Vardagsrum inspiration - 10 fantastiska stilar

Living room inspiration: 10 interior styles styles

Finally time for some lovely living room inspiration, where the styles of living room this time are in focus. When decorating a living room, yes, then it is absolutely most important to ask what style should I have in the room? There are countless living room styles and more and more styles are emerging over the years. Can you mix different styles? Yes, you can, but you should be careful not to mix too many styles and colors in the same room, then the impression will be more messy than nice.


Here you now get our best tips on how you can decorate a living room and 10 most popular living room styles to start from.

Living room inspiration – a style guide

1. Country style in the living room

Rural interior design is and remains Sweden’s most beloved interior design style. So too is it going to decorate the living room. Many people love the rustic Shabby Chic style, which is also classified as rustic, albeit with French vibes. Decorating a living room in the country means using old worn wooden furniture with a rustic feel. Often painted in light pastels such as white, light green and pale yellow. In combination with cream and white, this design can be sharp, clean and classic.

Rustic decor style is the kind of style you would find on an old farmhouse. It is a classic design that uses simple lines and welcoming color palettes along with vintage style and a relaxed atmosphere to create a cozy homely feeling.

Rural decor guidelines

  • Rustic often antique furniture
    Floral patterns on textiles
    Chabby chic inspired decor
    Fireplace and preferably old cast iron stove in the kitchen

2. Modern style in living room

The modern style is the younger generation’s favorite style and it is often seen on Instagram and Tik Tok. Modern design was created in the 19th century and quickly became known for its simple yet in-depth design. The style came as a long-awaited anecdote to earlier more pompous styles such as the Gudstavian style in the 18th century.

Modern design is stylish, simple and fits very well with a minimalist feel in the rooms. Glass is a good decoration for this type of design and gives the room a clean and simple motif. Stone materials such as marble and granite are also welcome elements in the modern interior design style.

The color palette can vary wildly. The most important thing is that the base is light with white, beige and gray colors. You can contrast the white light base with almost anything. A color as dark as black can work very well as a contrasting color. As a break, you can add a dramatic color as an accent color and fit very well with a modern design.

Modern interior design guidelines

  • Clean straight lines in general
    Minimalist furniture with straight lines
    Sanded wooden floors as minimized grain
    Open floor plans with few walls
    Use of metal materials
    Bold accent color clicks
    Clutter free decor, no floral vases, no superfluous pillows, patterns and usually no carpets at all.

3. Scandinavian interior design style

This style is close to the modern style, but contains Scandinavian elements. The trendy material wood is the basic material for Scandinavian decor. It often starts with warm wooden floors in birch, ash or herringbone parquet. Painted white wooden floor like the one above is often seen in Denmark and Sweden. Wall colors should always be light as white, beige or gray. The furniture is wooden furniture both old and new mixed together with some expensive design furniture. Scandinavian art is often, as in the picture above, a collage of modern prints and picture walls is a must.

Guidelines Scandinavian interior design

  • Wood material as a base for furniture and floors
    Some expensive designer furniture or gadgets
    Light base on walls such as antique white, beige and gray
    Modern prints as art and a picture wall
    Natural materials and twigs from trees

4. Marine New England living room

The New England style is another super popular style in Scandinavia. Maybe because many cities are close to the sea and boating. The style comes as you hear the name from Newport and the Hamptons from the beginning. It smells luxurious summer houses by the sea and blue sea waves about the style. The interior is in blue and white with wooden details and glass lanterns that match. The company Newport has taken hold of this popular style and there you can get a lot of marine New England inspiration. (Image from Newport)

Marine New England style guidelines

  • White and blue colors as a base
    Luxurious details in hardwood and glass lanterns
    Boat-inspired elements on lamps and furniture
    Outdoor furniture in luxurious rattan and often larger furniture

5. Retro interior style

This style has become popular with the trendy wave of sustainability. Using vintage and retro furniture is considered the best for the environment, as you reuse old things and furniture. The retro style can have different expressions depending on which era you have chosen to copy at home. Go to flea markets and vintage shops and find old furniture and antiques. Ask friends if they have old stuff they might throw away that you can decorate with instead.

A good style if you, for example, have a low budget, are a student and generally want to save money.

