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6 Decor Mistakes To Avoid In the Living Room

Our living room is truly the room we spend the most time in! This is where we have the Friday Cozy and home parties. Therefore, it is also important that this popular room feels in balance and inviting. Many people decorate their living rooms exactly as everyone else has it, for example. Instagram. This is wrong as it does not feel genuine and genuine for five cents. Why should you decorate like everyone else? It is you who will live there and then the room should be personally decorated instead.

Add to that the fact that many people decorate their living rooms completely wrong with countless decor mistakes. So here I have now put together a brutally honest guide, with 6 decor mistakes to avoid in the living room.

1 Choosing the wrong sofa

The sofa is the home’s most important piece of furniture! That’s what many famous interior designers say and I can only agree. Unfortunately, you see too many wrong choices of sofas in the living room. Many people choose too clumsy and large sofa in relation to the size of the room. Therefore, it is important that you measure the place and the room where the sofa should stand, extra carefully.

Another mistake is the wrong choice of color on the sofa. So go through different fabric choices carefully before you hit on a new sofa. It is best to see an IRL sofa before you buy it. Online shopping often ends as dating on Tinder ie. It was not what it looked like in the picture :)

2. Decorate it like a showroom

Another big mistake is to decorate the living room at home with a stereotypical “showroom feeling”. In other words, a room that looks like everything was bought from the same store. It is therefore very important to mix new and old vintage gadgets, to create an interesting, eclectic and personal living room.

3. Choose too small carpet

Unfortunately, this mistake is all too often seen in Swedish living rooms. Decorating with too small a rug is like buying too short trousers with too big shoes. In other words it just looks maladapted and ugly. Choose a rug that is too big rather than one that is too small.

Think that the rug should ALWAYS go outside the sofa group a bit. It is with a large rug that you get that luxurious feeling we all want.

4. Hang art wrong

Art that is hung the wrong way on a wall is like a character in a movie, wearing a really bad wig. It’s just hard not to see it without tearing it down, knowing that everything would be so much better without it. It does not ruin your living room experience, but is also terribly distracting. If you do not know how to hang art, get help from a designer, rather than making a fatal mistake that destroys the entire room.

5. Hang the curtains incorrectly

Placing curtains and curtain rod just above the upper window frame is wrong. This gives a diminutive impression of both windows and rooms. Place the curtain rod at the top of the ceiling and let the curtain go all the way down to the floor. Or even better, put a curtain rail on the ceiling and hang the curtains from it.

6. wrong choice of lighting

Lighting is A and O in a room! Especially when it comes to the living room. BUT do not choose the classic ceiling lamp above the coffee table, it drives me crazy. Whoever came up with this must have been lamp blind. It gives the room a flat dull feeling. Instead, choose well-placed lighting throughout the room. Through spit in the ceiling that illuminates textiles and art. As well as cozy table and floor lamps. If you need a ceiling lamp, have it from a ceiling rosette in the middle of the ceiling in the middle of the room.

My tip: Insert dimmer function in the lamp button, this will make all the difference in the room. With the dimmer you can choose which power of the lights you want.

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We hope that you got some good tips on the way to how to decorate the living room at home. Soon there will be new tips for decorating a small hall and kitchen inspiration, so stay tuned.

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