Jul på mallorca & hiking i mancor

My Mallorca Christmas & Hiking in Mancor

I have lived in Mallorca for a while now! Many people travel to Mallorca and Palma when it’s summer. But I’m just saying that everyone just has to see Palma at Christmas. It’s magical and if there are anyone who can decorate for Christmas to the max, it’s the Spanish. There is bling, lights, elves, red bows and decorations in every corner of the beautiful city. I myself haven’t celebrated Christmas in a few years as Christmas for me only reminds me of my mother’s death and my boyfriend who moved to Norway during Christmas. But I can still appreciate all the beautiful Christmas decorations that Palma has to offer. I have photographed some Christmas favorites here.

Here you get Christmas in Mallorca and some photos from when I visited my friend Bianca who lives in Mancor, in the north of Mallorca. If you haven’t visited that area, you simply MUST do it as there are stunningly beautiful views!

Mallorca Christmas

The magnificent Christmas tree at my favorite Mallorca café Cappuccino!

Few cities in Europe have as good shopping as Palma! And I am especially in love with the small cozy streets with all the wonderful delicatessens of many kinds.

All trees with Christmas lights is just magical!

Above you see Christmas at Zara Home! I must generally advise you that Zara, both home & fashion, is SO much better in Spain (where Zara is from) than in Sweden. If you go to Mallorca and Palma, you must pay a visit there!

I rented an escooter and drove several miles a day along the sea from Palma and along all the amazing beaches its RECOMMENDED!

Our hiking in Mancor – Northern Mallorca

My Mallorcan friend Bianca invited me to Mancor where she lives. There she drove me around in her gigantic jeep, and show me the most magical Mediterranean surroundings.

Most people who visit Mallorca only visit the south side. But I recommend everyone to visit Mancor and North Mallorca as well. Bianca showed me a hiking spot and we hiked along a quiet beach several miles to a restarang by the sea with an incredible view of the mountains.

FUN FACTS! Is that Bianca and her husband rented their previous luxurious villa to Benjamin Ingrosso where he shot his music video “Do you think about me” SO COOL!

Above you see the small town of Manicor and below the nature area with all the beautiful views!

Final thoughts – Mallorca Christmas

These pictures i taken from Mallorca, speak more than a thousand words what a fantastic trip I have had in Mallorca. I really recommend everyone to visit the island in winter and not just in summer when it’s crazy hot. Now in December there is less tourism and a generally calmer nicer vibe everywhere.

I will definitely move to Spain for winter in the future, as that climate is much more me than the freezing cold in the North. Everyone who complains in Sweden that they feel SO Bad in the winter and run around to the doctor. You are NOT sick! you just live in the wrong climate. Man kind is not made to wander around in constant darkness and freezing cold, that’s just the way it is :)

Viva Espania and viva Mallorca!

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