6 största tiktok trender jul 2023

6 Biggest Christmas TikTok Trends 2023

Wich are the biggest Christmas TikTok Trends 2023? TikTok is becoming increasingly popular for influencers, brands and ordinary people. With thousands of trends going viral each month, Christmas is no different. At this time of year, our ‘For You’ page is filled with sparkle and festivities going viral. So whether you are a TikTok expert, or a new user you will find some holiday cheer to brighten up the dark winter days including:

  • Cooking content
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Christmas Outfit Ideas
  • And many more…

So, let’s take a deep dive into the world of festive TikTok and see what trends are popular for 2023.

Christmas Karaoke and Dancing

Let’s be honest, one of the best parts of the Christmas season is the music. Whether it is classic Christmas carols or cheesy pop songs, there is something for everyone. Tik Tok at this time of year is filled with Christmas songs. Many users simply mime along to their favourite song – Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is always a hit! Alternatively, if you are even more talented, creating a dance routine to match with all the year’s dance trends is a great way to see your Christmas TikTok’s go viral! We’re in the digital age now – dancing is online, not just on the dance floor!

DIY Ornaments

TikTok is a source of inspiration for many, with Christmas DIY trending on TikTok already this year. While some may choose to buy their Christmas decorations, many choose to make them. This not only saves money but is a great activity to do with all the family. The DIY Christmas décor trend on TikTok has some amazing ideas – from homemade wreaths to ornaments for the tree. What a great way to add a personal touch to your decorations.

Festive Party Outfits

Fashion has taken TikTok by storm this year, with shopping hauls and outfit inspo gaining millions of views. Christmas party season is full of new outfits – sparkle and sequins. If you are looking for ideas on what to wear to your staff Christmas party, or on Christmas day, TikTok is the place to go. Many brands and creators film try-on hauls which allow viewers to get a feel for what the clothes look like on, instead of in a photo, while others show how to style them to create the perfect look.

Festive Recipes to Make Your Mouth Melt

Some of the best recipes that we have found in 2023 are from TikTok, with chefs and food fanatics around the world sharing their creations. Christmas food is no exception, from Christmas dinner cooking tips to some of the most decadent desserts you have ever seen. So, if you are looking for inspiration to impress the family this Christmas, TikTok is the place to go.

Christmas Décor

Christmas decorations can vary hugely. From simple, minimalist designs to transforming your entire home into a Winter wonderland, TikTok has it all. One of the top trending tags of TikTok this festive season is Christmas décor. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own home, or just being nosey to see other people’s ideas, TikTok is a great source of content. Many TikTok creators also share where they have purchased their décor so that you can find and order it yourself in no time!

Christmas Gift Haul

We all love having a little nosey into what someone gets for Christmas, or what they are buying others. Around Christmas Day, there is always a popular ‘What I Got For Christmas’ trend that goes around social media and TikTok is no exception. Other popular gift videos include ‘gift idea’ videos that are filmed in advance of Christmas to help users find the perfect present for their loved ones.

The Take Away

Make Christmas feel that little bit more special by engaging with Christmas videos on TikTok or even creating some of your own to share the magic. So, whether you are dancing, gifting or crafting, there is always something on the platform for you. Keep scrolling and have a Merry Christmas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best time to post Christmas content on TikTok?

Peak times for audience engagement vary, but evenings and weekends generally see higher activity. The best thing to do is experiment with when you post and find what works best for your audience.

How do I join a TikTok trend?

It couldn’t be easier, just search for a hashtag to see if it is popular. This will show you videos that are already created to give you some inspiration. Then create your own video and post the hashtag in the caption to join the trend.



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