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12 Tips to decorate kids rooms

If you are thinking of how to decorate your kids room but you are unsure how to do it we have
the perfect tips for you. Kids are our joy in life and if there is something we do not want to mess up is the decor in our kids room. Let’s go over some of our best tips to decor your kids room.

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1. Avoid very childish things

One of the most common mistakes I see people making when it comes to decorating children’s
room is that they forget that kids grow over time. Yes, your kid may really be into spider man this
year but that can change next year. For that reason do not go around and change the decor in
your kid room according to what they like in a certain period of time.
Keep things easy and allow them to grow while still keeping the same decor for a few years.
This will make it easier for you, because you do not have to constantly change your kids decor
and reinvent everything constantly. Remember that as your kids grow older they might not like
the same things anymore.

2. Create a play area

An important part of designing the perfect kids room is to have the room well divided. Make sure
there is a play area, a study area and a sleeping zone. Each place should have its own purpose.
If your kids are still not in school you can really get creative with a play area. A few ideas are a
ball pool, or even some oversized stuffed animals. This will create the perfect welcoming
environment for your children.

3. Bunk beds are great

Bunk beds are a great solution in kids rooms. It is cool for them to sleep higher, and it allows
them to have friends over if they want to. Even if you do not have a double bunk bed, you can
have a little desk or play zone underneath a bunk bed. It makes it easy to organize everything
and gives your kids room a lot more space.
If for some reason you are afraid your kid might fall from the bunk bed during the night, there
are always accessories you can buy to prevent that from happening.

4. Beds with storage underneath

If you are still not too impressed with the bunkbed idea, please do yourself a favor and get a bed
with storage space underneath. This makes it the perfect solution to store anything from toys to
accessories all in the same place.
Remember that you want your kids room to look good, but to also be extremely functional and

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5. Create a study space

Nurturing your kid starts with creating separate spaces in its living room. If you should have a
play area, you should also create a study space. This will be extremely helpful if they are just
starting school. Make sure you create the best atmosphere so they can focus on the most
important years of their school.

6. Wall stencils

Wall stencils are a super easy way to decorate the walls of your kids room. They are very
affordable, and they are also easy to apply. Later on when you want you can always remove
them without much effort.

7. Wallpaper

Wallpaper may be a little more diffcitul to apply then wall stencils, but it is still a great way to
improve the decor of your childrens room. It is also very affordable, and you can easily pick a
style your kid likes and change it the next year.

8. Decorate the ceiling

Childhood is an important part of our lives. It is when we form ourselves and develop most of
our ability to deal with adult life, but you should always let your kids dream. One of the ways to
decorate your kids room, and let them dream away is by decorating the ceiling. Maybe they like
to gaze at stars, and why not put some glowing starts on the ceiling?
You can always paint the ceiling, or even put balloons or other decorative objects to create a
unique environment in your children’s room.

9. Use color

Although you might have to avoid using certain colors in some parts of the house, the same is
not true for kids rooms. Use and mix colors! You can easily create a colorful and inviting room,
by using colors on walls, and on furniture.

10. Toy storage is a must

We all know how frustrating and efuriating it can be to keep all those toys organized and in the
right place. Toy storage should not be overlooked, and you have to make sure you have it
accessible for them to play, and that it is easy to put all the toys away. One great way of doing
so is with beds that have storage underneath.

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11. Display their artwork

One way of creating a colorful, and inviting kid’s room is by decorating the walls with their own
artwork. This is easy to do, and you can even frame those drawings yourself. This is a great
away to also show you are proud of their work, and helps them build self-confidence for their life

12. Funky lamps

Finally, one of the best tips on this list is to use funky lamps. Whether it is ceiling lamps or
nightstand lamps, you can really get creative when it comes to lamps. From the design of the
lamp to the colours of the light bulbs, you can make it super playful, and creative.


It can be difficult to decorate a kids room, since they grow so fast, and their own interests
change so rapidly. Make sure you always consult your kid to see if he is into your own ideas,
and your decor taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and create the coziest room for your kid.

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