10 Biggest Garden Trends 2024

Just as fashion or interior design trends come and go, so do garden trends. As the winter weather slowly moves into springtime, we start to think of what to do with our outdoor space this year. Let’s take a closer look at the garden trends sweeping the world in 2024!

Garden Trends 2024

Open-air living rooms

Taking the inside out into your garden is a popular trend for 2024. It is now common knowledge that spending time in nature is good for our mental well-being, and creating an outdoor living space is a great way to do this. Choose some garden furniture made from natural materials to help blend in with your surroundings. Add some cushions and blankets for added comfort and enjoy spending the day surrounded by nature.


Gone are the days of neatness and minimalism (well, keep it if you like it!). Instead,2024 is all about over-the-top colours and textures for a maximalist dream! Maximalism in gardening is all about volume and a mixture of plants meshed in beside one another. Think of creating a colourful, floral explosion and you’ll be on the right track!

Pollinating Plants

The bee population has been reducing in recent years which can have bad consequences for plants and the ecosystem! One trend set to boom this year is the introduction of plants and flowers into our garden that bees love! By using plants that bees and other pollinators love, we are attracting them to our space and giving them the food they need to survive. These pollinators include:

  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Butterflies
  • Moths

Heavenly Hydrangeas

We love having a bit of colour in our gardens. Flowers not only attract insects but make the space look bright and colourful. One of the most popular flowers for 2024 is the stunning hydrangea. Coming in a variety of beautiful pastel shades such as blue, pink and lilac, these huge blooms add a statement look to any garden.

Sensory Gardens

As we mentioned above, spending time in your garden is great for your well-being. With the increased focus on mental health in recent years, sensory gardens are likely to become a trend this season. Sensory gardens are designed to appeal to all 5 senses. They can include sweet fruit trees for taste, a water feature to listen to and fragrant florals. These spaces are a great way to show off your creativity.

Exotic Grasses

Grasses aren’t just for your well-cut lawn. They can be used in flowerbeds or pots to add different textures and shades to your garden. 2024 will show us the sheer variety of ornamental grasses – which are great for colder climates. Grasses are great for insects, but also help enrich the soil for other plants to grow.

Wild Flower Meadows

Biodiversity is at the heart of gardening in 2024 for pollination as we mentioned above, but also to help prioritise local plants and flowers. Wildflower gardens are exceptionally popular and this is set to continue this year. Wildflower seeds can be sown in a natural and informal way to create a natural meadow filled with vibrance and variety.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Climate change is impacting us all, and this includes our gardens. The summers of the past few years have seen temperatures reach record highs which can cause some flowers to wilt or die. Some plants are better at conserving water and survive better in heat. These include many succulents, aloe vera and lavender!

Pantone Colour of the Year

Peach Fuzz is the Pantone colour of the year for 2024 and is a stunning muted peach shade. Incorporate this shade into your garden through flowers such as peach hyacinths, astilbe and tulips.

Smart Technology

A trend that is growing in our homes and gardens is smart tech. When it comes to gardening there are a number of cool options out there. From self-mowing lawnmowers to do the hard work for you, to lighting that can be controlled from your phone. The possibilities are endless – so have fun discovering them!

The Take Away – Garden Trends 2024

Your garden is a space for you to let your creativity explode so design a garden that is best for your needs. If any of this year’s trends fit into this, then take some inspiration from our list above. What is most important is that you get outside and get involved in nature!


Which flowers are trendy in 2024?

Hydrangeas are particularly popular, as well as flowers local to where you live. It is all about preserving nature this year so encouraging plants that would naturally grow in your habitat helps with this.

How often should I cut my grass?

During the summer your grass may need cut as often as every ten days. You can judge this yourself based on how long it is getting. The colder months require little cutting as the grass isn’t growing.




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