Tjäna pengar online - 10 bästa tipsen

10 best tips how to make money online

Do you want to earn extra income by making money online? There are many different ways to earn anything from a few hundred extra to several thousand every month. Some live entirely on making money online, while others use it to put a little extra cash in their coffers every month.

The advantage of making money online is that in many cases you can build up so-called passive income. This means that you do some basic work, and then let the money come in continuously without you having to do so much work in the long term. We will return to this a little later!

Here we will now go through 10 individual financial tips on how you can make money online. If you really want to invest in becoming self-sufficient by sitting in front of the computer, you should consider investing in several of these tips at the same time. Then you increase your chances of success.

How to make money online

#1 Affiliate marketing

You’ve probably heard the term before – affiliate marketing is about advertising on your own website and thus making money. There are different models here, where you can get paid per click on an ad, or paid if the clicker goes ahead and makes a purchase. Here you have the opportunity to build a website with a certain theme, for example within “vehicles”. Then, when you get more and more visitors, you can put out ads that point to car dealers and the like, to match your target audience with the ads.

There are so-called affiliate networks, which provide services in this area. They give you as the owner of a website the opportunity to take part in ready-made advertisements, so that you don’t have to code yourself. These are pasted on your own website and then the affiliate keeps track of your statistics and manages payments of advertising revenue.

#2 Get in to Stocks online

One way to make money online is to start trading. You can do this easily and comfortably in front of your computer. There are many good basic courses to take online and as long as you don’t invest large amounts at the beginning, you can afford to learn from your mistakes.

For example, if you start with affiliate marketing and receive a small amount every month, you can invest that money in the stock market and make it grow faster. Stock trading can thus help accelerate your earnings and make your wealth grow.

#3 Freelance

Are you good at graphic design, programming or writing? There are many communities online that bring together sellers and buyers of various services and time-limited projects. This is often called gig work and the gig economy is growing all the time. Start by creating a profile on one of the major sites and offer your services at a very competitive price. In the beginning, you must be prepared to sell yourself cheap. As you build a reputation, you can raise your prices.

#4 Create a blog or Instagram account

A blog is a great way to make money. If you choose to blog about a topic that really interests you, blogging will not be experienced as a job, but something fun. It requires a lot of work, but if you manage to get loyal readers, who read your posts and share them on social media, you will soon be able to see how your blog grows in popularity. A website or blog that has a lot of visitors is a goldmine when it comes to advertising and affiliate network earnings.

Interior design here was started by Maria Ljungström in 2012 as a hobby. Today, she lives full time on the website and her social media. It should be mentioned here that the success did not come overnight. It takes a long time to build up traffic, brand reputation and make all the necessary contacts. Not everyone is made to run websites and blogs. You have to have a lot of PATIENCE and a mind for business/marketing.

#5 Dropshipping

Dropshipping means that you start a webshop and offer products, but without having these in your own warehouse. When you receive an order, your supplier instead sends the product directly to your customer, but with you as the sender. This means that anyone can start a webshop and administer it directly from the computer, without having to worry about logistics.

#6 One product store

Something that is becoming increasingly common are so-called one product stores. It is thus a web shop that only offers one product. The advantage of this is that you can minimize your risk by not buying up a large assortment of many different products, which you are unsure if they will sell. Instead, you bet everything on one card and can also target your ads directly to a specific target group. There are webshop providers that offer ready-made templates for this type of webshop.

#7 Online poker

Of course, we can’t go through tips on how to make money online without mentioning poker. For those who are disciplined and have some talent for this card game, there is big money to be made. This is mixing fun with the chance to get more money.

NOTE: We do not recommend ANYONE playing on borrowed money or playing over their budget and absolutely no games for children under 15 years of age.

#8 Passive income

By passive income we mean income that is not directly linked to work performance. An example of passive income is precisely affiliate marketing, where you can leave your website open for several months and at the same time earn money from visitors who click on your ads.

Another example is returns on shares and mutual funds – a so-called money machine!

#9 Money machines

Returns on shares and mutual funds are sometimes called money machines. Here, it’s about investing your money long-term and making very few changes to your portfolio over time. Instead, the focus is on dividends, i.e. the amount that listed companies pay out to their shareholders once a year (sometimes more).

You need a relatively large share capital to be able to live entirely on dividends. You need a minimum of SEK 6 million. But if you start by trying to get a few thousand extra a month, the goal becomes more digestible.

#10 Buy and sell online

Thanks to all the buying and selling sites that exist and the ever-increasing trade in used goods, it is possible to make good money just by finding products at low prices and reselling them for a higher price. Many people sell nice products at a much too low price, which you as a buyer can take advantage of and thus make money.


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