5 kvinnliga inredningsarkitekter som förändrat världen

5 Female Interior Designers that Changed the World

Through their unique inspiration and styles, female interior designers have changed the game. Notable names include Zaha Hadid, Candace Wheeler, Diane Bergeron and Dorothy Draper. When it comes to women’s [...]
Karlatornet - göteborgs första lyx skyskrapa

Karlatornet – Gothenburgs first skyscraper

With Karlatornet in Gothenburg takes a step closer to New York! Gothenburg, which is quite a small city in worldly terms, has received its first luxurious skyscraper. This skyscraper also [...]
Garderob inspiration och smarta tips

Wardrobe Inspiration and tips

Whether its in your halway, the kid’s room or your master bedroom, well-decorated wardrobes have a way of stealing the limelight. They are also static fixtures compared to other furniture [...]

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