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How to Pick Finishes for Your Kitchen

You’ve measured, you’ve space planned, you’re ready for demo. Now it’s time for the fun part:
your kitchen’s finishes. In a world where Pinterest offers kitchen inspiration from all over the
world, with every style possible, it can be difficult to narrow down the best choices for your
aesthetic, and your lifestyle.

Think of your kitchen’s finishes as an outfit. They need to create a cohesive look while being
showstoppers in their own right. Let’s talk about some of the choices you’ll need to make, and
go over some of the popular options available.

The largest component of a kitchen, the cabinetry style and finish that you choose will set the
tone for your kitchen. Do you lean more modern? Try a sleek slab front door. Is your home
transitional with a touch of traditional? Shakers are the epitome of a classic door profile.

But what about cabinet colour? Or do you go with stain?

● White: The most classic of kitchen cabinet colours. Pairs well with almost all other
● Gray: A neutral option that has been done, and done again, but with the right colour
choice can still be fresh.
● Blue: Often used as a neutral on kitchen cabinets and best used in traditional spaces.
● Black: Can be applied as either paint or stain and fits best in sleek, modern spaces.
● White oak: A popular 2022 cabinet finish that gives a cool wood tone with whitewashed

Bonus tip: If you go with a painted cabinet, ask your cabinet maker what options they have for
cabinet door fronts. Save a few $$$ by skipping solid wood doors, you won’t be able to tell the
difference when they’re painted!

Change the Countertops

From budget-friendly laminate to high-end marble, there is a countertop available for every
budget. Each comes with pros and cons as they vary in price, durability and colour options.
● Laminate: A budget-friendly option, laminate has come a long way in the past few years.
Laminate offers different styles with varying finishes and patterns, but its durability
leaves something to be desired when compared to stone.
● Quartz: An engineered stone, quartz is non-porous and doesn’t stain or need to be
sealed. Though a man-made product, it very closely mimics marble’s natural veining. It is
very strong and resistant to cracks.
● Marble: Considered a high-end option (though often around the same price as quartz),
each marble slab is unique as it is a natural product. Available in a variety of colours and
natural veining patterns, marble is porous and requires sealing, but is strong and heat

Metallic Finishes

Knobs, handles, faucets and lighting will all come in varying metallic finishes. Gone are the days
when you had to choose one finish and stick with it. Feel free to mix and match, though we
recommend sticking to using two finishes. If you do use more than one finish, make sure to use
each one more than once to make it look deliberate versus an afterthought.
● Nickel: Available in both satin and polished, nickel gives off a warm, rich tone.
● Chrome: Available in both satin and polished, chrome has a blue, cool hue and is seen
as more sophisticated than nickel.
● Black: Usually offered in a matte finish, black finishes add a modern element and can be
used in most styles of kitchen.
● Brass: Brushed brass has had a resurgence in popularity; be mindful not to get brushed
brass that is too yellow as it can look cheap.
Bonus tip: Popular finishes pairings: brushed brass and black, polished nickel and black, satin
and polished chrome.


Rolls of vinyl flooring no longer dominate kitchen flooring design, and for that we are thankful!
Whether you go with tile, luxury vinyl plank or hardwood, you’ll be spoiled with choice when it
comes to the finish, shape, and size of your flooring pieces.
● Hardwood: Once a hard no for kitchens, hardwood has become a viable option in the
kitchen thanks to updated sealing finishes.
● Tile: Ceramic, porcelain, and natural tiles are all durable options available in shapes
ranging from rectangles to hexagons.
● Luxury vinyl plank: The new kid on the block, LVP has been making a strong play for
kitchen flooring as it’s waterproof and scratch proof.

With so many choices out there it can feel impossible to narrow down the best choice for your
kitchen. Before you set out, take time to browse through photos of kitchens that you like and
note the commonalities between them. We’re confident you’ll see some patterns and will be well
on the way to the kitchen of your dreams

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