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Finding Your Bedroom Style: A Comprehensive Guide

Decorating your bedroom can be difficult if you have no idea where to begin. Your bedroom is the haven you retreat to after a stressful day, so it is essential to ensure it is how you like it. After all, what is the point of spending most of the time in a room that you don’t like?

From contemporary to farmhouse, there is a wide range of bedroom interior design styles to select from to find one that best suits your personality. But how do you establish what you need in a bedroom style? How do you know a particular style is what is best for you? Enter mood boards.

In this article, we discuss the various bedroom styles that would be an excellent fit for you, but before that, we talk about mood boards and the vital role they play in giving direction to interior design projects.

Mood Boards and Interior Design

Diving right into an interior design project without proper planning can be tragic. Mood boards are essential in a project’s initial planning phase. A mood board is a visual representation of a design project’s ideas. Think of it as a collage of images. It helps you explore ideas and decide on a space’s general mood, colours, style and general feel.

Once your ideas are in one place, you can go back and see what is practical and what isn’t. a mood board, therefore, informs the direction your design will take and helps avoid potential mistakes. Depending on the direction your bedroom interior design project will take, there are many bedroom styles to choose from.

10 Stylish Bedroom Styles to Try

Are you anticipating a bedroom makeover? Here are some styles you can experiment:

1.     Contemporary

Contemporary means a style that is present and trendy right now, so changes are to be expected. Contemporary design now includes styles borrowed from the late 20th century, where there was a slight drift from modern design to a more natural look.

Critical elements for a contemporary-style bedroom include:

  • Natural Light: Contemporary bedroom interiors utilise natural light to create a bright and breezy feel ideal for relaxation. These bedrooms have large windows, glass walls and skylights.
  • Natural Colours: contemporary bedrooms tend to veer towards neutral colour palettes. Colours that will be great for these interiors include browns, creams, beiges, tans and taupes. As for the wood tones, there is no middle ground when it comes to contemporary interiors; it is either light or very dark.

2. Traditional

The traditional design isn’t as old or dated as you may think. While the style is rooted in the past, you can embrace it to create beautiful interiors.

Key factors in traditional-style bedrooms include:

  • Symmetry: Any closets or cases are placed at the centre or have mirrored items on either side of the bedroom. The idea behind everything coming in pairs is to balance the space around a focal point.
  • Rich Colours: Rich tones and dark woods are common in traditional-style interiors. Mahogany, walnut or cherry flooring is used, and accent colours range from greens to deep browns and reds.
  • Furniture: Furniture in traditional bedrooms is heavy-duty and made out of woods like cherry or mahogany. Classy high-end fabrics like leather or silk are used.

 3.     Industrial

The industrial style embraces the elements that other design styles are keen on concealing. Industrial bedrooms do their best to fuse practicality and aesthetics, and their key elements include:

  • Exposed Ductwork: This is a staple of industrial style, and besides making pipe maintenance easy, exposed ductwork creates more open ceilings and floor plans.
  • Neutral Materials: The style utilises primarily neutral colours and metallic finishes. Solver, nickel and copper are paired with wood surfaces to preserve the industrial feel of the space.

4.     Cottage Design Style

When you imagine a Cottage-style bedroom, you think of warm wooden flooring and thick blankets. The whole concept of decorating your bedroom in cottage style is making it warm and welcoming.

Key elements of cottage-style bedrooms include:

  • Colour options range from soothing tones to vibrant hues.
  • Rustic wooden furniture and natural fibres
  • Thick, cosy cushions
  • Vintage art pieces
  • Exposed beams
  • Leaded windows
  • Polished wooden flooring

5.  Coastal Design Style

Why go to the coast when you can bring the coast to your bedroom? The calm and tranquillity of the beach is a hard-to-forget feeling which is why more and more people are designing their bedrooms using beach-inspired décor.

A coastal-themed bedroom has the following attributes:

  • Coastal Colours: These include all hues and shades of blues, beiges, yellows and whites.
  • Beach-Themed Art: Images of ocean life, such as starfish, turtles etc., help add a personal touch to your coastal-style bedroom.

Another critical element for coastal-inspired bedrooms is timeworn furnishings.

6.     Rustic Design Style

The rustic interior design style is garnering popularity thanks to its rebellion against the minimalist scheme that has dominated the interior world for long. If you want to escape the chaos of urban life, a rustic bedroom is the way to go.

Key features of a rustic-style bedroom are:

  • Décor in warm tones
  • Upcycled furniture
  • Beat-up storage trunks
  • Oversized rugs
  • A beautiful juxtaposition of textures with pops of colour and different patterns

7. Scandinavian Design Style

The Scandinavian interior design style draws inspiration from the Nordic region, and its main focus is on functionality and simplicity.

Some of its key elements include:

  • Minimal décor
  • Clean, simple lines
  • Faux fur accents and chunky knit blankets
  • Neutral colours and bright whites with a touch of black and tan

8. Indian Design Style

When you hear Indian style, think of antique furniture, colourful ethnic prints, rich textiles and furniture from different regions. Other classic Indian elements that look good in a modern home include ethnic motifs, Mughal miniature paintings and artwork. Because curls and curves characterise Indian architecture, shun furniture with clean edges and straight lines. Antique sofas and traditional light fixtures are ideal for an Indian-style bedroom.

9. Urban Modern Design Style

This sophisticated bedroom style is suitable for people staying in the city. It is a perfect blend of industrial, modern and contemporary design influences. Its key elements include soft furnishings like rugs, statement furniture, and art pieces.

10. Asian Design Style

An Asian-style bedroom’s key attribute is the use of natural tones to create a calm relaxing aura. These colours are often inspired by natural elements. Asian bedroom interiors also feature luxurious materials such as marble for the floors and gold for the accessories.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to mood boards, finding your preferred style has become easier. Whether you opt for an Asian or farmhouse interior style, the above decorating tips will help you achieve your desired look and feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get a Cosy Bedroom?

To make your bedroom warm and inviting, consider the following tips:

  • Add some touches of wood
  • Add cosy lighting
  • Go for a dramatic bed
  • Incorporate area tugs
  • Opt for natural materials and calming colours

How Do I Place the Bed in the Bedroom?

Ideally, the headboard should press against the wall, not face the window or door. Doing so ensures the feeling of lack of privacy and a limited sense of protection isn’t exacerbated. Also, placing your bed under a window isn’t a great idea.

How Do I Get a Lux Hotel Feeling in My Bedroom?

Here are some ideas to make your hotel ooze with hotel luxury:

  • Do a bed overhaul
  • Get luxurious bed sheets
  • Bring in cosy lighting for a moody feel
  • Get blackout curtains
  • Opt for a calming colour palette


































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