25 affärsidé tips för alla som är trötta på 9-5

25 Business Ideas that require no money or very little

Are you completely tired of your 9-5 job? Tired of waking up in the morning to the same alarm clock and the same routine day after day that you can’t stand anymore? Do you want to make a leap and become self-employed, or who knows, even create a successful business? Well, for most people, this is their dream, but like most of us, they do not have the necessary
money actually to take this step and move forward. Others do not have the right idea, or even know where to get ideas from.

But don’t despair! There are business ideas that do not require a lot of money, and some don’t even require any money at all. So without wasting any more time, let’s get down to the best business ideas you can start today without spending a lot of money!

1. Become a Youtuber

It goes without saying that Youtube has slowly become the number one platform not only for people to make money but also to learn about new things and get entertainment pretty much for free. This is one of the best platforms online to make money, and you can become a YouTuber with very little money, in fact you can start recording videos today using your phone!

2. Party Planning

Are you a very organized person? Do you like to worry about the little details, and you’re the
one in your friends’ group that always arranges meetings? If so, party planning may be the right
business for you.

From company parties to weddings, baptisms, and birthdays, there are always events that need
to be planned ahead, and it is a great way to start a business with no money. Just launch your
own website promoting your planning services, and start taking in customers. The great thing
about this is that it does not require any money to start!

3. Photography

Do you love taking photographs? Are you a skilled photographer? This could be the ideal business for you to start, especially if you already have a camera. There are so many events that need photographers, and so many other opportunities, like family or couple photos or even photo shoots.

You can also consider selling your photos online, there are plenty of websites where you can do

4. Drone photography

Oh yes, drones are slowly becoming one of the biggest trends around, and while this business idea requires you to spend some money on a drone, if you don’t have it, it is worth it. Today there are so many industries that need drone footage, like real estate and agriculture, and you can even shoot videos with it.

5. House sitting

House sitting is also becoming one of the greatest business ideas you can start. All it takes is a little bit of free time, and it is one of the most relaxed jobs you will ever have. All you have to do is stay at your client’s house, and that’s it. Talk about hard work!

6. Pet sitting

If you love pets more than houses, then pet sitting could also be a great option for you. Imagine having to take care of so many furry friends, and what a nice experience it will be if you love animals. People are always in need of pet sitters because they travel and go abroad frequently, so this is a great way for you to get some clients.

7. Pet groomer

If you are into grooming pets, then pet groomer is an awesome business idea. Every pet owner loves when their pets are well groomed, and while it is true that you will need to get some supplies to groom pets, the price is super accessible, making it one of the best business ideas that you can start today.

8. Selling Handmade Goods

Do you like to make crafty things, like jewelry, clothes, or even woodwork? Then you can start selling your handmade goods! This is a great idea that can easily turn you into a self-employed and later on, you can launch your business. You can either create your online e-commerce shop or start selling your products on Etsy or eBay.

9. Teaching classes

Were you an outstanding student in school, or do you have a hidden talent? Then you start
making money with it by teaching it to other people. The greatest thing about this business idea
is that today, this can be done completely remotely thanks to the internet, and you can also
choose to teach things you are passionate about, so you will be doing exactly what you love.

10. Moving company

This is one of the ideas that require the most money on this list, but the profit potential is huge.
That’s right, people are moving all of the time. They either move to different cities, or they move
to another house, and they need help moving all their furniture and stuff, so what better way to
profit from this than to get your own moving company?! Yes, you will have to buy the truck and
that will be expensive, but it is not impossible.

11. Handyman Service

If you are handy around the house and you can fix pretty much anything than you can become a handyman. Trust me, you will not believe the amount of money you can actually make being a handyman! It is an incredible way of making fast and easy money, and it is great because you just need a few tools to start. You may not be very good at it, and for that, you can easily get a job at a company for a few months so you can learn the ropes and then start doing the job yourself.

12. Personal organizer

If you are good at organizing things, and spaces, then this could be a great business idea for
you. People are extremely clumsy and disorganized, and that is where you come in trying to fix
all of these problems. This is another business idea that does not require a lot of upfront money,
but you can still make a very good income out of it.

Remember disorganized people will still be disorganized, so after you have organized everything and left, they will still call you and hire you after a few months when everything is disorganized again!

