Ikea soffa special - 12 bästa ikea soffor nånsin

12 best IKEA Sofa Designs ever

Choosing the perfect furniture is not easy. Most often, you’ll find it hard to mix and
match with an interior style. You’ll have to think about color schemes, budgets, the
durability of the furniture, the price tag and so on. It can be more of a headache than
fun when picking out the right furniture. Luckily for you, here’s a guide to picking the
right sofa design! Most especially from IKEA, an emporium of budget-friendly, but
quality furniture.


Whether you want to impress your guests when they step into your house or just
want a relaxing, comfortable and inviting living space, here are the very best IKEA
sofa designs to help you see which sofa would best fit your interior style, budget and
comfort standards!

The best Ikea sofa models


The Gronlid sofa is not only stylish, it also spells C-O-M-F-O-R-T. The English rolled
up arm design transforms this beautiful piece into a modern classic which makes it
feel homey and inviting. The square cushions included are soft and fluffy for a more
comfortable backrest. The seats are relaxingly deep, enough to make you doze off
while you sit. What’s so nice about the Gronlid sofa series is that it is easily
customisable to whatever shape you want it to be. From a 3-seater sofa, you may
add corners, a chaise lounge, and footstools which are all perfect whether you are
hosting parties frequently or for a growing family. Whatever interior concept you go
for, you can surely find a perfect match with the Gronlid sofa, as it is available in six
lovely colors!


The Farlov sofa is downright fancy and classy! Seeing it for the first time will
definitely make you fall in love. The low banana shaped armrests gives it a traditional
and charming look. This sofa has large and comfy back cushions that give the back
the support it needs. Two extra lumbar cushions are also included. Not to mention,
the covers are made of nice and smooth fabric too! The Farlov series consists of an
armchair, 2-seater, 3-seater, a footstool with storage, and a sectional sofa. All of
which are gorgeous! This sofa is suitable for spacious areas.


If you are looking for a luxurious sofa to match your interiors, then the Stockholm
sofa is right for you! The Stockholm sofa is one of the most popular and comfortable
sofas that Ikea has to offer. It also offers a deep seating depth. Spacious and large
enough to sleep on, making it perfect for those late night movie binges. The soft and
delicate fabric makes this sofa even more attractive. The Stockholm series consists
of a 3-seater, a 2-seater, a woven rattan chair with cushions, and a pouffe. It is
available in 3 colors.


The Soderhamn sofa offers an aesthetic, chic, and modern design that is suitable for
the minimalist fans out there. The cozy feels of this sofa brings the right amount of
comfort and leg room. The fabric used for this design is samsta, and a fine
combination of nylon and polyester. This sofa is a good choice for people working on
a budget. Value for style and comfort is what the Soderhamn is all about. Another
great thing about the Soderhamn is that it is customisable. You can mix and match
the pieces to fit your space. The series consists of a 3-seater with optional armrests,
corner piece, lounge, 4-seater sectional, and loveseat.


Friheten is a tried and tested sofa, it came out when the popular Manstad sofa bed
was discontinued. This pocket-friendly L-shaped sofa allows you to configure by
moving the chaise to either side of the sofa. You can style it anyway you like. This
sofa has a pull-out feature that easily converts into a bed. The chaise serves as a
roomy compartment too! A great way to store extra pillows, beddings, and blankets
for guests. You can expect more sleep-overs with this handy sofa bed.


The Vimle sofa is the king of functionality, but let’s start with its looks. As the king of
functionality, it should be able to match any room, therefore it features clean, simple
lines that would complement any interior style. It comes in many different colors,
including neutrals, so you can mix and match with your room. The arms are square
and give off a modern and sleek look.
There’s a reason the Vimle sofa is so functional. It comes with three parts: the sofa
itself, a chaise and an ottoman. The chaise and ottoman even come with storage in
case you need to put those throw pillows somewhere because this sofa can also be
turned into a sofa bed. Yes, this sofa is truly amazing. The comfort is on par to that of
the Gronlid sofa, but none matches its supreme functionality.
Another reason why the Vimle sofa is the king of functionality is because of its
affordability. This sofa is super budget-friendly. The sofa, chaise and ottoman costs
less than just one sofa from another store.


