Så får ni en hållbar trädgård - 6 tips

How to get a sustainable garden – 6 tips

Gardening is an addiction but a good one. Once you have had a taste of it, it is nearly impossible to get rid of it. It will completely transform your life routine into something very pleasant, elegant and charming. At first, you will give minimal time to this thirst for gardening but once you start seeing the results, you will try to give as much time as you can.

Although this whole concept of gardening sounds very fascinating, it comes with great responsibility. A garden requires deep and unbothered attention. You have to take a lot of precautions and safety measures into account. You have to be very innovative. You must be creative. You must stay sustainable. This is the most important factor.

What is sustainable gardening?

Sustainable gardening requires you to stay good and away from the evil all the time. You must do each and everything in your capacity to:

  • Keep your garden safe
  • Keep the plants healthy
  • Stay away from pests
  • Keep up the growth
  • Keep the environment safe
  • Stay away from polluting the environment
  • Take precautions in time if anything goes south
  • Use healthy medicines/natural medicines to cure your plants
  • Do not create issues for the ecosystem even at a minimal level

All of these steps will lead you towards a sustainable garden and only then you will be able to do sustainable gardening. Sustainable gardening does not require a huge place. You can start it in a very small place, even in your backyard or lawn.

How to start sustainable gardening?

There are many things that you can consider before starting your gardening journey if you want to stay sustainable.

1. Soil health:

Choose soil that is extremely rich in nutrients. The health of the soil will determine the quality of your plants. There are many ways to increase the quality of your soil like composting by natural means, avoiding artificial chemicals and sprays etc.

2. Controlling water loss:

It is a very important step in sustainable gardening. Most of the time, people avoid this part and end up destroying the natural cycles of the ecosystem. You must learn how to use non-drinkable water for irrigation purposes and use it to preserve the maximum amount of water. Another best way to go is to save rainwater by using modern technology and then using it for watering the garden. You can find such equipment online for a very reasonable price very easily.

3. Tools and equipment:

It is also important to select the right type and quality of tools for your garden. Most of the time people use inaccurate tools and end up destroying the soil beds enrich in nutrients. It is also important to avoid fuel driver tools because they cause pollution in the environment and that is not sustainable.

4. Ecosystem:

Your garden might just be a hobby for you but to the ecosystem, it is very important especially if you are sustainable. It might be small and people might not know about it, but to the environment, it might be providing a complete habitat.

5 Selecting plants:

Undeniably it is the most important step in getting sustainable. You must choose a plant that is easy to grow and is completely safe in your environment. In this way, it will not require a lot of effort and care to grow. You will not have to go out of the way to get your production. They will require a small amount of irrigation and will show better results in no time.

With all your efforts to be sustainable and eco-friendly, things can go south like you can get pests and germs in your garden and that is completely natural. All you have to do is to stay organic and find a better solution. For example, if weed began to grow in your garden and starts hurting your productivity, the best course is to use mulch all over the place rather than using pesticides which is injurious to the environment, your plants and your pocket as well.

How to save money in your sustainable gardening journey?

Sustainable gardening does not only emphasize the health of the ecosystem but also the health of your pocket. It provides ways that are cheap, healthy and productive. The following are the 3 best ways to stay away from spending unnecessary bucks.

  • Always preserve the dried seeds in your garden by carefully picking them with your hands and then storing them in a cool dry place. Use them in the next season and avoid spending on new seeds.
  • Composting is also a very important technique. You must collect and save dried leaves and dead plants from your garden and then use them as natural organic fertilizers. This will help you save money and also help you in getting very good quality plants in no time.
  • You should always use manual tools in your garden. It might sound hectic but once you get used to it, you will start loving it. It will save you a lot of extra spending.

The best thing about sustainable gardening is that you do not have to acquire a large space to get going. Even if you have a small outdoor space, you are good to go. You must start at some point in your life. It will give meaning to your life and your daily life will become greener and healthier.

Which plants to choose for sustainable gardening?

People often worry about the type and kind of plants they should use to get the maximum benefit of sustainable gardening and the best answer would be to choose the plants that come naturally to your surroundings. You should always choose according to your climate. But there are some plants that nearly every individual can choose for their gardening. For instance, plants like cacti, succulents, normal grasses etc. These type of plants does not require a lot of care and effort and are self-sufficient to a much larger extent. You do not have to worry about their care all the time. You would care less and contribute more to the environment if you choose such plants for your garden. In this way, you will be sustainable.

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