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Beautiful vertikal garden idéas – small garden tip

Summer is here, and the time to be outside in the sun is now. If you have an outdoor space, you
should be privileged. Coming home from work, and just sitting, relaxing and feeling the breeze
can be the best moment of the day. I was looking through ways of improving an outdoor space,
and came across some very interesting ideas. Lately we have been increasingly seeing what is
now commonly referred to as “vertical gardens”. Considering that most of us live in a city where
an outdoor space is a complete privilege, there is not always enough space to have a big and
beautiful garden. So as we humans normally do, we adapt. This trend has been growing
considerably over the years. You can use it with all sorts of plants, and even grow your own
vegetables and fruits in a similar fashion.

Here are some great vertikal garden idéas  that you will most definitely find interesting and that it might be a good solution for your small outdoor or indoor walls.

Vertikal garden idéas

Wall Vase

This is one of the most common and they do look incredibly beautiful. Using different materials
you can simply hang a vase in your wall. There are several vase designs that already come
prepared for this and can be easily hung on the wall. If you do not want to spend the extra
money on vases because you already have them we have a solution for you. There are some
accessories made out of metal that can be hung on the wall, and it will support different types of
vases. You just need to drill a couple of holes and install the support. This is an easy solution to
bring some light into your outdoor space, but they can also be used indoors. If you have a room
that has plenty of sunlight all throughout the day, just hang them there.

DIY Wall Vase

Some of us like to do everything from scratch and this is also another way to get your vase wall.
There are many options when it comes to DIY that your imagination is really the limit. Start with
the vases, choose vases that you like and that will work well with the design of the space. It is
ideal to find vases that you can tie together and that is one of the ideas. You can use a nautical
rope to tie together the vases and hand them on the wall.
For the vases you can use different materials and colours. Metal works very well, as does glass.
This is a simple and beautiful way of decorating some of your walls, either indoors and

Wooden Base

This is also another favorite among garden wall aficionados. You can buy these everywhere
from online, to multiple shops. Once you get the size and shape that you like, choose the best
place to put them. Remember the area needs to have some sunlight to make sure that your
plants will stay alive. You can use different plants for this kind of set up, and you can even
incorporate some vases in the wooden support. Although this requires a little bit more effort it
can look very good.

Add different items and recycle old ones

Once you decide where you want to place your wall garden, try to look for other accessories to
incorporate into it. One common idea that looks splendid is adding an old wooden ladder with
vases. This gives a rustic feel to the wall, and creates a special environment. You can also
replace the steps with vases or simply put your own vases all along the steps of the ladder.

We all have an old piece of furniture that we thought of giving away. Some of the most daring
decorators are taking these old pieces of furniture and turning them into decoration pieces, with
gardens inside them. It is certainly a weird option, but I must say that it works very well in some
cases. Dressers are usually the selected piece of furniture for this kind of DIY projects, because
the drawers have so much space. They essentially act as a huge vase, where you can plant all
sorts of things.

Another recycling idea is to use water bottles as vases. You can place them in different places,
and even use a piece of rope to tie them together. Once you tie them, you can place them
vertically.You can paint the bottles in your favorite colour to match your decoration and your
room. This can also be done with glass bottles, and then you can choose the best colours.
Personally my favorite has been to use these large fish bowls as a vase. Their shape and size
fills up the entire room, and they can be enhanced with some led lights, to turn on during the
evening. Another creative idea that could help you improve your decoration. You can even have
the fishes inside the bowl with water, and put some plants that will thrive in water.

Use your wall garden with a purpose

We all love some sort of herbs and spices in our food. Buying them at the supermarket can be
costly once we add up everything. A very interesting and cute solution is to place your vases on
the walls of the kitchen, in an area with good sunlight. There you can keep your most desired
herbs and spices. It is extremely convenient, looks good and ends up saving you a lot of money.
Another idea is to use flowers in certain places of the house that can produce lovely odors.
People spend far too much money on incense and candles that smell good. Although these are
fine options, using certain flowers that produce good smells can help you lighten up certain
areas of the house.

Although the bathroom might not initially be the first place where you think of placing flowers, it
can be a great addition. Most of the bathrooms tend to be boring and simple looking, adding
some green to it might be the right solution to make the room stand out.

There are some great ideas here, and the best thing about it is that it won’t cost a fortune. Some
of the ideas you can actually do with stuff you have laying around the house. For those that are
not so into DIY, you can always go online or to a store and find all of these items. Plants are an
incredibly good source of energy and good vibes. Having them around you will make your day
better, trust me.

Keep it green!


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