10 popular bathroom decor styles

10 Popular Bathroom Decor Styles

 Ideas and Tips to Achieve Them

A bathroom is more than just a place to shower and bathe. For starters, you can use the space to apply your makeup and store your toiletries and other supplies. The bathroom is also where you retreat after being up and down all day. Besides, you can also turn it into a meditation space to bring out the Zen in you. The point is your bathroom serves different purposes, and sometimes, it is your safe space. This is why as you decorate it, it is vital to ensure that the décor style represents your personality. After all, there is no point in having a bathroom you don’t like if you will spend a considerable portion of your day there.

Whether you go with a Mediterranean or modern style for your bathroom, there is no shortage of décor to meet your needs. This article discusses some of the bathroom styles to select from and how to achieve each of them.

Contemporary Style

Clean lines, clutter-free surfaces and minimalist adornment are all hallmarks of contemporary-style bathrooms. Expect lots of polished hardwood and a simple colour palette in these spaces. Also, dark and light elements are used together to birth a pleasant visual contrast.

Simplicity takes centre stage when it comes to contemporary styling, and the focus is on the littlest details. So, look out for countertops made of dutable stone and door knobs made from muted brushed metals.

Key Elements of Contemporary-Style Bathrooms

here is a summary of the characteristics of bathrooms with contemporary décor:

  • Symmetrical geometric patterns
  • Glass shower enclosure
  • Materials like natural stone, granite, stainless steel and stone resin
  • Stand-alone sink basins
  • Sleek vanity
  • Mirrors with slim profiles
  • High-quality door knobs
  • Flooring or countertops made of durable tile, stone or wood
  • A mix of light and dark elements
  • The latest intuitive features like smart mirrors and digital shower controls

Colour Palette: While a black-and-white palette is prevalent in most contemporary-style bathrooms, you can always opt for any colour combo that produces high contrast.

Modern Style

Modern-style décor utilizes sleeker designs to achieve a neat design that saves space without compromising functionality. The materials commonly used in modern bathrooms include natural wood, glass and stone. As for the colours, expect lots of white, black, grey and light brown–colours reminiscent of the look of wood and natural stone.

The fixtures you’ll likely find in modern-style bathrooms include a walk-in shower and a drop-in or free-standing bathtub. A strategy often employed in these spaces to save space is installing wall-mounted and floating vanities and sinks.

The rugs and towels in these bathrooms often take the colour of the walls, and fixtures feature geometric shapes to enhance the modern feel. Lastly, modern bathroom lighting is usually more varied, so you can go for whatever style you see fit.

Key Elements of Modern-Style Bathrooms

In summary, modern-style baths have the following key elements:

  • Floating sinks and vanities
  • Colours that resemble natural stone and wood
  • Minimalist faucets
  • Frameless mirrors
  • Streamlined lighting

Colour Palette: These bathrooms focus on the architecture, meaning the colour palette gravitates towards crisp, clean whites, black and subtle neutrals. There are occasional pops of colour from accessories like plants and towels.

Classic Style

Classic bathrooms are timeless and feature high-end materials. They emphasize simple bright colours like soft grey and white to make your bathroom appear tidy all year. The look is further accented by brass, platinum or gold trimmings. As for the fixtures, marble, acrylic and porcelain take precedence. In this style, the walls are made of tile or brick, and common accessories include free-standing sinks and claw-foot free-standing tubs. You may also come across rugs with floral patterns and large mirrors with floral trimmings. Lighting is equally essential in these bathrooms and is provided by a sconce or chandelier.

Key Elements of Classic-Style Bathrooms

The key attributes of these spaces are summarised below:

  • Elegant floors, wall treatments and stone counters
  • Antique-style lighting
  • Claw-foot and pedestal-style bathtubs
  • Decorative moulding

Colour Palette: Bathrooms in classic style use soft and relaxing hues. You can opt for pale green or blue shades, subtle neutrals, or deeper shades of brown or grey for a more enriched look.

