5 stränder i skåne ni måste besöka

5 Beaches In Skåne You Must Visit

Skåne has become a bit like Sweden’s Riviera in the summer. People from all over Sweden make a pilgrimage down to this flat part of the country and also the part that has the absolute best beaches. In fact, several of Skåne’s beaches look exactly like abroad. That is why we have made this list of Skåne’s best beaches, for both you who were in Skåne and all of you who were never there.

BUT with that said, you can still see some beautiful sandy beaches this summer. Sweden has lots of beautiful long beaches down the country. I am of course talking about Sweden’s own Riviera Skåne. Here you now get 6 beaches in Skåne you must visit!

Photo: firstcamp.se

Tylösand with 4 km of magical beach

Tylösand is a well-known concept both in Sweden and abroad. There are several reasons why. The most important of which is the 4 kilometer fantastic sandy beach, a vibrant after beach, the lifeguard school, a top-class golf course, unique restaurants and MAGICAL nature.

No one has missed TV classics like The Kings of Tylösand, but did you know that Per Gessle is a co-owner of Hotel Tylösand? All this together makes Tylösand a MUST visit this summer.

Helsingborg – beach life in the middle of the city

I took the train and visited Helsingborg for the first time this summer. And guess if I was shocked when I saw the long sandy beach in the middle of the city for the first time. I did not even know that Sweden had such Medelgav-like beaches until I saw that beach. The funniest thing was that I filmed while cycling along the beach. And people on Instagram then thought I was in Spain haha.

So you see that it is possible to get the Mediterranean feeling a little anyway even though you are still in old Svedala :)

Picturesque Mölle seaside resort

At the far end of the Kulla Peninsula in northwestern Skåne is the picturesque town of Mölle. At the end of the 19th century, Mölle was one of Sweden’s finest seaside resorts. Mölle then made a name for himself as a nest of sin, because women and men here bathed together. This was completely unthinkable at this time.

Today, Mölle is a well-visited excursion destination in the summer and well worth a visit.

Classic Skanör – Falsterbo

In Skanör and Falsterbo, the sandy beaches stretch kilometer after kilometer. Something else unique to the resort is the characteristic small bathing cabins in sun-bleached caramel colors. The beach in Kämpinge in the east is the most visited. If you want to be at peace from mass tourism, you should head west.

A classic Scanian seaside resort you must have visited at least once.

Mälarhusen and Sandhammaren

This sandy beach runs all the way from the small fishing village Skillinge in the north, to Löderup in the south and is considered by many to be Sweden’s best beach. The characteristic high sand dunes make it easy to find your own sheltered pit to have a picnic in and the fabulously soft and fine sand is great for both play and lazy days lying in the sun.

Warning for strong underwater currents in certain weather conditions and check signs before bathing.

Photo: annamatkovich.se

There you have 5 magical reasons to stay in Sweden this summer. Skåne is really Sweden’s own little riviera and above all the beaches. I myself will explore Skåne more this summer and it is so exciting to see new unexplored places. You often become “home blind” when you travel a lot abroad. But Sweden is incredibly beautiful in the spring / summer and well worth going through properly.

We always took car holidays through Sweden when I was a child. I remember it with joy, as it really was the highlights of the summer holidays. No summers were like the summers of childhood in the country and those memories I take with me forever.

Sweden in our heart!


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