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Toilet decor tips – Get a glam toilet space

Are your toilet decor ideas dry as the dessert? The toilet, the bathroom, the ladies’ – dear child has many names. When it comes to decorating a toilet, you often get stuck in a dry spell and it can be difficult to see how you can create atmosphere in a room with a large toilet seat centrally located in the middle of the room.

The fact is, however, that there are many ways to spruce up your bathroom and thus obtain a more luxurious feeling. Join us as we dive deep into toilet interior design and its magical world. Hopefully you can find inspiration as well as new ideas for your particular bathroom!

Toilet decor tips

Hidden storage vs open shelving

First of all, let’s look at this storage thing. Clothes, towels, toothbrushes and much more end up in the bathroom. If you don’t have a good system for this, the bathroom risks becoming messy and inhospitable. Therefore, it is especially important to have good storage options in the bathroom.

At the same time, there are certain things that you actually want to be seen and lying in front of the toilet. An example of this is stylish towels. Get a nice shelf with open shelves and fold your best towels and place them on the shelf. This also makes it easy to play with different color combinations. For example, you can pick up the color you have on the floor in the bathroom and match it with the towels. This creates a nice dynamic in the coloring.

A bathroom cabinet is never wrong! With a bathroom cabinet you get a more luxurious feeling and there are lots of different variants to choose from. Here you can find something that matches the style of your particular bathroom. The advantage of a cupboard is also that it can be closed again and that you don’t have to have the same order inside as in the open storage spaces.

Do you have enough space for laundry?

A well-sized laundry basket is never wrong! Dirty laundry is not good for the overall impression of your bathroom. If you have a laundry basket that is too small, the laundry risks ending up directly on the floor, where it does not belong. You can advantageously purchase a laundry basket with a lid, then you also avoid seeing the dirty laundry every time you step into the bathroom.

Some choose not to have the laundry basket in the bathroom and this is of course highly individual. The advantage is that it becomes easy to take off your clothes when you have to take a shower and that you don’t risk getting a lot of clothes lying on the floor.

Hooks, hangers and towel rails

Towels can be hung over most things, such as shower walls, sauna doors, cabinet handles, etc. But why not hang the towels on a real towel hook or towel rail instead? This is both prettier and more structured. Each family member can have their hook and towel inside the toilet.

A heated towel rail creates a more luxurious feel to the bathroom as you can wrap yourself in a heated towel after you shower.

Lighting when furnishing bathrooms

A common mistake when decorating a bathroom is not taking the limited amount of light into account. Most bathrooms have only a small window, or no windows at all. You then become dependent on both the lighting and the color choices, so that the bathroom feels luxurious and stylish.

Choose spotlights if you want a more luxurious feel. Then you can also place these so that they illuminate special places in the bathroom, where you have certain furnishings. You can also have a large mirror in the bathroom with backlight. This is extremely neat and spreads a light over the entire bathroom.

Consider the color choices when decorating your bathroom. Perhaps you also don’t want too many patterns on textiles, as it becomes difficult to perceive when the light is more limited. Choose light colors instead, such as white, beige, light blue or olive green.

Don’t forget to maintain the bathroom

A bathroom can feel as luxurious as it wants, when it’s new, only to fall into disrepair and suddenly not look so nice anymore. So, how do you maintain that new, bright and fresh feeling? The answer is cleaning. It is not enough to just vacuum and wipe clean every now and then. If you have a tiled bathroom, you need to thoroughly clean the bathroom and scrub away coatings at regular intervals. Otherwise, you run the risk that these will settle and the bathroom will be difficult to restore.

The same applies to joints between tiles and clinkers. These become discolored easily, especially if you have chosen white joints. Therefore, if possible, choose gray or darker joints. But regardless of the color of the joints, there are special cleaning agents to clean the joints. There are also special kits that paint over the joints and give them a new feel.

Ad some cozy candles

Candles also contribute to a cozy and luxurious feeling in the bathroom. COMBINE this with some relaxing spa music and you have a bathroom that oozes luxury. You can also choose scented candles if you want to activate even more senses for whoever visits your bathroom.

Try your hand at light, scents and sounds and you will get a bathroom that you feel comfortable in. Hope that you have found inspiration by reading this article and that you can now go out and create yourself a luxurious and pleasant bathroom.

Bonus tip – Decorate small toilet with mirrors

The same applies in all small rooms, decorating with mirrors enlarges. So also when it comes to making a small toilet bigger. If the toilet is small and dark, place a mirror behind the toilet. This will give the effect of the room being larger than it is. Also having a large mirror above the sink with sconces above or at the sides of the mirror magnifies.

FAQ Toilet interior

How to decorate a small toilet?

Make use of the height in the small bathroom by furnishing with shelves, so that the storage does not take up too much space. By making use of the height, you also avoid your things getting wet from water splashes from the shower. You can utilize the space by placing shelves above the toilet or door frame.

How do you get a cozy bathroom & toilet?

Color match the details. Break off with color.

  • Insert a green plant. Plants can really lift an entire room – and this is not least true in the bathroom. …
  • Use candles.
  • Invest in a cozy rug.
  • Review interior details.
  • Improve the storage


It is possible to have a cozy and stylishly decorated toilet regardless of size. It’s just a matter of decorating and coloring with the right shades and details. Then adding some scented candles is a must, to get a luxurious hotel toilet feeling (and who doesn’t want that)



  1. I fell in love with the white bathroom. I’ve always love a bathroom with double sinks.

  2. Love these rooms! Bright, airy bathrooms are my favorite, and these are all so well designed.

    • Yes bathrooms are amazing to watch :) XO

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