5 tips för ett lyckat tea party

Garden party – 5 tips for the perfect tea party

In summer there are lots of garden parties in different outfits everywhere. However, I have a taste for a classical garden party we all know well, namely the classic English tea party in the garden. For me that is a genuine teaohollic this is the feast of feasts and it may well be in true Marie Antoinette spirit :)

What is then required for a successful tea party in the garden? Inredningsvis here give you  some cheap tips how to get to a successful garden party for the whole family.


trädgårdsfest inspiration

1. Selecting the cloth

The cloth on the table, the garden festival main point and therefore the most important part. Think through what you want to feel on the tea party, it’ll be like an English rose party or a more classic unadorned white party. Personally, I think that the white surface of the table setting is best when you can bring in more color on the rest of the table setting.

Are you afraid of spills are nowadays faked white oilcloth still gives a genuine impression. Kanonbra especially if children with the image so they can spill in good conscience :)


vaxdukar vit

Use a fake plastic with cloth they look SO real nowdays that you dont see the difference.

after noon tea party

2. Selection of flowers

The flowers are more important than the tea at tea party. They stand and shine in the center of the table and is therefore in everyone’s eye-catcher. Is the white cloth that because it’s just bailing on with what flowers and colors you want. Hortensia is always a good choice as the largest flower capture on the table especially the pink variant. Consider mixing purple and pink flowers, it gives a beautiful color balanced impression.

It has, however, chosen a floral tablecloth should be careful not to select too much mixed flowers. It provides otherwise, a grilligt impression and who wants to have a party with impressions of Alice in Wonderland on LSD?

trädgårdsfest dukning

3. China at the right place

The best thing about a garden party to finally get to use the colorful classy porcelain. If you have a romantic table setting fit grandmother porcelain that you can easily find bargains at the flea market. If you want a blue table settings are beautiful Indian Asian influenced dishes cheap. To set the table with a beautiful teapot is of course a must if it’s tea party. Neglect not a beautiful vase in the party on the table.

Then you should of course have a real cake dish into several floors and fill happy with macaroons in assorted colors. Should you have a cake in the tea party have gladly a cake stand with a foot in some delicious color.

White cloth, happy children and pastel colored china is a wet summer dream come true :)


trädgårdsfest bjudning

4. Chairs of the mixed bag

At the garden party skip to have all chairs clinically similar. No try to mix different chairs models for a more fun more relaxed impression. The smartest thing that exists is the so-called. folding chairs and they come in all colors.

Then comes the flea market bargains in handy, where you can find beautiful old odd chairs. Mix chairs in rat old uncolored wood with more romantic in metal.

Mix by heart and let the guests then choose which seat they are drawn to the most :)

klappstolar utemöbler

stolsdynor trädgård

5. Seat cushions for a tea party without a wooden ass

Is there anything worse than to sit still on a hard uncomfortable wooden chair? Some chairs are beautiful on the surface but oh so bad for butt and lower back. No for a successful tea party to continue looong time you need something way better.

Then lovely patterned seat cushions in good stead. They are not only its friendly without giving a neat impression at right choice of colors.

Because the tea party at the long table, small chairs are also required less chair cushions. Since you do not use the right pads it goes equally well with decorative cushions.

teparty trädgård

Garden Party Tips

There you have some tips for a successful garden party with afternoon tea as a theme.

Do you have any tricks or crazy memories of a garden party so please share with you :)


TIPS: If you visiting Gothenburg you MUST try The afternoon tea at Dorsia hotel on Sundays it’s just absolutely FAB :)


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