Top 9 wallpaper trends 2023 to watch out for 

Top 9 Wallpaper Trends 2023 to Watch Out for 

Its time for Wallpaper Trends 2023! The past years have witnessed wallpaper make a big comeback, taking many trends by storm and reappearing in homes of different styles. Unlike previous generations, the current wallpaper is easier to install and maintain. You can also find it in more patterns, colours and styles than before, so it is an ideal way to add detail to your favourite spaces.

Like any other material, wallpaper is available in several styles, making it hard to settle on the right choice. However, being up-to-date with popular trends could help you narrow your choices. To help you with that, this article discusses some of the wallpaper trends to expect in 2023, according to multiple home design experts.

Wallpaper Trends 2023

Large Scale Prints

One thing wallpaper is good at is making a statement. For many people, this is an excellent way to express their personality and tastes. Whether you go for floral or geometrical, abstract or patterned, there are several ways wallpapers can impact your space. A trend that has been hot this year is large-scale prints. They dominate a space and are suitable for the living room or bedroom. If you decide to follow this route, go for scaled-down prints, as they will complete your room’s other elements, and your room won’t look overwhelming. The wallpaper should be the anchor, and you can design around it.

What Look Do Large-Scale Prints Create?

The eye-catching prints are ideal for giving your room a contemporary look. They give your space a mural-style effect. For an even larger impact, try patterns in bolder shades. If you are going for “subtle”, neutrals are a great place to start.


There is no better way of bringing a burst of summer and spring to your home than covering your walls in floral wallpaper. From their undulating rhythm to their breezy appeal, florals play a huge role in adding character to your space. In addition, they reflect nature and, therefore, are ideal for creating soothing schemes. Yellow wallpapers, in particular, are a hot trend for their warm glow and reminiscence of sunny summer days.

If you aren’t a big fan of regular botanicals, you have the alternative of abstract prints. They often feature organic shapes while maintaining a connection to Mother Nature and are a modern way of incorporating florals and colours into your home. Abstract botanicals have been a huge 2022 trend and will continue to be so beyond 2022 as people adore biophilic designs.

Where Can You Use Botanical Wallpaper Prints?

The prints will look amazing in the hallway, bathroom or other narrow areas. These prints look more whimsical in little spaces.

Faux Textures

While the market today is packed with a variety of embossed wallpapers, nothing comes close to the new trend of faux textures that have become every household’s favourite. The textures create an illusion of unique surfaces on your walls. They can give your indoors an outdoor feel or make your space look grand on a smaller budget. Interior designers argue that the love for this wallpaper stems from its ability to give an illusion of texture without the permanence of concrete, linen, wood or panelling.

Re-Emergence of the 70s Prints

Guess what? Retro is back. Abstracts and Baroque designs aside, the next year will witness the comeback of rich colours such as yellow, green, orange and brown. These designs are perfect for unexpected places like the kitchen and entryway.

While wallpaper prints from the 70s can be very bold, what home designers often see is that revived eras often express themselves in new colour palettes every time.

Mural Designs

Wall murals could be sleek, modern or elegant. They mimic everything from scenic outdoors to renaissance paintings. Because of their large and overpowering scale, murals are ideal for more airy spaces like the living room or dining room.

Mural ceilings are a new design trend as more and more people shift towards leaving a visual statement in their homes. Abstract murals are striking without being specific. They make walls into a fantastic backdrop.

Panelled Wallpaper

While it is true that wallpaper trends are constantly changing, some broad types have existed for generations. One such type is panelling wallpaper. The style merges two looks–the rustic look of wood panels and the softness of wallpaper.

Where Can You Use Panelled Wallpaper?

Panelled wallpaper is perfect for modern bedrooms and living rooms. It is an awesome way of giving your space a classy look. In a bedroom, it creates a wary cosy feel and in the hallway, a welcoming tone. When installed in the dining room and study, the wallpaper brings a touch of familiarity and calm, respectively.

Interior designers argue that this modern era has witnessed more people experimenting with wallpaper in unconventional spaces such as shelves and between wall panels. Gone are the days when wallpaper was strictly for the wall.

Muted Maximalism

This trend is defined by large motifs and bold designs backed with muted backgrounds and soft tones. These designs are ideal for practical uses like hiding ugly walls. Used this way, the wallpaper makes a powerful statement without overwhelming your room.


By nature, metallic are dynamic and have been a favourite for decades. Although gold panels and decoratives have been in existence for long., gold leafing in wallpapers is a trend that just made its entrance and is receiving all the attention. Not only does this addition intriguingly contrast traditional spaces, but also it gives your room a sense of visual texture and dimension. In addition, gold-guided surfaces make rooms appear brighter.

Wallpaper in Joinery

Besides ceilings and walls, wallpaper is used to liven up the interiors of freestanding cabinets and built-in millwork. This trend achieves many things, including lifting corners and even the most unseen spaces.

You could experiment with bold wallpaper inside built-in joinery. While at it, also remember the ceiling. This way, your guests can look up to a whimsical scene as they relax on the couch.


Wallpapers have always been a trend, although their prints, colours and styles are ever-evolving. Traditionally, wallpapers were only used on bedroom, living room and hallway walls but today, you can use them in many other places, such as on the ceiling and inside joinery. They also showcase Renaissance art and mural designs. These help anchor your room’s design theme and decorate around it.









  1. Where can I buy the silver tree wallpaper from ?

    • Hi Hayley! Thanks for reading Inredningsvis. The wallpaper is called ECO Wood from a Swedish wallpapper store but im sorry to tay that they no longer sell this collection Maybe you find something else you lik on their page here Good luck dear :)

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