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Best Ikea Closet Decor Ever  

Ikea closets offer endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to create a closet that not only fits your storage needs but also reflects your personal style. Some of the most popular types of Ikea closets:

  1. PAX Wardrobe System – The PAX wardrobe system is a popular choice for those looking for a highly customizable closet solution. You can choose from different sizes, colors, and styles to create a personalized closet that meets your storage needs.
  2. ALGOT Storage System – The ALGOT storage system is a flexible and affordable option for those who need a simple storage solution. The system consists of different components such as shelves, drawers, and baskets that can be combined to create a customized storage solution.
  3. ELVARLI Open Storage System – The ELVARLI open storage system is a modern and minimalist option for those who prefer an open-concept closet. The system consists of different modules that can be combined to create a customized storage solution.
  4. KOMPLEMENT Interior Organizers – The KOMPLEMENT interior organizers are accessories that can be added to the PAX wardrobe system to maximize storage space and organization. The organizers include features such as pull-out trays, jewelry drawers, and shoe racks.
  5. BRIMNES Wardrobe with Doors – The BRIMNES wardrobe with doors is a stylish and affordable option for those who prefer a traditional closet with doors. The wardrobe comes with adjustable shelves and hanging rods to maximize storage space.

Whether you prefer an open-concept closet or a traditional wardrobe with doors, Ikea has a closet solution for you. Many people across the world like Ikea closets for their affordability, ease of customization, and assembly. The closets are designed with a modern and minimalist aesthetic that appeals to many people. The clean lines and simple design make them a popular choice for those who prefer a contemporary look. However, this design can be plain and lacking in interest for some people who like a bit of detail in their closets. The simple design makes it easy to be further customized and styled to fit various stylish needs. Here is how you can style your Ikea closet to change your experience as you get ready for your day.

1. Choose the Right Doors

Ikea closets like the PAX Wardrobe System come with a variety of door options, including sliding doors, hinged doors, and glass doors. Choose the door style that best fits your aesthetic and complements your existing decor. It should also make it easy to access items in your closet.

2. Choose the Right Components

The Ikea ALGOT system consists of different components such as shelves, baskets, and drawers. Before decorating, consider what will be stored in the system and choose the right components to meet your storage needs. If you like a clean and minimal look, you may go for drawers. You can also use drawer inserts to maximize drawer space.

They are a great way to organize your clothes and accessories. Ikea offers a range of drawer inserts that can be customized to fit your specific storage needs. For shelves, and open closet systems, you can organize and decorate with baskets to give off a boho and traditional look depending on the style you decide to go with. Don’t forget to label your storage.

3. Add Lighting

Adding lighting to your Ikea closet can help to showcase your clothes and accessories. Consider adding LED strip lights to the top or sides of your wardrobe or to your shelves to create a soft glow. You can also hang a pendant light above the system to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Use Drawer Inserts

Drawer inserts are a great way to organize your clothes and accessories. IKEA offers a range of drawer inserts that can be customized to fit your specific storage needs.

5. Use decorative hangers.

For open Ikea closets like the ELVARLI open storage system, your clothes will be on display. Using decorative hangers can add a stylish touch to your closet and help to create a cohesive look. Choose hangers in a complementary color or material to the closet and overall bedroom decor.

6. Decorate the Interior

Don’t forget to decorate the interior of your Ikea closet. Consider adding wallpaper or fabric to the back of your wardrobe to add a pop of color or pattern. You could also consider adding drawer liners to protect the items inside and add a pop of color or pattern. Choose liners that are visually appealing and complement the overall design of your closet.

7. Add Decorative Hardware

Adding decorative hardware, such as knobs and handles, can give your Ikea Wardrobe System a more polished look. Choose hardware that complements your door style and overall aesthetic.

8. Add hooks.

Hooks are a great way to maximize space in your closet. You can use hooks to hang items such as bags, hats, and scarves.

9. Display Decorative Items

If you have extra space in your Ikea closet, consider displaying decorative items such as vases, framed photos, or small plants. This can help to personalize your wardrobe and make it feel more like a part of your home decor.

10 Color Coordination

If you prefer a cohesive and organized look, consider color coordinating your items within the organizers. Arrange clothing, accessories, or items in a way that creates a visually pleasing color scheme, making your closet feel harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

11 Consider Wall Art

If you have an empty wall above your closet, consider adding some wall art to create a focal point. You can choose artwork that complements the colors and style of your closet to create a cohesive look.

12 Keep it organized.

Lastly, maintain a clean and tidy closet so that your decorating efforts do not go unnoticed and so that it is easy to find your items. Keep your closet organized by using drawers and shelves to store different items. Use labels and dividers to keep everything in its place.

Decorating the IKEA closets is all about creating a functional and stylish storage solution that meets your storage needs and personal style preferences. With the tips outlined above, you can transform your Ikea closets into a visually appealing and organized space that meets your specific needs. By incorporating decorative boxes, labeling, lighting, decorative items, drawer liners, accessories, and color coordination, you can achieve a customized look that reflects your personal style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different decorating ideas until you find the perfect combination that works for you. Remember, the goal is to create a space that not only looks good but also makes your everyday life easier and more organized.

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