The Karlstad sofa has been in the market for almost 10 years. It has gained
popularity because of its flexibility and affordability. It does not provide a cloud-like
and lounge feeling, yet it allows you to sit comfortably without sinking. I must say that
this would be a nice sofa for waiting areas or hotel lobbies.
The Karlstad has a lot of variants to choose from. These include a range of 2-seater
and 3-seater sofas, a corner sofa, 2 different armchairs, a footstool, a sofa bed and 2
different kinds of chaises. Together, these Karlstad variants can create the ultimate
living space.

It may look pretty plain at first glance, but there’s a reason why it’s one of the best
IKEA sofa designs. Yes, it’s your typical, family-friendly, budget sofa, but no, it’s
much more than that. Because of the plainness of the Karlstad sofa, it is the most
styleable sofa and a favorite of many. Honestly, you can transform this sofa from
classic to posh and it would still look unremarkable. If you frequently renovate your
interiors, then this is a great choice for you.


The Landskrona sofa is one of the classiest Ikea couches. The sophisticated modern
tufted design gives a professional vibe, which is suited for a more masculine style of
interior. The Landskrona sofa has firm cushions which allows you to sit upright
comfortably. The design sort of reminds me of the couches you see in law offices
and doctor’s clinics. As for the legs, you may choose between wood or metal,
whichever suits your style. The compact, medium-sized sofa works well in smaller
spaces like condominiums, and apartments as well.


The Ektorp sofa is a classic and works the best in farmhouse-themed or traditional
homes. It’s an elegant sofa that was made to create a comfortable, clean, relaxing
and classy atmosphere. Not only does it provide the ideal living space air, it really is
an incredibly comfortable and relaxing sofa that you can sink into and the cushions
wouldn’t sag even after years of use.
This sofa has rounded arms and exposed wooden legs, which gives it most of the
classic feel. The Ektorp sofa collection features a 3-seater sofa, loveseat, ottoman,
armchair and a sofa with chaise. If you want to go for a luxurious, dramatic feel, get
an Ektorp sofa with chaise. They offer the Ektorp sofa collection in different colors
and patterns and are made of upholstered fabric.
The best part about this elegant, cozy, all-around sofa is it’s durable, but very
affordable, perfect for your budget. The Ektorp sofa also has slipcovers. The
advantage of having a slipcover is it makes it easier to clean your sofa. With a
slipcover, you won’t have to worry about drink spills, potato chip crumbs or dirt
because all you have to do is take off the slipcover, put it in the wash and voila! It
comes out brand new.


The Lindome sofa is an epitome of a classic era. The lovely, luxurious velvet material
makes you feel no less than a royal. This dramatic, eye-catching piece brings a nice
accent to any room and provides a focal point no one is ever gonna miss.
If you want to bring glamour to your room, then this sofa is a sure go-to. It’s a super
elegant sofa that basically radiates luxury. With its velvet cover and
European-inspired design, this sofa is recommended for anyone who desires an
impactful and sophisticated room.


The Knislinge provides a nostalgic comfort. The classic, vintage design takes you
back to the 80’s or the 90’s. The high back support provides neck comfort and makes
a great choice for taller people. The compact design fits well in smaller spaces.The
seats are firm and comfortable too. If you are looking for a sofa that is simple, basic,
and functional, then this is for you.

The Takeaway

There’s an abundance of IKEA and IKEA-inspired sofas out there, but none are as
great as these ones. With their capability to provide comfort and style, these sofas
will match your living space no matter what your interior style is. With the sofas in
this list, you’ll be able to find the absolute best design for your living space and keep
it under budget!

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