10 bästa ikea tv bänkar nånsin

10 Best IKEA TV Table ever

IKEA offers a wide range of TV tables that combine functionality, style, and affordability,
making them a popular choice for homeowners and renters. Ikea TV tables are designed to
enhance your entertainment experience by providing practical storage solutions.

IKEA TV tables cater to different tastes and room layouts, allowing you to find the perfect fit
for your home. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern unit or a rustic and charming
piece, IKEA has a TV table that suits your needs.

Top 10 Best IKEA TV Tables

1. BESTÅ: TV unit with doors

The BESTÅ TV unit with doors is an innovative and functional TV unit that combines
contemporary style with practicality. The wall-mounted design creates a clean and airy look,
eliminating any interference when vacuuming the floor. Designed by IKEA of Sweden, this
TV unit combines functionality and style seamlessly.

The recommended size for a TV bench is slightly wider than the TV itself. This unit
accommodates TVs up to 72 inches if they do not exceed the maximum load for the top
panel. For safety and compliance, a floor-standing TV bench must be securely fixed to the
wall using the included wall fasteners.

2. FJÄLLBO: TV unit

The FJÄLLBO TV unit perfectly blends rustic charm and modern functionality. This TV bench
is designed to enhance your entertainment experience. With its open-back design, managing
cords and cables becomes a breeze, ensuring a clean and organized setup.

The metal mesh doors add a touch of industrial style and allow signals to pass through,
enabling you to control your electronic equipment using your remote control easily. Say
goodbye to the hassle of constantly opening and closing doors.

3. LACK: TV unit

The LACK TV bench is a versatile, affordable option that complements any furniture style
effortlessly. With its unique construction, this TV bench is designed for easy assembly, lifting,
and placement, ensuring a hassle-free experience. IKEA prioritizes keeping prices low.

The LACK TV bench features a convenient opening at the back, enabling you to gather and
organize all your wires easily. IKEA also recommends choosing a TV bench slightly wider
than your TV for optimal functionality. Its clean lines and timeless design seamlessly
integrate into your existing decor.

4. LOMMARP: TV unit

The LOMMARP TV unit is a storage series that combines timeless style with modern
functionality inspired by traditional carpentry techniques. This IKEA table is designed to meet
the needs of urban lifestyles. This versatile piece seamlessly blends with other furniture to
create a personalized look.

The LOMMARP TV unit is thoughtfully designed to be easily placed and used for various
storage requirements. With adjustable shelves, you can customize the space to
accommodate your needs, whether organizing media devices, books, or decorative items.

5. HEMNES: TV unit

The HEMNES: TV Unit is crafted from sustainably-sourced solid pine. This TV unit
showcases the natural beauty of wood and is designed to age gracefully over time. Its
unique texture adds a touch of elegance to any room.

The IKEA HEMNES TV unit’s large drawers provide ample space to keep your essentials
safe, arranged, and easily accessible. Using the appropriate fasteners for your specific wall
material is essential when installing.

6. VIHALS: TV unit

The VIHALS TV unit is a unique and stylish solution to organize your home. It’s designed
with convenient cable management at the back. The TV bench includes two drawers of
different sizes, providing additional storage options.

The VIHALS TV bench offers open shelves to proudly display your favorite objects. The two
adjustable shelves can be customized according to your preferences to accommodate
different items. Arrange books, accessories, or even larger items with ease.

7. FJÄLLBO: TV unit

Introducing the FJÄLLBO TV bench, perfect for those who appreciate an industrial style with
a steampunk flair. Its simple design and blend of materials create a rich yet minimalist look
that adds character to any space. THE IKEA FJALLBO TV table is crafted with rustic metal
and solid wood.

This TV bench exudes a charming and rugged appeal. Its open-back design allows for easy
organization of cords and cables, keeping your entertainment setup neat.
The metal mesh doors add to the rustic charm and enable signals to pass through, making it
possible to place electronic equipment behind them without compromising functionality.

8. KALLAX: Shelving unit with underframe

The versatile KALLAX series is designed to adapt to your taste, space, needs, and budget.
With its clean lines and smooth surfaces, this shelving unit brings a sense of quality and
sophistication to any room. The rounded corners add a thoughtful touch, ensuring a
well-considered and sturdy design.

The shelves of the KALLAX align seamlessly with the frame, creating a cohesive and robust
aesthetic. Everything fits together harmoniously, whether you’re displaying books, decor, or
storage boxes.

What sets the KALLAX series apart is its flexibility and adaptability. It’s a long-lasting
investment that grows with you.

9. IKEA PS: Cabinet

The IKEA PS Cabinet is crafted from white metal. This cabinet effortlessly blends into any
living room or home office setting, offering a sleek and modern look. It is a versatile storage
solution combining lightweight design and durability.

Its compact size makes the IKEA PS Cabinet fit almost anywhere, making it a practical
choice for small spaces. The lockable doors provide added security, allowing you to store
your cherished belongings with peace of mind.
The elevated design allows easy access underneath, making it effortless to keep your floors
spotless and dust-free.


IKEA’s TV tables offer a versatile and practical solution for organizing your entertainment
area. With their sleek designs, ample storage options, and thoughtful features like cord
outlets and adjustable shelves, these TV tables provide a seamless and enjoyable viewing

IKEA’s commitment to affordability ensures you can find a TV table that fits your budget
without compromising quality or style. Transform your living space and elevate your viewing
experience with an IKEA TV table that combines functionality, style, and affordability.
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available sizes of IKEA TV tables?

IKEA offers TV tables in various sizes to accommodate different television sizes and room
layouts. The sizes range from compact units suitable for small spaces to larger models that
accommodate larger TVs and provide additional storage.

How do I assemble an IKEA TV table?

The assembly process usually involves following step-by-step instructions, using screws and
tools provided by IKEA. If you prefer assistance, IKEA also offers assembly services at an
additional cost.

Can I find matching furniture pieces for the IKEA TV table?

Yes, IKEA offers a wide range of furniture collections, including coffee tables, storage units,
and shelving systems that can complement your TV table.

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