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Different Ways to Decorate With Pink

Often, the colour pink is limited to girls’ bedrooms. However, this shouldn’t be the case as we believe it is a fantastic colour that shouldn’t be thought of as solely feminine. If used well, pink can prove to be sultry and elegant. You could use it in the living room as an accent or an enveloping shade.

Interior designers recommend seeking expert advice first if you’re considering decorating your house in pink. This is because it is one of the most challenging colours to get right if you want to achieve sophistication. Fortunately for you, this article guides you on how to get everything right when decorating with the most beautiful colour for a room.

Layer Different Tones of Pink

If you layer tones of pink, you achieve a rich colour scheme that’s nothing short of intriguing and characterful. You could opt for bold pink shades for your dining area for a dramatic effect. You could also throw caution to the wind and mix and match shades of pink. For ‘instance, you could go for baby pink chairs in your dining area and lampshades in more vibrant hues. Also, a cerise bed frame paired with peach linens is a wonderful idea.

Use Pink as a Neutral

Some interior designers argue that the palest shade of pink would be the perfect alternative base for your space. Try using pink as a neutral in your living room, and you’ll be amazed by the results. It is more interesting than taupe or beige. The colour brings a comforting feel to your room, not to mention that the warm tones feel extra cosy on those chilly days.

For a cohesive look, select the same hues for the textiles and furniture. Start small and gradually add layers of interest through artwork or accessories. This is always a good starting point for any colour scheme.

Combine It with Punchy Patterns

Another must-know trick when decorating with pink is sharply contrasting the colour with other colours in the most unbelievable ways. For example, you could try pairing pink with navy on a patterned headboard. The result is a room that looks and feels fresh and contemporary.

The key is using clashing graphic prints anchored in a subtle theme. Instead of prints, you could think about modern blossoms on textiles like pillows or curtains for a more delicate look.

How Do Interior Designers Use Pink?

Over the years, interior designers have begun using more pinks, with deep shades at the top of their list. The deep earthy shades are typically paired with naturals and neutrals.

How to Pair Pink with Other Colours

Here is a roundup of colours you can pair with pink:

Hot Pink + Aqua + Indigo

If you are going for a bold yet refreshing colour scheme, you might want to consider pairing vivid pinks with inky blues. An easy way to achieve this look in your living room is by pairing up an indigo sofa with turquoise-patterned seats and throwing in some hot pin pillows. To establish a cohesive look, you can repeat the pink and aqua in wall-hung art.

Soft Pink + Gold + Slate Gray

Pink provides a feminine complement to the design elements in your home that could exude more masculinity. Picture a chic pink chair resting on a stained wood floor surrounded by slate-grey walls. To amplify this glamorous look, imagine gold accents highlighting the chair frame, hardware and light fixtures.

Dusty Pink + Creamy White + Denim Blue

You can playfully pair pink and blue through a careful selection of art and textiles. Consider layering a multi-coloured rug with another in rich blue to create a vibrant statement underfoot. Opt for creamy white for the furniture, window treatments, and walls to let the artwork and textiles pop.

Use Deep Pink

Using earthy pink creates that cocooning feel in your room. However, you have to ensure you introduce it subtly. For instance, you could use a bold colour like raspberry for your hallway to introduce the pink theme in your living room elegantly. This way, your visitors will always feel like they are entering a new space.

Go for a Pink Couch

Okay, hear me out: You do not need to have a girly living room to bring in a pink statement couch. Pink furniture pieces work best when they are least expected, for example, in modern spaces.

Pink Accent Pillows

Do you want to do a complete pink overhaul? If yes, throw pillows are an excellent place to start, and pink ones for that case. They could be just what you’ve needed to add colour, fun and freshness to the couch in your living room.

Pink Neon Sign

Feeling bold enough? Why not install a neon sign? You could make it the point of focus in your living room, hang it in the kitchen or just above your headboard. The possibilities are limitless.

Get Some Cool Pink Accessories

The worst error you commit when decorating with pink is sleeping on your creativity. Don’t be afraid to look for pink decorative lamps, figurines or even shoes. You could place these items on a nightstand, mantel or coffee table.

Which Is the Best Shade of Pink for My Room?

There is no good or lousy shade of pink. Your choice depends on several factors:

  • Nature of daylight received by the room (could be cool or warm)
  • The hours you use the particular room
  • Your desired effect

While deep, warm pinks tend to make a room feel more welcoming but smaller and darker, lighter hues create an illusion of a larger space, making your room feel more relaxed. Therefore, before selecting a shade for your room, you need to try out several tones on your walls at different hours of the day. This way, you can settle on the perfect colour.


If you think about it, decorating with pink can be an uphill task, especially if you’re doing it on your own. However, with some help from an expert, you will be able to get your shades right and create a home that feels cosy and welcoming. We hope you find the above tips helpful.







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