11 cool bathroom tile design ideas

11 Cool Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

When selecting tiles for your bathroom, the most important factors to consider are the material, the size of your space and the look you are aiming for. For example, using penny tiles in a huge bathroom may overwhelm the space. Whether you opt for a retro look or square ceramic tiles, there is always something for everyone. These bathroom tile ideas will direct your next redesign and are all the inspiration you need.

Bathroom Tile ideas

Opt for Soothing Green Tiles

More and more people are gravitating towards creating a spa-like atmosphere in their bathrooms. While you can achieve this using different styles and colours, there is one common goal–to make your space feel comfortable, serene and calming. After all, all you need after a long day at work is a relaxing place to unwind and what better place than the bathroom? Go for calming colours like earthy green that feel chic but also mimic nature.

Stack Tiles Vertically

Tiles stacked vertically are unexpected and modern. For instance, if you want to create a modern yet playful look in a bathroom with light pink walls, consider long and narrow navy tiles. These are the perfect pop of colour against the pink walls. The important tip here is to work for contrasting shades and go for unique tile shapes, whether it is large circular ties or long strips, to create a bathroom that speaks your personality. You can also add dark fixtures for an edgy look.

Pick a Complementary Colour Palette

Creating a pleasant contrast using complementary colours births a one-in-a-million bathroom. Don’t shy away from tones that are drastically different from each other. A deep blue and light tangerine combo, for instance, is killer. While at it, pay close attention to the grout colour too. Whether black or white, go for a grout colour that accentuates your tiles.

Explore Different Tile Configurations

Tile configuration can also contribute towards a unique final look. Stacking tiles in a horizontal, vertical and staggering manner, for instance, helps give a unique visual effect. Additionally, it gives the illusion of a bigger space. You can also create a colour contrast to help break up the room–perfect for open-concept showers.

Consider Statement Floor Tiles

Accent walls are popular in bathrooms, but another way to inject some personality into this space is through the flooring. This can also be an excellent idea for those thinking about painting the walls in bright tones but are yet to get to it. You can opt for geometric patterns or a tile with a lustrous sheen. You can also consider textured options that have a nice feel to the feet.

Get Oversized Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms and all the other rooms in your home. This is no surprise owing to their timeless rectangular shape that is easy to stack. To instantly elevate your bathroom space, go for a subway tile that is larger or smaller than average. This experimentation with dimensions gives a different look than the usual medium-sized tiles.

Opt for Fishbone Tiles for a Chic Look

A stylish tile configuration and soft colour palette can help create a cosy yet sophisticated bathroom. Wall tiles in a fishbone pattern elevate your space and give it a coastal aura. Go for muted tones and throw in aqua and powder pink splashes for a more cohesive look.

Go Minty

Another way to liven up your bathroom is by opting for square mint-green ceramic tiles on the ceiling and walls. These give your bathroom a sophisticated 1970s spa-slash-locker-room vibe. Finish up the look with earth-toned flooring to add an unexpected contrast. As for the décor, keep it minimal so the tiles can have their moment.

Create a Beautiful Black-And-White Blend

Nothing screams timeless better than designing with black and white. Stacking white tiles vertically on the wall and surrounding them with black walls and chrome fixtures lets them pop. The white tiles can also provide a line of demarcation for the shower stall. As for the dark-tone space, bring in a black vanity for continuity.

Opt for Gradient Mosaic

A mosaic-style tile design can create all the difference in your bathroom. If you have white walls, consider using tiny squares in shades of green to dot the floor and one of the walls. This helps unify a space that may otherwise appear disjointed. The tile design is the perfect balance of varied and dissimilar.

Go Eclectic

It takes skill to evenly balance contemporary and traditional to create a transitional-style bath. You can start by strategically positioning glass (modern), natural stone (earthy) tiles and ceramic (classic) in large, medium and small sizes in the shower area and bathroom. For a homey touch, throw in some flowers and art.

Other Bathroom Tile Design Ideas to Consider

Besides the above design ideas, here are others you might love:

  • Playing with dark, moody colours like slate grey
  • Glamming up with marble
  • Going maximalist

DIY Tiling Tips

While you may require a tiler to execute most of these tile ideas, you can easily handle some of them by yourself, thanks to thousands of floor and wall video tutorials on the web.

If you plan to go the DIY way, here are some essential tips to remember:

  • After calculating all the costs needed for the renovation, add a 10% contingency fee, as mistakes are bound to happen
  • Always start tiling from a wall or floor’s centre line. This way, any cut pieces end up at the sides of the room and are of similar size
  • For extra safety, use anti-slip tiles beside shower areas and bathtubs
  • Before you begin tiling, inspect the tile to ensure it is what you asked for
  • Ensure you prepare your surfaces before tiling. Your floors or walls should be dry and able to withstand the weight of the tiling. An uneven wall will require plastering, while an unlevelled floor will require screeding.
  • Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands
  • Use waterproof grout and adhesive

Final Thoughts

After a long day, everyone wants to retreat to their bathrooms and relax with a glass of wine and good music. Because of this, your bathroom is worth putting in all the effort during remodelling. From mosaic-style tile designs to fishbone wall patterns, there are limitless ways to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Bathroom Floors Be Darker Than Walls?

According to interior designers, the bathroom floor should be darker than the ceiling and walls. However, you can still be adventurous.

Which Colour of Tiles Is Ideal for Small Bathrooms?

Light tile colours like white are the most ideal for small bathrooms. They increase the brightness and airiness of your space, creating an illusion of a larger space.

What Tile Pattern Is Best Suited for a Small Bathroom?

For a small bathroom, consider a diagonal tile pattern. The pattern emphasizes the length and width at the same time and creates the optical illusion of additional space.


































































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