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8 Tips to choose the right coffee table

So you are thinking of changing your coffee table and you need some tips on how to choose the
perfect coffee table for your living room, then you have come to the right place. Coffee tables are a very important part of the design of our living rooms because they are such a central piece. They capture the attention of everyone that comes into the room, and that is why you should take your time to pick the right coffee table.

Here are the 8 best tips how to chose the right coffee table!

1. Height of the table?

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right coffee table is it needs to have the right
height. It should not be higher than your sofa, otherwise, it makes it aesthetically unpleasing,
and it also becomes difficult to use.
If you also plan to use your coffee table to work for example or eat, it is important that it has the
right height. Ideally, you want to look for a coffee table that works well with the sofa or sofas you

Should a coffee table be higher or lower than a sofa?

A coffee table should have pretty much the same height as your sofa, or at least be lower by up
to 5 cm. There are also some interesting coffee table designs that tend to be very low, and that
have become very popular lately because it fits very well within the minimalist trend. However,
as a rule of thumb, you should stick with the height mentioned above, unless you are aiming for
a fully minimalistic design.

2. Wich coffey table shape?

The shape of the coffee table is another important aspect of choosing the perfect coffee table.
Although this tends to be a somewhat personal aspect of choosing a coffee table it should
depend mainly on the shape of your sofa. If you have a rectangular sofa like most people,
perhaps you want to pick a round or oval coffee table. This creates a nice shape contrast that
brings attention to the center of the living room.

Rectangular coffee tables also work well with rectangular sofas, however, by choosing a
different shape you are creating a focal point in the living room. This draws the attention of
anyone that steps into your living room. Always think about how your coffey table is gonna match your other furniture. If you for instance have a big TV recliner in the room, then a big more robust coffey table is more suitable to match with.

3. Storage space

Storage space in a coffee table is often one of the most overlooked aspects for most buyers.
They are mostly thinking of the aesthetics of the coffee table and not so much of its functionality.
However, storage space on a coffee table can be great. It gives you extra room to store books,
and even create certain decoration elements that make your living room shine.

4. Chose style

Style is everything and making sure you choose the right coffee table style is also important.
You want to choose something that easily matches the decor you already have. We talk
constantly about creating contrast, but when choosing the perfect coffee table you want to
create a light contrast.
You want to avoid a coffee table that has a color that does not match the color of your sofa or
your living room walls.

5. Coffee table material

Another important part of the process to choose your coffee table is to pick the right material.
Not choosing the right material could really hurt your decor. Wood and metal have become
popular choices, and there is a good reason for it. They work well with pretty much every sofa,
and decor you already have in your living room.
They also create the desired contrast that we are looking for while keeping your decor in sync.

6. Space in the room

Roo,m space is also an important factor to consider when choosing your coffee table. If your living
room is small you don’t want to choose a big coffee table. This will make it difficult to move
around and will make your living room look cluttered.
How big should a coffee table be in a living room?
When choosing a coffee table you want to make sure that there is always enough space
between the sofa and the coffee table. This ensures that you can easily move around, and it
does not make the decor look stuffed.
You want to make sure that your living room has a certain flow, where people can move around,
and there is enough space between all of the furniture pieces.

7. Function

Although coffee tables tend to be used in decor, they also have a function! Are you going to use
your coffee table to put your computer and work, or even use it to eat? How much space do you
need on the coffee table? Answering these questions can also help you define what should be
the best size for your coffee table.
If you need a coffee table to work or to eat frequently, you might want to pick a larger one. This
ensures that you can have enough space for everything you need.

8. What you will put on top of the coffee table?

Lastly, this is another great tip that you can use when buying your coffee table. Some of us
already have in mind what they want their coffee table to have on top. This makes it easy to
select the right size and style.

We tip you to put some beautiful coffey table books and scented candles on your table.


The perfect coffee table is a combination of form and function. Coffee tables are more than
decorative pieces and they are more than just decorations. Compromising between the two
aspects is the best way to pick the right coffee table for your living room.

  1. “Coffee tables are the focal point of any living room and should be selected with care. The thing to consider when choosing a coffee table is its size, shape, color, and space available around the coffee table.

    The tips given in the blog are helpful if you are buying a coffee table for your room. Thank you for sharing the article.”

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