6. Art Deco interior design style

The Art Deco movement gained momentum in France during the 1920s. More and more people became interested in what the French called “arts décoratifs”, or decorative art. Crafts include many things, including architecture, paintings and the design of various everyday objects. At the end of the 19th century, several artists became increasingly interested in decorative art. Several exhibitions were held around Europe and the movement began to have an impact. As artists shared their creations and inspired more and more people became interested in this new art form.

Art Deco interior design style one of the most interesting architecturally. It is probably as far from minimalism as one can get. Juicy colors and bloated golden details, that’s the hallmark of this style. A timeless interior design style that will probably survive both us and most other decor styles.

TIP: Visit Dorsia hotel here in Gothenburg they have the most exquisite Art Deco interior design style and you never want to go out.

Art Deco signum

  • Juicy colors on all furnishings and furniture
    Gold swollen details
    Exclusive art with abstract motifs

7. Industrial interior design style

Industrial interior design is one of the interior design styles that has grown in popularity in recent years. It is known for its use of neutral paints, brick walls, concrete and industrial furniture and lamps. This gives the rooms a mix of vintage and modern feel at the same time. Characteristics of industrial interiors combine metal, wood and have straight lines that emphasize its industrial appearance. The good thing about this style is that you get the feeling that you do not have to replace all the furniture in a room.

Guidelines Industrial style

  • Industrial furniture and lamps
    Mix vintage with modern
    Old worn furniture such as inserted leather sofas
    Rustic feeling on walls such as. old brick wall

8. Bohemian decor style

The bohemian style brings to mind warmer latitudes. This style is mighty poppis on TikTok and instagram right now and then especially bohemian patios. The style has braided materials in natural wood, such as rattan, bamboo and exotic woods are common. The advantage of bohemian decor is that you can have both a little and a lot of style.

There are those who absolutely love the whole style and choose to decorate their homes bohemian right through. But there are also examples of nicely decorated homes in a rural tone, where certain bohemian objects break off and create dynamism.

Bohemian style guidelines

  • Exotic touches everywhere
    Natural wood materials, such as rattan, bamboo
    Details such as Buddha heads statues
    Exotic green plants such as cacti and orchids

9. Rustic living room decor

As the name suggests, rustic means untreated and more raw material. This is about real wood and never any synthetic material. The wood should not be too treated and many times it is rough furniture and carpentry we are talking about.

In rustic interior design, you do not necessarily select all the finest pieces of wood, but try to include twigs and other things in the wood, which enhances the natural feeling of the material. Weathered wooden objects, such as a board that lay in the sea where it was ground and shaped, are a perfect detail that gives a rustic feeling to the interior.

10. Classic interior style

The classic interior design style never goes out of date and it is often seen in castles and hotels. The decor often revolves around a centerpiece, for example a fireplace with some elegant armchairs on both sides and an ornate mirror (preferably gold) above the stove.

Colors for the classic interior design style are never strong or vulgar, but instead are often inspired by nature, everything from yellow, blue, green, brown to softer more muted shades such as terracotta, gray and pink are common. Instead, choose lighter white / beige colors if you want a slightly more modern feel. Feel free to mix antique furnishings in this style, such as Gustavian furniture, etc.

Guidelines classic style

  • Symmetry and balance
    Rooms that revolve around a focal point, such as the fireplace.
    Natural colors and materials.
    Elegant fabrics.
    Antique furnishings

6 tips on how to decorate a living room cozy

1. Interior details in the living room:

Always when you look through living room inspiration online, what does the eye first attach to? well on the only interior details in color that is pink, which is the pillow and the flowers. SUCH strong impact has accent colors in a room.

A tip when you are going to decorate the living room is to make a so-called. moodboard. You download all the pictures you are inspired by from the web (preferably from interior design :) and make your own personal collage. Find out which color you like the most right now and use it on all the details in the living room. If you use the right dose of color, it will be nice, but too much will only be an interior design crisis.

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Popular rugs: rugs and furs we see everywhere in interior design right now. They are like beautiful clothes for bare dull furniture.

Throw a fur blanket over the bed or sofa for a quick luxurious look.

Regarding furs, I am addicted and there is not a piece of furniture in my home that does NOT have fur. Of course not real fur, as I have two cats who love their fur and want it left on the body.

