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Rustic decor from Hannakaffepanna

When it comes to rustic decor, we Swedes can never get enough. Many interior design trends come and go but the rustic interior style stays year after year. Maybe because it brings us back to the genuine and natural, and allows us to stay in touch with our history of lush grounds and open countryside.

Below we see a shop that really seized the concept of rustic decor, and shows us how to get that cozy and homey feeling at home :)

Rustic decor


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Decor: The rustic country style from Hannakaffepanna

This week I’ve found a cosy webshop called Hannakaffepanna. The beautiful images above are from Hannakaffepannas own blog where they present country style decor from their boutique. Hannakaffepanna is based in Västerbotten, Sweden, and originated as a market garden.

Now they’ve opened a cosy new webshop, that sells porcelain, baking trays, wooden utensils, lamps, curtains and more. Hannakaffepanna is all about beautiful rustic decor and concentrate on timeless design.

Hannakaffepanna is Inredningsvis favourite webshop right now when it comes to rustic decor. You can find all their amazing items HERE.

Have a great weekend! :)


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  1. Hi Maria! Rustic decor is one of my fav for kitchens, love the cosy and friendly mood it gives. This webshop sounds really great, the images are very inspiring!:) Have a great weekend dear, hugs! xo

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