Maria Ljungström

Maria Ljungström is the founder and writer at She is an expert in interior design and has worked as a home stylist with a solid background in interior decorating.
Maria likes to offer tips on how to make your home beautiful and luxurious affordably. With Inredningsvis, she has participated in several well-known media outlets such as Expressen, DN, and has written for GP Bostad.

How To Plan A Small Garden bigger

If you are a keen gardener that loves the outdoors, a small garden doesn’t need to hold you back. Every outdoor space can be turned into a garden where you [...]

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Top 9 Things Sweden is Famous for

Sweden, a Scandinavian gem in Northern Europe, is a land of many contrasts. It’s known for its serene landscapes, innovative design, and a culture that fosters progressiveness and equality. But [...]

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