Farmhouse Style

Part country and part rustic, farmhouse-style spaces are common today. They feature earthy colour palettes for an inviting look. Wood accents, flooring and accessories bring in a rustic vibe, which can be extended to accents and light fixtures. High ceilings are also characteristic of this style, as are open beams and contrasting details.

Key Elements of Farmhouse-Style Bathrooms

Key attributes of these bathrooms include:

  • Trough sinks
  • Free-standing claw-foot bathtub
  • Open beams
  • High ceilings
  • Barn lighting
  • Sliding barn doors

Colour Palette: This style uses earthy colour palettes.

Rustic Style

Using a wood foundation, rustic-style bathrooms create a classic vibe. Common colours include golden browns and natural greens that go well with wood floor tiles and wall panels. As for accessories, expect lots of stainless steel, copper and wrought iron to create a beautiful contrast with the wooden design’s natural elements. The look is completed with durable curtains such as plaid.

Key Elements of Rustic-Style Bathrooms

These spaces have the following key features

  • Wood vanity
  • Hardware in a weathered finish, such as antiqued brass
  • Classic claw-foot bathtub or Japanese-style soaking tub

Colour Palette: Rustic-style spaces mimic the hues of natural materials like warm woods and stone.

Beach Style

Beach-style bathrooms take design hues from the ocean and its surroundings. Prevalent colours include blue greens, light blues, and white paired with any colour resembling the sky and ocean. The fixtures of choice are acrylic or porcelain free-standing bathtubs that complement vanity-installed sinks to bring a classic vibe. Decorative ornamentation to use includes seashells, ocean-themed art and jute fabrics.

Key Features of Beach-Style Bathrooms

Beach-style bathrooms are characterized by the following:

  • Bold tiles
  • Spacious showers
  • Wall panelling
  • Accents in coastal colours
  • Statement wallpaper
  • Textured elements like weathered wood and pebble tiles

Colour Palette: The prevalent colour palette in beach-themed spaces is inspired by the sea, sky and sand to create a sense of calm and serenity. While crisp accompanied with seaside blue is a common palette, it isn’t the only option. If you want a more vibrant bathroom, opt for bold corals and leafy greens.

Mediterranean Style

A key characteristic of this style is its utilization of complex tile design to make the most out of a room. Grand and with a luxe feel, Mediterranean bathrooms are designed for relaxation. Their walls and floors are made predominantly of clay, granite, natural stone and marble. Another significant feature of this bathroom style is the large diamond-patterned mirrors and windows above the vanity. Here, you can also find accessories like drop-in and free-standing bathtubs.

Key Elements of Mediterranean-style Bathrooms

Here is a summary of the key features you’re likely to encounter in bathrooms with Mediterranean style:

  • Colourful tiles
  • Ornate lighting
  • Burnished metals such as antiqued brass
  • Statement mirrors
  • Whitewashed walls

Colour Palette: These bathrooms often use rich earthy, and sea-inspired hues against a neutral backdrop of natural wood and white.

Industrial Style

Industrial bathrooms aim at exemplifying the beauty of natural design. Their history dates back to the late 19th and early 20th century during the Industrial Revolution. The period was characterized by many commercial businesses shitting up, and with the population surge, more and more people started converting abandoned establishments into residential spaces.

These bathrooms feature conventionally unattractive features like exposed ducts, popes and tubes to birth an unfinished design. The primary materials used for these establishments are concrete, brick, and steel. You can also hang metal mirrors and exposed lights or bring in a concrete bathtub to further enhance the industrial vibe.

Key Elements of Industrial-Style Bathrooms

In summary, these bathrooms have the following key features:

  • Exposed ducts and pipes
  • Hefty sliding doors
  • White subway tiles
  • Raw materials like brick, concrete and stainless steel
  • Glass-and-steel shower enclosures
  • Basin and trough sink

Colour Palette: The raw materials used in these bathrooms form the basis of the colour palette.