13. Personal shopper

Do you love shopping but do not have the money for it? Well, you can become a personal
shopper for someone and get paid to shop for other people. The greatest thing about this is that
it does not require a lot of money at all, and you will be able to do something you love without a
lot of hard work.

14. Become a local guide

Do you like meeting new people and explaining history and culture to them? Then becoming a
local guide in your town can be a great business. Just design a few itineraries, and gather all the
information you need to share with tourists, and you are ready to go!

15. Landscaping

One of the best businesses to start is a landscaping business, and while it requires some
investment in a truck and tools, it is a sure way to get very good money. If you like working
outdoors and transforming outdoor spaces, this is definitely something you should consider.

16. Senior companion

Do you like to look after people? Do you enjoy the company of older people, you love their
stories, and you like to learn from them? Then you can consider becoming a senior companion.
Our population is aging rapidly today, and there are so many seniors that need help with things
and sometimes just company. You can do this and have a real impact on someone’s life while
getting paid for it. The best thing about this business idea is that it does not cost anything to

17. Plant nursery

If you love gardening, we have a great idea for you – a plant nursery. Ok, this requires either
money, or a large outdoor space where you can work, and obviously some tools, but this is one
the best business ideas on this list. Whenever someone needs a specific plant, they get it from
a plant nursery, you will be growing and creating different types of trees and plants to sell. It’s
one of the most stress-free jobs on this list, and while it requires some money to start it is not
impossible to get.

18. Personal trainer

Do you love working out? If so, why not become a personal trainer and pretty much get paid to
work out with other people? This is a great idea, especially because it is a very flexible business
that you can start as a side hustle in between your job and when you get more clients, you can
finally quit.

19. Makeup artist

Do you love makeup and helping other people feel beautiful? then this could be a great
business idea for you. While you will have to spend some money on supplies, this business
requires very little capital, and you can get started today. Just promote your makeup services on
social media and share some before and after photos, and you will get tons of people

20. Junk removal

Yes, this isn’t the sexiest job on this list, but it does not have to be sexy to make you money, and
that is what you have to understand. The profit potential of this type of business is tremendous,
and all you really need is a truck. I know, I know you don’t have money for a truck right now! So
why don’t you sell your car and get a truck, this will be enough to get you started!

21. Social media manager

If you love social media and creating engaging content, then this should be a business idea to
consider. The best thing about it is that pretty much every company today needs someone to
manage their social media, and starting this business does not require any money at all. The
only requirement is that you have to breathe, eat, and sleep social media!

22. Personal chef

If you love cooking, but you don’t want to have a job in a restaurant working long hours, why not
become a personal chef?! This is great because it gives you a lot of flexibility, and it is also one
of those business ideas you can start as a side hustle and grow over time. Once you start
having a lot of clients, you can then ditch your job and become a full-time personal chef.

23. Home baker

Another cooking business idea if you love baking is to start baking at home and selling pastries
and cakes. This can be great, especially if you start with birthdays and parties, and as you
progress, you can start making weekly batches of the best-selling cakes and pastries. Approach
your family members and friends to start getting some new customers first!

24. Become a writer

Writing is in very high demand, and if you have a certain passion for a topic, you can become a
writer on that topic. Today there are tons of companies and online platforms where you can sell
your writing skills, whether you want to write about technical stuff, a kids’ book, or even a script
for a movie. Once again this is one of those ideas that requires absolutely no money
whatsoever to start.

25. Start a podcast

Are you passionate about a certain topic, and you want to start sharing it with an audience?
Then start your own podcast. This is certainly one of the best ideas today, and once again, the
cost is very low. All you really need is a microphone, and those are cheap. Creating a podcast
will take time to reach your desired audience, but you should not give up. Consider interviewing
guests and working on your social media skills, you will be able to reach a lot of people.

Conclusion – Business Ideas

While it may seem impossible to start a business without spending a lot of money, there are
plenty of business ideas that do not require you to spend anything. All you need is to look for the
right idea for you, make a plan and start doing it. Remember business ideas are nothing without
execution, and while there may be someone out there with the most unique and perfect
business idea, they will not execute or they will not know how to do it. Focus on doing things the
best you can and you will

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