31 tips att spara pengar när ni reser

31 Tips how to save money when travel

Are you looking to take a vacation but worried about the cost? Don’t be. There are ways to save money on your vacation no matter where you go. By planning ahead and using some simple tips, you can keep your costs down and still have a great trip. No matter where you go, there are ways to save money on your vacation.

Planning ahead is the key to making the most of your travel budget, and this is why we have over 30 different tips to help you save money while traveling.

Save money by preparing your vacation

One of the most important steps of saving money when you travel is by preparing everything in advance. Preparing everything from the itinerary to choosing the location can have a great impact on how much your travel will cost you. Let’s look at some of the best tips on how you can prepare for a travel to save money.

1. Make a travel budget

One of the most important steps of the whole process is to prepare a travel budget. Make sure you know exactly how much money you can spend, and take that into consideration, to select the destinations you might be interested in. You should also keep a little travel emergency fund, to make sure in case something unexpected happens.

Once you have narrowed down how much you can spend, it is now time to start choosing the right destination and prepare for your whole travel.

2.   Keep an emergency fund

Having a travel emergency fund is absolutely crucial to ensure that if something happens you will be covered. You should always take a part of your budget and allocate that to the emergency fund.

3.   Be flexible when choosing a destination

An important tip is to be flexible when choosing your destination because it can allow you to save a lot of money. If you are checking discounted trips, you might find exotic destinations that were not in your initial plan. However, it can be fun to go on a budget trip to somewhere completely unexpected.

4.  Use your currency to your advantage

When choosing a destination you should also take into consideration the cost of living and the exchange rate between your currency and the local currency. Take advantage of this by choosing countries where the exchange rate is very favorable. This will allow you to travel on a budget and save a lot of money while on vacation.

5.   Take advantage of off-season

Another common tip to save money while traveling is to take advantage of the off-season. Depending on the destination the prices can have a 50% discount during the off-season. This is a great way to save money.

6. Be careful with the exchange rates

One of the things you need to consider for your travel is what kind of cards or money you will be using. Are you planning on exchanging money at the airport, or at currency exchange stores? If you are this is usually a terrible idea. Depending on the destination you are going to these exchange stores tend to take advantage of tourists by giving them a very unfavorable exchange rate.

Additionally, if you are planning on using your credit or debit card, it might also not be a good idea. Banks typically charge to exchange money, and you will also be losing money every time you pay or withdraw money at an ATM. So what is the solution? The best option is to use a card like Revolut, where the fees are very low and you can exchange currencies before you even get into the flight. This can help you save a lot of money during your travel.

7.  Be aware of local scams

You should also research and be aware of all of the local scams. While some destinations are more prone to this type of tourist targeting scams, you want to avoid them at all costs. Check YouTube and Google to get the best insights into the most common scams in the area.

Tips to save money when booking flights

8. Be smart when checking flights

Checking flights is a form of art in itself because there are so many ways to save money while doing it. One of the best pieces of advice you will ever get is to use a VPN and incognito tab when checking flight websites. The reason is that these websites get your cookies, and therefore they know exactly what prices they have shown you in the past.

This means that even if the flight price is now lower they will still show you the first price you initially checked. Avoid this and check as many websites as possible to make sure you save as much as you can on your flight.

VPN, incognito

9. Stay longer periods

Staying longer periods will most likely help you to get a lower price per night. This means that you should check flights for at least a week. This will ensure that you can get some of the cheapest flights. This also applies to accommodation as we will see

10. Don’t be afraid of budget airlines

Budget airlines are one of the best innovations in commercial flights because it allows everyone to travel on a budget. However, people tend to hate them and it is understandable why. The service can sometimes be poor and unpleasant. However, choosing budget airlines is a great way to save money on your flight. At the end of the day, you will just spend a few hours on the plane so it can’t be that bad.

11. You only need a small suitcase

Most people tend to travel with far too many things. After all, you only need a small suitcase, even if you are traveling for a month. If you avoid traveling with a large bag you are saving money not only on the flight but also on the taxis or Ubers you will need to carry you and your suitcase around. Pack light, and don’t bring your house with you.

12. Consider traveling by bus or train

Depending on the destination you choose you may also consider traveling by bus or even train. This sometimes can save you a lot of money since these options are cheaper than flights. It will certainly take more time, but it can also be a great way to see the area better.

Tips to save money on your accommodation

There are also plenty of ways to save money on your accommodation, while you are traveling.