Craftsman Style

True to their name, craftsman-style bathrooms emphasize hand-crafted wood period pieces with impeccable details and accents. Crafted elements like windows, cabinets, vanities and drawers are common in such spaces. While this bathroom style holds on to the classic charm, the crafted elements bring a more rustic and homey feel. Because most elements are made from wood, you’ll only need simple nickel, copper and brass accents.

Key Elements of Craftsman-Style Bathrooms

The attributes of these bathrooms are summarised below:

  • Hand-crafted vanities and drawers
  • Hand-crafted tiles
  • Medium to dark tones of wood
  • Artful stained glass
  • Square and rectangular lighting fixtures

Colour Palette: These bathrooms commonly use rich earth tones, warm neutrals and vibrant greens that go well with natural wood.

Green Bathrooms

Green bathrooms are trending, and this is no surprise as green is the colour of calm and rejuvenation and what better place to centre it than in your bathroom?

Here are some brilliant décor ideas to bring some green into your space:

Jump on the Sage Green Bandwagon

A popular green bathroom colour, sage green is an earthy shade ideal for those looking to create a calming space in their home. Consider using green tiles for your bathroom floors and walls. To make the colour pop, opt for bright white grout.

Go for a Sweet Lime Design

For a pop of colour, consider lime green. The cheerful shade instantly energizes your space, giving it a feel of fun and freshness.

Opt for a Green Backsplash

If you want to give your bathroom a touch of green without fully committing, a backsplash is a great place to begin. Install a few green tiles just above the sink to inject some personality into the room. You could opt for a solid colour tile or one with a fun design or pattern.

Go Dark with Forest Green Paint

Ready to go on an adventure? It is time to paint your bathroom walls in forest green paint to give them a fresh new look. While you may argue that dark colours make a room feel cramped, this isn’t always the case. You’ll love how beautiful your bathroom will turn out to be.

Bring in Plants

Another green bathroom trend to hop on is bringing green plants to your space. They bring a breath of fresh air and give your room a spa-like feel.

Green Marble for a High-End Feel

Using emerald green marble tiles for your bathroom walls gives it a sophisticated feel. Pair this up with a sleek white tub, resulting in a bathroom space that feels like an oasis.

Other décor ideas for green bathrooms include:

  • Green wall panelling
  • Green subway tiles in the shower
  • Bold green wallpaper

Other Bathroom Styles You’ll Love

Besides these styles, here are some others to explore for your next bathroom remodel project:

  • Country Style: It utilizes wood panelling for its walls and floors to mimic the feel of a farmhouse.
  • Vintage Style: This style utilizes elaborate and whimsical patterns.
  • Colonial Style: It uses minimalistic elements to achieve a comfortable environment indicative of the colonial period.
  • Cottage Style: The style invokes the feeling of a vacation far away from home.

Final Thoughts

Once you have identified what you love in a bathroom space, it is easier to pick your preferred style and go along with it. Regardless of your choice, the above tips will ensure that the result speaks to your personality and meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Styles?

The different types of bathroom styles to choose from include modern, classic, contemporary, farmhouse, transitional and farmhouse styles. Others include vintage, nautical, Mediterranean, Asian and mid-century styles.

What Are the Current Trends in Bathroom Design?

As of 2023, the design trends dominating the bathroom scene are:

  • Gorgeous walk-in showers
  • Removing oversize bathtubs and repurposing the area
  • Spa inspiration
  • Wood vanities
  • Decorating with sustainability and wellness in mind

How Do You Style a Small Bathroom?

Because of the non-abundance of space, small bathroom decoration aims at creating an illusion of a bigger space.

Here are a few tips to consider when styling your small bathroom:

  • Use light and bright colours
  • Opt for graphic accents
  • Leave the windows bare
  • Keep millwork at a minimal
  • Replace swinging doors with pocket doors
  • Less is always more
  • Incorporate a skylight
  • Hang a mirror















































































































































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