Kontorsinredning: 7 tips för snygg arbetplats

Office decor: 7 tips for a hotter working Autmn

Back to work and back to the office. Do you feel some resistance?? It doesn’t have to be like that with the right office decor. Here are 7 tips to make your office beautiful and inviting, instead of a boring grey area. Enjoy! :)

Office decor: 7 tips


1. Placement of the desk
When it comes to office decor, the desk is the most important piece of furniture. If you have the wrong size or shape desk, you can get injuries. Make sure the desk is close to a window so that you can see out when taking a break to think. A poorly placed desk in a small space makes work difficult, according to Feng Shui…worth thinking about :)


office decor

2. Moodboard and notice board combined:
IMPORTANT to keep you in the best mood at an otherwise boring desk. You can be inspired by beautiful pictures at the same time as having easy access to notes and reminders when working.

ALTERNATIVELY, use pegs and a wire mounted directly into a wall. In this way, you can hang up reminders, photos and other things that make you happy. Folders can be hung up as well. That way, you avoid punching holes in papers and it makes it easier to file things away. They’re also available in all sorts of colours to make them a little more fun to look at :)


3. Drawers on wheels:
The perfect piece of office furniture for the home or corporate office. It is small, handy, and fits perfectly under all desks. Excellent for storage for all those ugly but important things :) This little unit is available from IKEA.


I just had to have this duel: Hello Kitty vs. The Shining maniac…and the winner is……Heeere’s Johnny! :)


4. Desktop planner or mouse pad…
…where you can put in important phone numbers, addresses, business cards, or maybe a picture of your sweetheart, to make work a little easier :)


5. Letter holders:
Letter holders that stand directly on the desk can help you get easy access to paper – without it lying in piles. Great for bills, or information from school or kindergarten. A little but important detail when it comes to office decor.


Pink pen holder from IKEA


6. Pen holders on your desk
So that you can find your pens and write notes quickly and easily – a small detail that makes a world of difference in the home office.


7. Post-it notes:
They can be used for small notes, and also as bookmarks in pads and books. Small and inconspicuous but oh so important to keep an office in order. (The only time post-its don’t work is when you are trying to dump your date, as in Sex and The City. There it is rather a matter of “Face It” :)


Those were my tips for hotting up your office decor. I hope you have an orderly start to a new working season.


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  2. beautifull ideas for the office!!!
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  3. Great tips and gorgeous pictures!

  4. I am completely obsessed with the furniture in the picture with the love life frame. These are awesome ideas.


    Peonies and American Honey

  5. I LOVE gallery walls- they’re so eye catching and fill up the space so nicely. Especially if you have some inspiring photos or text in the frames ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Oh gosh… do you know by any chance where those lovely gold lamps on a last photo are from? My heart stopped for a secon when i saw them :)

  7. Hi Maria! Thanks for the tips, really useful! Wish I had a space like the last pic! Kisses and hugs dear! xo

  8. Ohhh I love interior design, the only drawback is, that it’s so expensive ;)

    Thank you so much for you lovely comment! I appreciate it so much you enjoy my blog and my work!


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