Apple watch: is it worth it?

Apple Watch: Is It Worth It?

Are you planning to buy an Apple Watch? The Apple Watch is definitely one of the most popular
gadgets worldwide. It has several helpful features that let you do different tasks without using
your phone. Therefore, many people love to own an Apple Watch. However, unfortunately, it is
not for everyone due to several factors.

In the good old days, the Apple Watch used to be unbearably slow. However, with rapid
technological advancement, this gadget soon became a favorite tech device for millions. Apple
has designed its smartwatch to help its customers improve their general well-being. Whether
that includes motivating you to stay active, encouraging you to stay away from your phone, or
giving you faster access to things, the Apple Watch has come a great distance.

Apple Watch Features

Apple has designed its smartwatch and packed it with features that have made it worthwhile for
users. Some of the key features of an Apple Watch are listed below.

1. Motivates You to Stay Fit

An Apple Watch can keep a detailed track of your fitness level and health. In fact, it is one of the
most useful benefits that Apple Watch users can enjoy. The Apple Activity app on your Apple
smartphone collects data from your Apple Watch of your daily activities. These data include the
physical activities you have done throughout the day, the amount of calories you have burnt, the
number of steps walked, your heartbeat at regular intervals, and many more.

2. Help You with Navigation

Apple Watch can use Apple Maps and tell you about your present location. It can also guide you
turn-by-turn and the time needed to reach your destination, so you do not get lost. This unique
feature can prove to be of great help when you visit a foreign country. The best part is that you
need not look at your watch for directions. It will buzz automatically when you need to turn right
or left.

3. Pay for Your Shopping

There is nothing to worry about if you forget to carry your wallet when you need to pay for your
groceries or any other item. You can use your Apple Watch to make the payment. In addition,
your Apple Watch can sync with the Apple Pay app and work as a virtual wallet. So when you
forget to carry your physical wallet, you can use your Apple Watch to make the payment and
remain stress-free.

4. Call People

Another interesting feature of an Apple Watch is making calls. You can call people using your
Apple Watch instead of using your smartphone. This fantastic feature is possible if your phone is
connected to your handheld via Bluetooth. You can make calls in several ways. You may call a
person using the Phone app on your Apple Watch or accessing the favorite list. Similarly, you
may also answer calls using the Apple Watch. Finally, you can talk with the person on the other
end via the Bluetooth speaker.

5. Make Your Watch Look Different All the Time

Your Apple Watch comes with different faces you can customize and set up anytime. Changing
the face of your Apple Watch will make it look different, and people will think you buy a new
Apple Watch every day. You can design An Apple Watch face using Tumblr on ‘AppleFaces.’

6. Unlock Your Hotel Room

Misplacing room keys is very common. You can use your Apple Watch as your room key if you
are also forgetful. A special app on your Apple Watch can help you use your gadget as a room
key. Thus, there is no need to take out your key from your pocket and open your room. You can
simply use your Apple Watch for the purpose.

Apple Watch: Pros

There are several advantages of using the Apple Watch.
● Integrates With Other Apple Devices
If you have multiple Apple devices at home, you will love to see your Apple Watch readily
integrating with every Apple device. For instance, you can sync your Apple Watch with your
Apple iPhone. Thus, instead of taking out your handheld for everything, you can check the
notifications on your Apple Watch. It can also connect with your Mac and free you from the
trouble of going to your computer every time you receive an email.
● Pay for Your Purchases
Do you often forget your wallet at home? If you are naturally forgetful, you can use an Apple
Watch to pay for any purchase you make. For example, you can use it to pay for items at
physical stores and online. All you need to do is use the Apple Pay app and sync it with your
Apple Watch.
● Multiple Design Choices are Available
One of the best advantages of using an Apple Watch is the ability to change the face of the
device. It comes with multiple watch face design choices. Every time you change the face, it
gives the impression that you bought a new watch.

Apple Watch: Cons

There are also certain disadvantages of the Apple Watch.
● Costly
It is a universal truth that Apple products are extremelyexpensive. Unfortunately, this is true for
Apple Watches as well. Although these gadgets have many valuable features, the cost factor
makes it impossible for the common man to own Apple Watch.
● Battery Life
The battery of an Apple Watch is sufficient to last through a school or work day. However, if you
compare it with other smartwatches in the market, you will understand that it is not as
long-lasting as most others. For example, an Apple Watch may last up to 18 hours on a full
charge, whereas most others last for three days or more on a full charge.

The price

The cost of an Apple Watch Series 7 starts from $399. The price increases for models that
come with more features.

Is It Worth Buying?

Are you health and fitness conscious? If you are, then buying an Apple Watch makes sense. It
is also useful for those who love to use the latest technologies and stay ahead of time.


Apple Watches are advanced smartwatches that can help you stay on par with your health
conditions. It can help you in your mission of losing excess body weight and keeping track of
your steps. It can also track your heartbeats and the number of calories you burn daily.
However, the only drawback is the cost of an Apple Watch and its poor battery quality.

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