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Home decor ideas

Here at Inredningsvis, we’ve got lots of ideas and inspiration when it comes to home decor. To help you more easily find the home decor ideas we’ve previously written about, I’ve put together this mini-guide. Click on the links in the text to find out more about the ideas!


Home decor ideas: Swedish homes and the Scandinavian style

Swedish luxury villa decor

Swedish homes are world renowned for classy and clean decor. In this post about Swedish home decor ideas, we look at a villa that was for sale outside of Stockholm. We check out lots of decor ideas for hallways, bedrooms, kitchen, living room and more.

Ceramic tiled fireplaces

Classic Swedish ceramic tile fireplaces in modern decor environments is a Swedish decor classic. In this post, we show you how a ceramic tiled fireplace makes all the difference in a home.

Get that Scandinavian deocr style

A clean and simple post about clean and simple home deocr – the Scandinavian look.

Home decor ideas: Wardrobes

Autumn wardrobe

Here we share 6 tips for an Autumn wardrobe. Everything about how to use surfaces to the max, to inspiration about carpets in the wardrobe.

Wardrobes: Inspiration images

A whole load of decor tips for a new wardrobe!

Home decor ideas: Walls, wallpaper and textiles

8 ideas for hotter walls

tavelramar 2
In the post 8 home decor ideas for hotter walls, we show you how to get better looking walls at home with the help of pictures and frames. Quick and simple!

Wall decor

Inspiration pictures, wall quotes and info about where you can create and order your own wall quotes.

Wallpapering: How to do it

tapeter gula
This post has a film (in Swedish) about wallpapering, and shows a load of different wallpapers and wallpaper styles – something for every taste!

7 ways to decorate with textiles

textilier inreda
A post with 7 super smart ideas for deocrating with textiles. We cover everything from matierals to room separators to fabric as bedheads.

Home decor ideas: Windows and curtains:

Curtains: 5 tips

A guide to different types of curtains. We look at choice of colour and fabric, length, roman blinds, drapes, venetian bilnds, and blackout curtains.

Roman blinds

Inspiration images and ideas about practical and beautiful roman blinds.

Venetian blinds

persienner badrum
Not just dusty, old and boring, Venetian blinds can heat up the decor in certain key rooms in the house, for example the bathroom. We have a look at Venetian blind ideas in the kitchen and bathroom.

Antique and budget ideas for home decor

10 IKEA hacks

ikea hack 4
We show you 10 ways to hack IKEA furniture. Cheap and cheerful!

Hot budget bargains

Great home decor doesn’t need to cost the Earth. In the post 6 hot bargains we show you that good looking hoe decor can be found at a low cost.

Budget ideas from Ellos

A guide to budget decor items from the shop Ellos.

Antique bargains

antikt sovrum
We give you some decor inspiration in antique format. Check out this hot antique furnitre.

Balcony decor tips

7 inspiring balcony styles

snygga balkonger
We show you 7 hot balcony styles, including country, city, marine, and more.

Autumn balconies

Here you can see 8 tips for a cosy Autumn balcony in natural colours.

Various home decor ideas

English country

Do you like the cosy decor style called “English country”? Then check out our post English Cosy.

Bohemian vintage

turkos indiska
This post about Bohemian Vintage includes a whole load of inspiration images and ideas in a classy mix of different styles, including antique, Moroccan, Indian, and Hollywood.

Moroccan tiles

kakel badrum
A huge selection of ideas and inspiration images about Moroccan tiles.

8 decor styles

art nouveau
And finally, a guide where we show contrasts in 8 different decor styles. We cover country, Scandinavian, modern, retro, nautisk, organic, Hollywood and Art Nouveau.


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  1. Hey Jon, this Scandinavian style looks so rich and elegant. I like the wardrobe part the most. White really makes everything spacious.

  2. Hello Jon,

    I must appreciate your work, that’s very nice interior. Ideas are great and in addition to yours it would be better if you also include the ideas of improving ceiling style because ceiling is also important part of decoration. Having chandelier or something to hang gives very nice looks.

    Moreover, I have wrote a blog on DIY hoe decor tips hope you like it too. http://margaretsonlinestore.com/blog/diy-home-decoration-tips/.

  3. Those tips are so great and inspiring! Scandinavian style became one of my fav, Swedish homes and design is really impressive, edgy and cosy. Happy Weekend Maria and Jon, love and hugs! xo

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