10 sätt att få skandinavisk inredningsstil hemma

10 Ways to get the Scandinavian decor Style 

In the global interior design scene, Scandinavian décor is a favorite. Some of its features include:

  • Emphasis on functionality over aesthetics
  • Harmony with mother nature
  • An abundance of neutral and white tones
  • Balance and stability
  • Minimalist decorations

The beautiful Scandinavian style is an excellent place to start if you want simplicity. Scandinavian interiors embody Nordic charm, sophistication, and simplicity. Here are some tips to help you give your home a Scandinavian feel.

Crisp White

It is typical for Nordics to paint their walls and ceilings white. They even use white-washed floorboards and white furnishings to add warmth to their spaces, especially since the region is characterized by long winters and short periods of sunlight. Besides maximizing light reflection, neutral and white colors ensure the interior blends harmoniously with nature. Also, during spring, crisp white furnishings allow fresh flowers to be the focal point in your home.

What Colors Are Predominant in Scandinavian Décor Style?

Predominantly, the Scandinavian style features a light canvas that lights up spaces. The rooms are typically in neutral and muted shades of blue, grey, beige, off-white, etc. Also, the entire space doesn’t use various colors. Instead, it focuses on three to four primary colors.

Wood Flooring

In Northern homes, most floors are made from hardwood like cherry, oak, and poplar. An interesting fact is that while these regions experience painstakingly long winters, carpeting has never garnered popularity.

Stash away your carpets and let your floorboards steal the limelight to attain a well-grounded Nordic ambiance. Doing so also provides a subtle contrast with the white furnishings and walls.

Light Should Be In Abundance

It isn’t uncommon for Scandinavians to leave their windows bare or use plantation shutters. This move ensures maximum entry of natural light. You are also likely to find blackout blinds in Northern homes because they offer an extra insulation layer at the window area where there are maximum heat leaks compared to any other location in your home.

Charming Lighting

You can achieve an indoor Scandinavian lighting style by installing pendant fixtures and innovative lamps. For example, introduce a sleek table lamp or suspended fixture in the reading area to give your space an aesthetic touch while effortlessly ensuring functionality.

Faux Fur Throw

For a touch of glamour and warmth to your reading spot, you can never go wrong with a faux fur throw on your armchair. The throws will look incredible year-in-year-out and will come in handy during the unforgiving Nordic winters and warm nights by the fireplace.

Bring Nature to the Inside

If you cannot take your interiors outside, why not bring the outside to the inside? Incorporating potted plants into your Scandinavian-inspired space is always a good idea. Doing so livens up the already down-to-earth ambiance. In addition, it doesn’t compromise on minimalism and functionalism. A brilliant idea would be placing large succulents next to your study desk or stashing them in a corner. Cacti always look great against Scandinavian backdrops.

Chic Wooden Elements

Wooden stools will blend well with exposed beams, hardwood flooring, and the surrounding Northern décor. You can also bring in dark-toned low coffee tables in the living room. Top this with a vase of freshly cut flowers, and you will create a point of focus without the pressure of going overboard with aesthetic details.

Modular Designs

What better way to mimic the minimalist and practical style of Nordic homes than to use modular pieces and multi-functional furnishings? Danish decorators adore adjustable and convertible furniture because they help minimize the spatial footprint and attain an airy and clutter-free Scandinavian feel.

Low Beds

Scandinavian homeowners love lower floor bedding. It is common for sleeping areas to have linens in neutral shades such as muted pink, beige or blue. Also, you can comfortably leave your bed a bit crumpled as Northerners appreciate a lived-in feel in their spaces.


You can place a yellow or white armchair in your living room to brighten the mood and give an air of coziness to the surrounding Scandinavian elegance. This can be an excellent place to relax with a book while cuddling your pet or loved ones.

Scandinavian Interior Trends for Winter 2023

The weather is allowed to be gloomy, but your home isn’t. So here are some Nordic winter trends that will banish your winter woes.

Chunky Knits

It is no news that hand-knit blankets are slowly dethroning the conventional sheepskin throw as the most popular comforter in most Northern homes. In addition to being comfier, chunky knits are a statement style.

Green and Leafy Houseplants

Getting leafy perennial is now an in-thing. They are great at freshening the stale air indoors, which is an effective mood booster during winter. A good choice is the rubber tree owing to its low maintenance. It doesn’t need a lot of light and watering is only necessary when the soil is very dry. Alternatively, you can opt for the Swedish ivy–a leafy-stemmed crowd favorite. If you have pets or kids, always consider getting non-toxic plants.

Stripes are the New Chevron

Nothing beats a Scandinavian rug underfoot when it comes to oozing style and warmth. Inspired by traditional Swedish style, the simple rug gives an aura of sophistication to any room. Consider monochromatic stripes instead of chevron overload.

What Is the Origin of Scandinavian Décor Style?

The Scandinavian décor style comprises designs from the three Scandinavian countries–Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. However, designs from other Northern countries such as Iceland and Finland have also formed part of this group over the years.

Why the World Is Obsessed With Scandinavian Décor Style

More and more people are loving the Scandinavian décor style, not just for its aesthetics but also for its functionalism. The technique focuses on clean lines, craftsmanship, and materials and is still as relevant as it was several years ago. But why is it the most sought-after décor style worldwide? Here are some reasons.


The Scandinavian décor style is a minimalist movement. The products denote simplicity, offering very limited adornments. You may spot a Scandinavian design and call it “bare in appearance”. However, what you may not know is that whatever is lacking in furnishings is made up for in accessories such as rugs, art, and pillows.


Scandinavian design can easily pass as optimistic with its natural and light aesthetics. You do not have to worry about a dark style ruining the interiors as the Nordic style lifts the mood in all your rooms.


The Scandinavian style has existed for close to a century and isn’t showing signs of exiting any time soon. This only proves one point: its timelessness. Therefore, you can decorate once without worrying about doing it again. This modern style is a classic.


The Scandinavian décor style allows you to use multi-functional and detachable pieces. For example, a furniture piece could serve as both a couch and a bed. Also, there are several wooden furniture pieces that you could fold and stash away when you aren’t using them. Such pieces save on space and are perfect for people dwelling in apartments or smaller spaces.


Another feature of Scandinavian design that has drawn many people is its organic emphasis. As a result, more designers are drawing inspiration from nature by using materials such as teak.

What Is the Difference Between Scandinavian and Nordic Design?

There has been a lot of debate between these two. Scandinavian design is more minimalistic, while Nordic design incorporates more natural patterns and materials. However, there are no set rules, and the terms can be used interchangeably.


While the Scandinavian style may not be everyone’s favorite, the way it combines the elements of functionalism and minimalism appeals to many. If you are looking to incorporate a style that creates a balance between form and function, this is it.








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