2. Paintings in the focus of the living room:

Is a bit like wall-hung interior details and JÖSSES what a big difference the right painting in the right place can make. The faces as in the picture above should be used sparingly as it easily gives a creepy feeling in the room otherwise. Feel free to go to an action or flea market and find beautiful old paintings with a gold frame. They do great even in a modern environment :)

Let the board be like the jewelry of the room, but remember DO NOT hang it too high there is nothing uglier. Ask an acquaintance to stand and hold the board, and you will see when it ends up right. If it still did not end up right, you can only blame that the friend did not keep still.

3. Trendy picture wall ala living room:

When we are still in paintings, I can not help but tell you about a large beautiful picture wall. I myself had a damn big dull white wall in my living room. I made my own picture wall and it made the WHOLE difference, as the wall went from stone dead to living.

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A tip is to first make the picture wall in photoshop to get a vision before it is hammered up the walls. Then keep all the upper edges of the paintings in a straight line, otherwise it will easily look messy. Feel free to have two paintings in exactly the same size, if you want a large painting wall. It gives balance and harmony in the middle of the mess.

Tip: you do not need to hang all the paintings, but leave them as shown in the picture against a nice piece of furniture.

4. Luxurious hotel feeling in the living room:

It is often talked about in the bedroom but it is just as nice in the living room. What gives the hotel feeling the fastest is to put up roof rails from Iems or Hemtex. Then hang long light curtain lengths all the way from the ceiling down. Then have a stooorrr lounge-like rug, preferably short-haired rya. Feel free to use low furniture such as sofa and coffee table, it gives a relaxed luxury hotel-lobby feeling.

This style fits best in living room with normal high to high ceilings :)

5. Old V.s new in the living room:

This interior design style is here to stay. Mix modern designer furniture (or replicas :) with old antique furniture. See how beautifully the white-painted antique glass cabinet in the picture, marries the designer chair and modern interior details.

Tell Grandma she probably has lots of old goodies for furniture in the attic. Then you can just sand and paint the old furniture, if there is too much The shining horror film over them in original color.

6. Living room V.s bedroom

More and more people live a little because. severe housing shortage and then you have to make the best of the small area you have. Here they have chosen to combine the living room with a bedroom in a relaxed way. The position of the bed and the long curtains behind it give the illusion of two rooms in one. If you have a sleeping alcove, you can use stylish fabrics all the way up to the ceiling, to be able to pull for.

Feel free to keep the bed and sofa in reasonably equal sizes, so none of them look clumsy on the small surface. Fabrics are otherwise my very best tip for a small home, you can conjure as much as you like with textiles


There you have our best style tips for decorating living rooms. In short, focus on the details, find your favorite style and start from, mix old with new and focus on the paintings.

Hope you enjoyed our living room inspiration special!

  1. All these bright white rooms are so beautiful – soft sofas, neutral colours. I think I like the last one best, with the splashes of colour, but I’d be happy if my home looked like any of these!

  2. I would love to stay all day just in house if I had those interior, so beautiful and looks comfortable! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. I’m in love with home decor lately and I want to revamp my place. – But waiting to move first. Thanks for the inspiration, beauty. :)
    Have a fab day!

    • AWWW Im so glad you liked it:) and I hope you will get some decor tips for your new home :) BIG LOVE Maria

  4. I know I commented once, but I had a second look at that hotel feeling… ah, just what I need right now!
    xx, Elle
    Happy weekend!
    xx, Elle

  5. Heej! Tror det är tredje gången gillt nu, som jag försöker kommentera inne hos dig! Såå mycket fint, mina ögon fastnar! Den lilafärgade filten på Lindex ska jag köpa till mitt lilla barnbarn Chloe, hon gillar lila och föräldrarna har precis ställt i ordning hennes lekrum!

    • Hej på dig:) jag undrar vad du menar med tredje gången gillt?? har det inte gått att kommentera innan ??

  6. Love how your features this well decorated rooms! Love the pops of color and textures, as in the furs and throws ! That is also how I decorate ! Lovely rooms..
    XX, Elle

  7. All the rooms are so luxurious and beautiful.
    Great Post.

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