13. Don’t stick to certain dates

The best tip is to try to be flexible on the dates of your trip. Sometimes the prices for both accommodation and flights can vary so much just by changing one day, that it is really worth it to be flexible to save money while traveling.

14. Hostels are not that bad

Another great way of saving money on accommodation is to try different things, namely hostels. Hostels are not so bad, in fact, when you think about them you are probably picturing these bunk beds filled with young people. The reality is very different from it sometimes. In some cases, the larger rooms are not always full, and you will have a lot more privacy than you think.

Additionally, some hostels also offer private accommodation, and it tends to be a lot cheaper than renting a house or a hotel room. Additionally, you also get access to other areas, like a common kitchen. It can actually be a fun way of meeting new people in your travel.

15. Home swap

An alternative way of setting up your accommodation is by doing a home swap. A home swap simply means that you let someone in your house while you go to their house. What a lovely way to completely eliminate the cost of accommodation from your travel!

16. House or pet sitting

Another idea to save money on accommodation is to look for people who need someone to do pet sitting or house sitting. This is also a great way of saving tons of money on accommodation while you travel.

17.  Camping & tent

Camping can also be a great way of saving money on your accommodation, and you can even go glamping. While most people tend to think of camping as something uncomfortable and only for young people, there are several camping facilities that offer a lot of value for the price you are paying for accommodation. To live in a tent can save LOTS of money on expensive hotels.

18. Buy an RV

You can also consider renting an RV at the location you are going to. If you are thinking of renting a car, why not just rent an RV. You will have a vehicle to move around, and a place to stay in, saving you money!

19. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing also tends to be a great option for accommodation. Although most of us tend to think of CouchSurfing as literally sleeping on a couch this is not always the case. There are plenty of people with a spare room, that would like to show you around during your travel.

20. Get a house with a kitchen instead of a hotel room

When choosing your accommodation always consider getting something with a kitchen or access to a kitchen. This might be a more expensive option, but it will help you to save money on food later on during your travel.

Tips to save money on food while traveling

21.  Street food

Street food is always a great option when you are traveling. It is usually affordable and of high quality. You will also avoid paying the higher prices of the more tourist places, and this can save you a lot of money.

22.  Eat like the locals

One of the best ways to save tons of money during your travel is to eat just like the locals. Look around for the places where locals are eating. If you find a place that is packed with locals, then you just hit the jackpot! If you can’t find these places just ask around.

23.  Buy local products

One of the worst things you can make when traveling is to go abroad and buy the same products you buy back at home. Avoid doing this, and try to buy the products that the locals use. If you need recommendations, just ask the locals what they recommend.

24.  Avoid airport food

Airport food can be extremely expensive and for a good reason. Their business revolves around the fact that you cannot eat anywhere else, therefore they can charge what they want. Avoid spending tons of money this way, and just pack a few snacks or a sandwich to eat during your flight.

25. Visit the local market

If you are looking for ways to experience the local cuisine and save money, then you should definitely visit the local market. Ask the locals for advice, and even ask them for their favorite recipes. Maybe you can even try to cook their local food! This is a simple way to get quality food at an affordable price.

26. Cook at home

Cooking at home is also another great way of saving money during your travel. Restaurants can be expensive. Cooking at home and shopping at the local market ensures that you get quality products for low prices, and you save tons of money when compared with restaurants.

27.  Ask locals for suggestions

If you find a few locals that are willing to engage with you make sure you ask them for suggestions. You can ask them about the best places to visit, or the best places to eat. Following their advice will help you have a better vacation, and also save money.

You should also ask locals for the best places to visit and perhaps events that will happen during your stay.

28. Avoid touristy places

There are some places that are just designed to take advantage of tourists. These may include restaurants and shops. You should be aware of this, and avoid this type of place at all times if you want to save money. You will notice that if you will go where the locals go your wallet will thank you.

29. Use public transportation

Another way of saving money on your travel is to use public transportation. Instead of hopping on a Uber or taxi to take you to each place using public transportation will save you money, and allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture.

30.  Don’t buy any souvenirs

Who really cares about souvenirs? Nobody! That is right, we don’t want your fridge magnets, so don’t buy them! This saves space on your suitcase and saves you money.

31.  Find free events and museums at your destination

Finally, while you are on your vacation you can look for events that are not paid for. You can apply the same tip to museums and other interesting places that you can visit without having to pay for tickets.


While traveling can be expensive there are a lot of ways of saving money on your travel. We hope that our guide can help you save money the next time you travel, and make sure you have some fun and take pictures!






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