Få ett snyggt new england vardagsrum - 5 tips

5 tips how to get that fab. New England decor

Today I have a special on the living room’s decor, then more specifically in the New England style that so many embraced. We are moving towards glorious warmer times and also many cool moments at sea. To decorate New England is like inviting sea to the living room.

Yes you can almost hear the waves cluck and seagulls familiar marine screams.

New england style in the living room is here to stay and looks just as good in the house in the country in the summer house :)

How to get New England decor

new england vardagsrum 1

new england vardagsrum

1. Striped New England interior coats:

Here is a key to get to New England style in the living room’s decor. Invest in big striped blue details like decorative cushions and rugs. It should however be colors of blue, white and beige for the New England interior works not red or pink.

Think sea, think blue blue skyes and sea.

new england inspiration


2. Carpets natural materials provide marine living:

Decorate with rugs sisal and beige natural material, it captures the feeling of beach and sand. When you decorate New England style in the living room should reflect the outside with the blue shades of the ocean. White blue and beige match the sky and sea colors out there but without taking over.

Mats that fit the style New England in the living room = beige nature and blue / white striped.

vardagsrum inredningvardagsrum inspiration

3. Oriental interior Vs New England décor:

Adding some oriental spices in New England decor gives an odd unexpected twist. Take the grandmother’s Chinese porcelain and let it adorn the living room walls together with modern art. Dark woods, navy and Chinese porcelain marries perfectly.

New england interior + Oriental details = TRUE

new england möbler

4. Wicker detail is a must in New England:

Adding rattan to New England decor gives the living room a stylish navy feeling. It can be a lonely rattan chair or a food group with white table and dining chairs in dark rattan to. Even roman blinds in rattan gives the feeling of a luxurious beach house in the Hamptons.

New england interior blue

new england inredning blå

5. Luxurious New England décor = Mixa dark blue with dark woods

Some furniture in reddish brown hardwood highlights the blue color of a classically stylish inredningsvis :)

Details: Get the style

new england inredning

There you have some cool tips to dress the living room’s decor in the hot New England outfit. But remember to always add some personal interior decoration, for it is your home not a clinically interior design magazine :)

So why do we love at the New England décor so much? I think it’s because it keeps us in the summer, sun and sea bathing in the clear blue sea all year round home.

What do you like New England décor?


  1. Morning Maria! Its for sure one of the best decor ever, very plain, light and chic, totally love it! Your tips are very good, wish I lived in some spaces like those!:) Many kisses! xo

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