7 snygga påskpynt till trädgården

7 stylish Easter decorations for the garden

Easter – and thus spring – is fast approaching! If anything, Easter is a tribute to new life, new hope, resurrection and rebirth. So bring the spring feeling to life by decorating your garden with the finest Easter decorations. Inspired by the following ideas for creating ornaments made of natural or recycled materials that will beautify your outdoor environment just in time for spring.

We have focused on using as much environmentally friendly and recycled material as possible. Plastic decorations and other potentially environmentally damaging knick-knacks do not feel right when you want sustainability in mind. We have also tried to keep it at a reasonably (un) advanced level so that the whole family – including children – can participate and do things. Are you ready to be inspired by 7 stylish Easter decorations for the garden? Let’s go!

Zinc Tubs, Buckets and Pots with Daffodils

Only from the name do we know that the wonderfully bright yellow flower that grows in both gardens and wildlife in Sweden has long been associated with this particular holiday. So if you only choose a single care decoration in your garden, the daffodil is a matter of course.

Plant the bulbs in zinc tubs, tin buckets or ordinary clay pots and place them in strategic places where your garden needs to be spruced up with a splash of color. If you are expecting a visit from family or friends, you can decorate further by tying pastel colored or dotted ribbons and large bows around the pots.

When the lilies’ flowering season is over, you can replant the bulbs in different places in the garden, in preparation for next year’s Easter. It will be extra effective to collect small groups of bulbs or to plant them in a line along, for example, a garden path.

Paw prints from Påskharen

Realize one of the most iconic Easter symbols and give your visitors a colorful welcome by drawing large paw prints on the sidewalk, driveway or paving with crayons.

Choose a specific color or several different shades – for example different colors for each paw – only your imagination sets the limits. After all, the Easter Bunny is a magical and mysterious creature!

This decoration is perfect if you are hiding Easter eggs in the garden and want to give the children or grandchildren a clue as to where the Easter bunny has hidden their sweets. Of course, always make sure to use environmentally friendly crayons.

Wooden container with Hares and Chickens

Making your own cultivation containers with silhouettes of hares and chickens in wood is somewhat more labor-intensive than making paw prints. Alternatively, you can ask for help with sawing boards or wooden boards to the desired shape at your local hardware store.

Acquire small growing baskets, bowl-shaped pots or shape your own “bird’s nest” from chicken nets which are then fed with moss and filled with flower soil. Then attach or stick the wood hare or chicken in the soil and plant colorful spring flowers in the container.

Candles in Eggshell

Light up the evening darkness on your patio with the help of eggshell candles. You can traditionally dye or paint the shells before pouring in the candle mass, unless the dyeing process requires you to boil the eggs, of course.

Make a small hole in the top of the egg, pour out the contents (be sure to save it to do something good), and then peel off small pieces until you have an opening that is large enough. Rinse the eggshells, let them dry and place them firmly in an egg carton. Attach a candle wick to the bottom of each shell, carefully pour in candle mass or candle gel and allow the eggs to cool before lighting them.

Signs for the Egg Hunt

Egg hunting in the garden is a popular Easter activity in many parts of the world. If you usually arrange one for children or grandchildren, you can make it both nicer and more fun by putting out cute signs.

Cut out eggs, rabbits or other Easter motifs in cardboard or cardboard and print clues about where the candy is, for example “look to the left” or “you will find me under the tree”. Use a clue sign per candy egg and use a glue chair to attach the cardboard to wooden sticks.

Place the signs in strategic places in the garden and hide the Easter eggs in tricky places, for example under dense hedges dense hedges behind pots or in low hanging branches. If several children are participating in the hunt, you can use different colors for each child, so that one child looks for all the green clues while another goes for all the red clues, and so on.

Add a flower ladder

A ladder with a cascade of flowers can become a colorful and beautiful detail in your garden.

Use two sturdy branches or round bars for the sides and shorter branches or sticks for the steps. Assemble the steps by wrapping the strings around the branches or hammering them in with a hammer and nail. Make sure to make the base a little wider and that the steps taper off slightly towards the top. Place the steps by the front door, on your patio or other suitable place that needs to be spruced up.

Hang hangers with freshly cut bouquets or pots with colorful spring flowers. The practicality of the steps is that you can easily change flowers and growing containers depending on the season and taste.

Natural colored egg wreath

Although we love classic Easter wreaths with colorful details, we are especially fond of wreaths with eggs in neutral natural colors this year.

To make your own wreath, you need a base of birch bark, rattan, styrite or some other solid material. You may need jute fabric to cover the frame (if you are not using any natural material) and a mixture of eggshells, feathers and dried flowers and leaves.

Try to acquire eggshells in different natural shades – preferably white, beige and brown. If you want even more shades, you can color white eggshells in light blue or light mint green. It will be extra nice if you use some quail eggs – their speckled patterns create an interesting contrast in the wreath. Attach the shells and other decorations using a glue chair. Hang the wreath on your front door, garden gate, patio or terrace.

Be sure to celebrate life and the onset of spring with these lovely decorations this year. You are guaranteed to get the neighborhood’s finest garden – and possibly make one or two neighbors jealous of the purchase!


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