5 ställen att renovera som höjer värdet på huset

5 places to renovate that increase the value of the house

It is difficult to know exactly what the outcome will be when you make investments to increase the value of your house. However, there are some renovations that are usually bomb-proof and always mean that the house gets a higher rating. Here are the best renovations you can do if you want to increase the value of your home.

Is a home renovation always a good deal?

A home renovation is really the definition of hitting two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you renovate the house in a way that makes it more pleasant to stay there. And secondly, a well-executed renovation almost always results in an increase in the value of the house.

If the increase in value is actually greater than what the expenses for the renovation work will be, however, this is a trade-off that can be difficult to make.

In addition, there are other factors that also play a big role in how much you get for your home when you sell it. The valuation is one thing, but what the market is then willing to pay is another.

People want to buy homes in good condition

Before we go into the best renovations to increase the value of the home, we have some general advice on how to think about renovations.

First: people want to buy housing in good condition. In other words, they do not want to have to spend time and money renovating and repairing just when they bought a new home.

And to avoid that, they are willing to pay. The best investment you can make to increase the value of your house is therefore to renovate continuously while you live in the house.

Second: renovate smart. What do we mean by that? Well, that you have to choose carefully when you, for example, renovate the facade or the kitchen. In the worst case, material and color choices that stand out too much can instead lower the value of the home. When people buy a home, they usually have a very clear picture of what they want. Therefore, resist our impulse to renovate the kitchen in the seventies style with orange kitchen doors, is our advice.

Third: put the money on the most important renovations first. Draughty windows, broken wall sockets and leaking ceilings. Prioritize fixing the basic amenities. It is a safer card to invest in if you want to increase the home value than cosmetic changes.

Is your roof de facto leaking into this now? Hurry up to Takläggning.nu and get quotes from craftsmen!

5 parts of your house where renovations increase the value

1. The bathroom

Bathroom renovation is actually a combination of several different crafts. Tiling, plumbing work and wiring must be orchestrated and divided between different professionals. For major bathroom renovations, a lot of planning is required in other words. But it gets fresh and the value of the house is in principle always increased by a newly renovated bathroom. You can also control the price largely yourself as the choice of material determines a large part of the final price. Competent craftsmen at good prices who can carry out your bathroom renovation can be found at Vvsarbeten.nu.

2. The facade

Number two on the list is actually a collection of various renovation works. It can be about facade painting, jointing of brick facade, facade plaster or facade replacement. Renovation work that is about keeping the exterior of the facade fresh and nice often pays off in that the value of the house is increased. If the house has problems with the insulation, you can also take the opportunity to fix the problem with an additional insulation. Fasadarbeten.se has the craftsmen for all types of facade work.

3. The floor

Almost all experts agree that it is the small renovation work that raises the value of the home in the end. Doing small work in the house on an ongoing basis can thus be what ultimately gives you a substantial profit when you decide to sell.

Hire a floor layer and lay parquet instead of the worn linoleum floor. Or why not just hire a craftsman to perform a floor sanding? It is a less expensive way to give new life to the wooden floor.

4. The roof

Many believe that the roof is the most important part of the house. A house with a roof in good condition is easier to sell and with a newly renovated roof, you also get more for the house when you sell. A well-laid roof lasts for many, many years. This basically guarantees buyers of the house that they will not have to spend money on major roof renovations.

Finding a company that is reliable is not always easy. One company that some visitors have suggested is good at roofing and roof renovations in the Gothenburg area is Tak365.se.

5. The walls

We repeat; the small renovations make a difference to the home value in the end. By hiring craftsmen who carry out wallpapering or repaint the walls of the house, you can give your home a real boost with small investments.

For potential buyers of the house, the first impression is important. It does not matter if the facade is newly renovated unless the rest of the house is in the same condition.

New paint or new wallpaper can really work wonders for how the house’s room is experienced. Also, remember to choose colors that match the rest of the house and are neutral enough not to scare away buyers.

There you have some smart tips if you want to renovate the house before sale.

Even a swimminpool can increase the value significantly. Asking an inspector to go through the home carefully before you sell is the best thing you can do. Often they find things that can increase the value before sales that we usually do not see. We are facing spring and summer and many houses will be sold. The best time to renovate is therefore now and then sell when it is so green around the house.

Hiring a homethylist for sale can also be a really smart move. They decorate the home top notch for viewing. Customers usually fall directly by a really successful styling.

Good luck!


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