Diy utemöbler- stor gör det själv guide för uteplatsen

DIY Outdoor Furniture – save money and the enviroment

DIY Outdoor Furniture is still a very popolar categoru! No wonder when the earth is suffering cause of all commercial shopping chaos. Do you also think it has become a bit too expensive to buy new outdoor furniture for your patio? Then you should check out our great guide on how you can make your own outdoor furniture. Does that sound complicated?

In fact, it doesn’t have to be very difficult at all. Join us and take part of ourtips and get all the inspiration you need to sink your teeth into your first project!

There are some things that can be good to have at home if you want to start with simpler carpentry work and manufacture your first outdoor furniture on your own.

  • Screwdriver och screw
  • A saw or a cape
  • Hammer and nail
  • Paints and brushes
  • Glue
  • Thumbstick or tape measure

With this in the home, you will go a long way and can start doing small projects for your patio. But a few small and simple means you can make sofas, tables, chairs, flowerdrawers and much more. The web is full of different guides with tips and inspiration. Here we describe some simple projects that can be good to start with!

DIY – Sofa of pallets

This is probably one of the more popular projects for homecarpenters who want to build their own outdoor furniture. Pallets are perfectly suited for building sofas, as they are stable and stand firmly on the ground. Maybe you have pallets lying on the plot at home? In that case, this project will also be very cheap. If you don’t have any at home, they can be bought relatively cheaply at the nearest building materials store.

A sofa made of pallets can be made as a two-seater, three-seater, or why not as a corner sofa? Let your creativity flow and also think about what fits in with your altan or patio.

Stack the pallets on top of each other and until you get the desired height. Remember that there is a little height when you then place cushions on the sofa, so do not make it too high. Use screwdrivers to put the pallets together so they can’t move apart.

You can choose to leave the side of the sofa open, so that you can see the pallets. Or you can wrap the sofa in a cover that you glue or whip the top like a skirt around the sofa.

If you are very handy and can sew your own pillows, you can of course also make that piece yourself, but otherwise we recommend that you buy cushions that fit your sofa. Spice it up a little extra with ornamental pillows and a cozy blanket!

Build an outdoor table

When we are talking about pallets, we must of course also recommend building an eget table for the patio! This is a breeze, as long as you can imagine having the same size table as a pallet. Then you only stack 3-4 pallets on each other and fasten them with screwdrivers. Line the table with a tablecloth for outdoor use and then du ready. This is an inexpensive and fun project!

Of course, you can build other constructions and create tables with different dimensions. For example, you can put two pallets next to each other and thus build a more rectangular table.

Use leftover lumber

Why not carpenter some chairs or benches out of leftover lumber? Perfect DIY project and where you save money and the environment. Nothing needs to go to waste! For example, if you have built a terrace, you will certainly have over some studs. A rule is perfect as a base for building a bench or a chair.

There aresuper simple drawings to be found online where you  can use a  saw, some wood glue and a screwdriver to make really nice furniture. Then you can paint them to get them exactly as you wish.

On Pinterest, there’s plenty of inspiration for projects like this. Let your creativity flow and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with harder and harder projects.

Frequently asked questions about DIY and outdoor furniture

Interest in DIY has never been greater. And, as I said, there are lots of projects to sink your teeth into. But the questions are many and therefore here we will give answers to some of the most common questions regarding DIY projects and outdoor furniture.

What timber for outdoor furniture?

The most common timber used in the construction of outdoor furniture is teak. The reason is that it is a hard wood that can also withstand weather and wind. But it is just as well to use other types of wood and then treat the wood with oil or varnish, in order to strengthen the wood so that it lasts a long time.

How to treat untreatedt wood outdoors?

When treating untreated wood outdoors, you should always start by using primer oil. Then you will have good protection from the weather and your furniture will last longer. After that, you can treat the wood with glaze. There are especially glazes that are justfor outdoor furniture. Go to your nearest building materials store and ask for advice.

Which type of wood cracks the least?

If possible, choose impregnated wood if you are going to carpenter outdoor furniture. Then you don’t have to worry about it cracking too much. If you are carpentry with untreated wood, we recommend choosing teak, spruce or pine.

Summary – DIY outdoor furniture

In this article, we have looked at what DIY Outdoor furniture projects you can carry out on your own if you want to create your own outdoor furniture for your patio. DIY means Do it yourself and  with simplemedel, such as a few pallets and some tools, you can easily create your own furniture and save thousands. Of course, this is also good for the environment!


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