6 inredningstips för ett hem redo för ett nytt år

How to clean and pimp your home ready for 2016

With a new year  comes the feeling of wanting to renewing and cleaning the home free from all the crazy Christmas bling. In January, however, the wallet emptier than the champagne bottle after NYE so its all about making a inexpensive and smart home make over.

This is why I have put together these 6 cheap decor tips from me to you, for a clean fresh home start 2016!



Let the cat rock that Christmas tree before you throw it out, he has wanted to all Christmas looong:)

1. Clean out Christmas

No there is no rule that Christmas or the Christmas tree must be left to the end of January! There is now a new year and the glam Christmas decor has done its best. You must now start to clear away everything related to Christmas and yes the NYE to.

Throw out the Christmas tree and possibly all the ugly old Christmas decor to, so you will end the anxiety of having to see them or deorate with them next Christmas again, just cause your mother wants to :)

städa golv

inredningstips golv

2. Everything starts with clean floors

To get a brand new home to decorate before a new year a real house clean is a must. AND it is spelled clean floors and with that I do not mean just a little vacuuming around the furnitures. No, this requires a lot of deep floor cleaning to get rid of all the old dust-monsters from last year.

It may be a well worth investment for the new year to buy a brand new vacuum cleaner!

Now put on your fav music and start with removing all the carpets and I really mean ALL the carpets. Move out the large sofa to clean under it to (YES it is worth it, I promise :) Move all the furniture and go through each room systematically. It’s a hell of a job, but it’s a darn good activity to fill the dull cold January weekends with.

When all floors are really clean and all carpets are whipped you will realize how dirty your home was before. You will now meet 2016 with a total home and be mighty proud of your great cleaning, that now dont have to be done until next year.

A clean home is like a clear conscience, If you put up shit for later, it will be morway e to clean up!

Renew with decorative cushions like the ones above from Hm Home – they suit a poor January-wallet perfectly!


3. Replace all decorative cushions

Clear your couch clean of all old pillows. Then take a step back and look at the empty couch in front of you. How much you may want to buy a new sofa on credit from the last Christmas sale, think again!

New cushions will do the trick and make the sofa look brand new in a sekond. Go through all favo decor sites on the web (such as Inredningsvis :) and check out sofas pimped with pillows to get some inspiration. Collect all the pictures you can in a inspiration folder named Interior inspiration 2016 and then select a fav color to decorate with.

Once you have gathered a great mix of new cushions in new colors and patterns you like, it is just to start the grand sofa pimping. When you have put all the pillows right, you will be shocked how fast you got a brand new luxurious AND on abudget :)

Style tip: take the opportunity to also replace all the pimp pillows in the bedroom at the same time. It should be easy and inexpensive to renew your home!


4. Ignore the decor trends

Each beginning of a new year we all get brain washed with all new decor trends. Sure, some trends may be cute, but otherwise I think it’s all a big annoying hype. If all of us decorate with the same trendy details it will result in a flat, impersonal and downright BORING home.

ALWAYS always decorate with your heart and nothing else! If you like Bohemian décor decorate your living room like a Moroccan cozy temple. Do you like purple though it is not in this season? Decorate with purple colors anyway. Who decided all these furnishings rules every year? an interior police?

Interior should never feel forced on you than it has lost all the creativity and sense!


5. Move around the interior details

This is a very well used trick in the homestyling world. If you have a tight January budget, you can quickly get a new room by moving around the stylish details from another room and vice versa. Replace the big living room painting that has been hanging there for 10,000 years and replace it with smaller paintings from another room and then make a picture wall instead.

Do not let the interiors get stuck in just one place, let them circulate in the home for a more alive and changing home!

blommor vardagsrum


6. Reward yourself with fresh flowers

So finally, when you have worked very hard to get a clean new home 2016, it is now time for your well deserved reward. It is spelled new fresh floers so go and buy yourself a big flower bouquet and place it on a well-chosen spot where you see it every day. Nothing alters and beautifies a home more than some new fresh flowers so be sure to reward yourself regularly :)


There you miss Inredningsvis first interior design tips for a new fresh 2016 Tips to innovate and decorate your home ready for a new year do not need to be expensive or difficult.

Then itsa just to fill your home with some new cute details when your wallet is reborn after the January pay :)

Happy clean and free 2016!


  1. Lovely tips! I just finished with all the cleaning after my holiday guests and now it’s time to bring the house back in shape. A new year – a new plan! I’m changing my cleaning routine this year and also the organization of the whole house, and your tips gave me some great ideas about this. Thank you for sharing and have a great year! Greets, Lily from http://carpetcleanerskingstonuponthames.co.uk/ :)

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