing your ceiling lamp can be tricky as there are lots of styles to pick from. However, in a busy kitchen environment, there are also some types to avoid. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favourites:

  • Pendant Lights: Make a beautiful statement piece.
  • Spotlights: Both understated and practical.
  • Natural Lights: Made from sustainable or recycled materials.
  • Smart Lighting: To be able to control your lighting easily.

Pendant Lighting

If you have high ceilings, or a lighting point placed above a kitchen table then pendant lights are a brilliant choice. They are a real statement piece in any home. These modern-looking lights hang from the ceiling and shine light over a certain area. In recent years pendant lights have been popular in dark black tones. Warm metallics like brass or copper are also great choices for pendant lighting. One trend to look out for in 2024 is multi-pendant lighting.  This style has multiple lights hanging from the ceiling for a real statement look. What’s great about any type of pendant lighting is the height cam be adjusted. Just ask your electrician when installing to find the right height for you.


Spotlight lamps are one of the most practical choices for the kitchen. As they are set in the wall, there is no light or lampshade to get covered in kitchen dirt. LED lightbulbs are often used for this type of lighting which have a great reputation for being more energy efficient. Spotlights can be placed anywhere in your ceiling by an experienced politician. They can be used to highlight counters, tables or other areas of the room. By mounting them flush to the ceiling you get a sleek minimalist look.

Natural Lighting Fixtures

A huge trend in 2024 is sustainability. This also includes within interior design. Sustainable light features can include using natural materials rather than harsh plastics. Our favourite natural lamp shades are made from rattan or woven fibres. These add some nature into your kitchen.

Smart Lighting

Finally, no 2024 lighting list would be complete without smart lighting. Smart lighting can be controlled by your voice or phone. This makes it easy to lighting levels and the brightness in the room. Smart lighting can be more expensive but it is very convenient.

Kitchen ceiling lamps to avoid

Florescent lighting

This type of lighting can give you a headache. The harsh bright light is too much for your home and should be kept for offices. It also creates cold light that can make your kitchen look uninviting. Warm LED lights are a much better option.

Ornate Light Fixtures

Fancy complex lamp shade designs look too much in kitchens. On top of this, they collect a lot of dust and grease from cooking. This makes them much harder to keep clean and sanitary. Choose light fixtures instead with sleek and simple lines. These are better as most kitchens nowadays are minimalist design that need understated lighting.

The Take Away

With a number of lamps to choose from it can be too much. Our guide on kitchen ceiling lights can help you narrow down your choices. Look to social media and magazines for further information. This will help find the light best suited for your needs.

Frequently asked questions

How many lights so I need in my kitchen?

This depends on the space you have. Smaller kitchens require less lighting than larger rooms. It also depends on the shape of your room and where the shadows hit. A rough guide is to place them every 4-6 feet.

Why are LED lights better?

LED lights are far more energy efficient. The light that they produce is bright and clear which is perfect for a kitchen. The bulbs also last much longer than other types of lightbulb meaning they need replaced less frequently.

How can I make my kitchen feel cosy with lighting?

The best thing to do is install a dimmer switch so that you can set the level of your writing. Bright light might be needed when cooking. Dimmed, romantic light is best for an in-house dinner date.

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