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Purple interior inspiration

 Its time for some purple interior inspiration! Purple is one of the most trending colors in interiors this year. It has become wildly difficult to be able to accent the décor of your home towards a particular trend. The home décor industry goes through so many revisions and the coming and going of trends that it becomes very hard to keep up with this inevitable change. But lucky for you, there are a few neutral ideas, tips, and elements that work with every home setting despite the change in the season or whatnot. One such element is purple and its extensive use in home décor.

Purple interior inspiration

Why go purple?

You might be a bit perplexed on hearing the word ‘purple’, how are you supposed to work with it? Do you use it as a color on the walls, hang it as drapes, use purple accent furniture, or what? Purple has its own dynamic and light touch to whatever room or home setup it is used in.

It is soulful, calming, and brings a sense of fashion and freshness into your home that is just overwhelming in a good way. For centuries it has been associated with luxury, uniqueness, and being a bit of a trendsetter. Following are some of the home décor tips that include ideas on designing your home with purple and just how can you pull it off?

Painting the internal walls purple

There is always the possibility of applying your favorite color to the interior walls of the bedroom to give it an accented feel and vibe. With purple you can opt for painting the whole room purple, that includes four walls and the ceiling, leaving the ceiling white and painting all of the walls purple or you can opt for a mixed approach which is to paint a few walls white and a few purple, developing an accented element. You can opt for pasty purple which is the lightest form of purple color there is and mix it up with a cool purple-colored rug in the middle or under the bed to impart a purple-like décor setting.

Accented purple curtains

Another great way of opting for purple home décor is to go for purple curtains, you can hang them in your bedroom, or living room, and these work for small studio-type apartments too. This is more of a temporary purple affliction because painting your walls purple is more of a permanent thing.

This allows you to have a clean slate with your walls since you might want to change the décor setting at some point in the future. These curtains can propose a purply chic glamour to any room these are hung in. Moreover, you can opt for plain, pasty, dull purple, or dotted if this is the sort of thing that you kind of cave towards.

Make Purple wallpaper an acquaintance

When it comes to putting an accented décor into your home you are bombarded with plenty of color choices, you have got red, blue, aqua color, mint, or even different color shades. To make a final choice is a pretty daunting task. But eventually, some people opt for light textured color choices such as white, off-white, or anything that can be accented with the rest of the feel and décor of the room. But that element of décor is still missing, wallpapers can be that filler that you have been looking for all along.

Purple wallpapers with different textures and trends can help you to develop an accented approach to your living rooms or bedrooms. It will help that wall to stand out from the rest of the room, not at the expense of your other pretty standard walls. It is a perfect match if you really put some thought into it, it can be a painting that has a purple theme, an homage to an artist or someone you used to admire, or anything with an artistic touch can do the job.

Kitchen cabinetry painted purple

Purple color is not only confined to wall paint, having a central wallpaper display in the living room, or hanging a plain old curtain, there are a lot of different ways to play with this color and how you can acclimate it in your home. Doing so with the help of functional furniture is one of the ways. This thing is not only limited to the living room or bedrooms as your kitchen can also see some purple action. Although any color might look splendid on the kitchen cabinets the purple color on the other hand would look ravishingly dazzling.

A light lavender shade is going to hit home in all the right places, it will make your kitchen appear breezy while at the same time modern and with a bit of class. But if you are not so grand with the light shades you can certainly opt for a more dark one which will make your kitchen appear mysterious and unique but at the end of the day, you need to make sure that whatever shade of purple you are using it does sit well with the overall décor and design setting of your kitchen.

A purple sofa

When it comes to choosing the right furniture to go along with a theme you look for bits and elements that are common within the furniture piece and the décor setting you are willing to go with. In this case, as you have chosen purple as the theme color of your home décor setting the furniture should accent this, and what better way to do that other than introducing the furniture that has purple color or some other element that resonates with your theme.

You can use a purple sofa as a décor setting in your living room and while doing so make it the focal point of the room. Not only it will look kind of perfect and appealing but nostalgic too, this is the most fun element with the purple color that it can exhibit all kinds of emotions and virtues no matter in what corresponding setting it is used. A white rug with either purplish dots or stripes will go the extra mile to dominate the purple love at your place, but this is an extra set and doesn’t need to be executed to achieve a purple theme at your place.

White slash purple bathtub

Most people when it comes to home décor have no priorities for the bathroom and the laundry rooms, as a matter of fact, each and every aspect of their planning revolves around living rooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen. They don’t give any special thought to the bathroom or the laundry room whatsoever but it doesn’t need to be like this. Purple bathroom décor is the very emblem of luxury and style while at the same time keeping things casual at best.

You won’t have to change much in your bathroom to achieve a more purple look, you can stack a few purple candles here and there to achieve this look or if you really want to go the extra mile then opt for a purple clawfoot tub. Now you might be thinking that it is going to be a super costly option as most of the time these things need to be customized to fit the exact preference and need of the user. The latter part is true but when it comes to money these things are super friendly on the budget. In a bathroom, your options for décor and much else are already pretty limited but with this amazing tub at your side, you will definitely be able to turn the decor tables in the right direction.

Purple canvas art

Artwork is the most incredible way of incorporating certain elements within your home. It doesn’t only have to be about admiring the art in itself but using it to explain something, point towards a certain aspect, or pull up another purpose in between. Canvas art is specifically known to incorporate a certain home décor theme that you are aiming for. Canvas art or abstract painting of purple hues and themes will not only look stunning but would highlight each and every aspect of the room that it is in the way it is supposed to be. You can opt for something usual, something a bit redundant, or if you really want to you can opt for dark canvas art on a soft background to highlight or accent a particular room.

Paint your exterior purple

It goes without saying that when people do decide to paint the exterior of their house purple is the least elementary color and is certainly less common, to begin with. You might have seen blue paint, red, brown even but not purple and that is a fact. But if you really think about it the exterior of your house in purple would express a unique style and showcase a modern aptitude of yourself as a homeowner.

It is not unusual to go for purple color as the exterior of your home in fact will help your house to stand out from the rest. If you are feeling confident then you should even opt for a purple front door but that depends on how the exterior of your house looks with purple with the walls and stuff if there is really a void then, by all means, go for it.

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