Ikea kök hack - lyx pimpa ikea köket

IKEA kitchen hack – glam hack your Ikea kitchen

Ikea kitchen hack is a popular category within Ikea hacks online. Most people have probably lived with an Ikea kitchen at some point in their lives. Either at home or out on the trip in rented accommodation. Ikea kitchens in all their glory, but they can be quite flat, white and boring. Then it might be a good idea to make an Ikea kitchen hack at home. This means that you are doing a light renovation of the kitchen. This is done by replacing Ikea kitchen doors with new ones. As well as replacing details and Ikea kitchen benches for something more luxurious. Because the Ikea kitchen itself is so cheap, you can include more expensive, more luxurious details.

Here are some tips how you can heat up the Ikea kitchen and make it look like a real design kitchen!

Replace the Ikea kitchen cabinet doors with more luxurious ones

The first and best way to make an Ikea kitchen look luxurious is to change the kitchen doors. There are many good stores out there now that offer new luxury kitchen doors. Just Google Ikea kitchen hack or new Ikea kitchen doors. Then you will find countless stores that sell new kitchen doors. Often they also have custom made options. In other words, they can cut doors so that you get your kitchen exactly as you want it.

Replace the tile with a modern splash guard

Often, Ikea kitchens come with a special mainstream tile. Here you can instead order some truly luxurious tiles that are not Ikea. Or why not have some modern marble splash guards instead of classic tiles? This will give the Ikea kitchen a mega boost, we can promise that.

Not much lifts a room as much as real marble does!

Replace Ikea kitchen benches with new exclusive ones

This is another super tip for getting a new kitchen. Ikea kitchen benches in all their glory but they are often quite mainstream and boring. Take a plain white kitchen and add some real marble or granite kitchen counters and see an unparalleled transformation. In the picture below, several Ikea sections have been assembled into a long bench. Then they have custom made ordered the marble slab on top. Surely it turned out nice?

Replace the details (Its all about the details)

Replacing the details in the kitchen can also make an abnormally large difference. I usually say it’s the small, little details that make the big difference. Just by replacing knobs and handles, the kitchen can get a real lift. Do you have e.g. a white Ikea kitchen so go check for small luxurious knobs to match it with. Even handles in leather can give the kitchen that right exclusive feel.

As you can see above, an Ikea kitchen hack can be really successful. There are countless varieties and styles of kitchens today, almost so it is difficult to choose the right one. Think carefully about what style you want a particular kitchen to have. Don’t stress the style AND above all don’t copy other people’s kitchens and think it will be good. Remember that it is YOUR kitchen and your needs, not someone’s on Instagram.

Pimp on!

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