8 sätt att slå in julklappar fint

8 new and personal ways to wrap xmas presents

Christmas is just around the corner! So, today I’m taking a break from Christmas gift ideas and instead giving you some ideas to wrap presents in new and personal ways. Because let’s face it, we’re probably all a little tired of the same old Christmas wrapping paper from the supermarket every year :)

Here are 8 new and personal ways to wrap Xmas presents, from Miss inredningsvis.

8 ways to wrap Christmas presents

julklappstips bra


1. Start by brainstorming
How do you want your personal package to look and what should it signal to the person you give it to? One tip is to do a gift mood board where you collect all the beautiful ideas that appeal to you. Once you have decided which style to go for, be sure to purchase everything you need – it’s often more than you think. Now just go right ahead and let creativity dance over the wrapping paper.
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2. Personal initials
Glue the receiver of the package’s initials to the package. Choose materials according to taste. In the image here, snippets of a book page have been used. And the letter is the letter MMMMM as in MMaria… Could it be any better? :)


3. Show what the receiver likes:
If your brother for example LOVES to travel, why not signal his interest by wrapping his Christmas present in map paper.

If the gift is for a fashionista, use luxury fashion pages (without commercials :) from a magazine for wrapping paper. It will be guaranteed personal and guaranteed to leave a smile on the recipient’s face.
julklappstips bra

4. Natural paper…
…is not only good for the environment but is also great wrap presents with. Hot up the package with lace or pages from a book – not your partner’s favourite :) rather, one you’re finished with.


5. Add some serious bling
Come on, it’s Xmas! Of course it has to shine and bling! Once you have tied up the package, it’s time hot it up. Glue shiny gold and silver balls, buttons or crystal jewelry all over the place. Less is NOT MORE in this case… just go for it! It’s only Christmas once a year :)


6. The design nerd…
…will probably want a stylish package like this, don’t you think? The paper here is a mahogany imitation. You can always use pieces of wallpaper in various fancy materials. Cut the last few appropriate details and attach the string. Guaranteed appreciated wrapping paper and your special designer package will never be forgotten by the recipient. That is what we are aiming for, right?


7. Hollywood glamour princess…
…will tear herself away from the hair straightener and will definitely smile her best whitened teeth smile with this glamourous package. Of course it’ll have to be BIG gold colored lace and the finest silk. No package is glamorous enough, so make sure the wrapping signals the luxury and vanityof the present inside.


8. To the baker of the house…
…cake paper and lace can work well. Write a favourite recipe on the inside so it will be more interesting and exciting for the receiver. Let your imagination wander without boundaries.


And that’s the end of the Inredningsvis Christmas wrapping paper inspiration. Hopefully our new ways to wrap Christmas presents can kickstart you on creative journey of perfect, personal and interesting Christmas wrapping! :)

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hello Maria, these are great gift wrapping ideas. I still have to wrap my presents. Enjoy your gift wrapping.

    • AWW Im so happy you got inspired Pamela dear:) XO

  2. Wowww great ideas!!! I have to take after them!

    • Im so glad you liked It:)

  3. Lovely ideas, Tnx for sharing darling!!!!!

    • Thanks so much Paula:) XO

  4. You inspired me Maria, for sure all the ways are utterly sweet and adorable. Happy Sunday dear, love and hugs! xo

    • Thanks SO much Lilli:) XO

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