27 staycation tips för en perfekt semester

27 Staycation ideas for a perfect vacation

We don’t always have to go to exotic and exciting destinations to enjoy our holidays. In fact there are some of us, who prefer to stay at home and relax. Lately with corona, it has become increasingly more difficult to travel around. Some countries require tests, and vaccines and each country has different policies that are changing at a fast pace. For that reason, some of us have preferred to stay in our country. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy your holidays in the same way. There is lots of fun stuff to do, while still at home.

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Here are the 27 best Staycation ideas ever for a summer holiday to remember!

27 Staycation ideas

Enjoy a local show

Well since last year some of these activities have been restricted, but fortunately not anymore. If you haven’t been able to do some of these things during 2020, now you can, and it is time to take advantage of that. Go to the theatre and watch a play, this can be extremely enjoyable as we are more used to staring into screens while watching Netflix. You can also go to the local movie theatre and watch a movie, that can also be interesting.

Another interesting idea is to go to a concert and see your favorite musicians play. If you want to try something completely original, why not go to an opera concert. Opera is not something we enjoy everyday and it could be an exciting new experience even to take your kids.

Another possibility is to watch local sports games. With corona most sports events were restricted to have any audience, but not anymore. Go see your favorite athlete or sports team compete.

You can also check what free events your local town, or cities nearby are offering. Oftentimes you will find that there are cultural events going on, that are free of any charge.

Go to a museum

You do not need to be a history nerd to enjoy museums, in fact you can pick any museum you want. Choose a museum on a topic you like and visit. You can always learn new things and some museums change quite often. There are also exhibits of arts or historical pieces, and this can be an exciting way to spend the day.

Go camping

Camping can be a very relaxing activity, being in nature and spending time with loved ones can really recharge our batteries. Check some local camping spots near your house, and you can even rent a caravan. If you are into more luxurious camping, you can always try glamping in nearby places. Check camping parks close to you and go in the nature for a few days, you will feel much better after.

Stay at an hotel closeby or rent an Airbnb

If you find camping to be too rough, and you definitely don’t want to be outdoors, you can always check in a local hotel or Airbnb. Search some places close to your house, or in cities nearby that you have not visited for a while. Some Airbnbs can also offer one in a lifetime chance to experience something completely different.

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Go to a Spa, and get a massage

What better way to relax than with a great spa day. There are local spas in your area that you can go to and relax. A massage is also something to consider, perhaps trying a different technique of massage can help you relax and try something different. Go with friends or family, and that way you can enjoy it with more people.

Try a new hobby

You always wanted to try and do some new sports, or hobby. This is the perfect time to check some local classes and sign up. When we are working sometimes we do not have the time to try every hobby we want to. So this is the perfect time to experiment with some new activity or sport that you always wanted to try. Maybe sign up your friends also, or your other half so that you can share it with someone else.

Sign up for classes

Is there something you always wanted to learn? Perhaps learn a new language or improve your cooking skills. This can be done during a staycation, either online or physically. Check learning centers and course offerings nearby. If you are inclined to stay at home, you can look online, as there are so many offerings, and some of them are even free.


Have you been postponing shopping for certain things? Staycation may be the right time to go and buy those things you have been postponing. Also if you have not shopped in a while it can be fun to go to the local mall, or a closeby city and see some different stores.

Read a book or visit your local library

Some of us are not book aficionados, but during a staycation you can consider relaxing and reading a book on a topic you are interested in. Visit the local library, and you can browse through their selection. You probably do not have to spend any money and you can learn something new during your staycation.

Take a hike or go climbing

If you are missing some physical activity, think about going on a hike. There are local hiking groups that you can contact and go as a group also. You can always convince your family members to join and have a good time outdoors. If you are into more adventurous stuff, you can always go climbing. Check with your local climbing guides, as they probably arrange climbing trips in your local area every week or so.

Have a picnic

A picnic is another fun thing to do during a staycation. Although some of us prefer to eat at restaurants it can be an exciting thing to do. With summer and the sunny weather, you can find a local park where you can enjoy a picnic. Either by yourself or with friends and family.

Invite your friends and family over

If you are not into eating outdoors, you can always invite your friends and family over to your house. Prepare a meal for them, and you can spend some time socializing and enjoying great food. You can even do a barbecue during the summer. Another idea is to prepare a wine tasting party, and invite friends and family to enjoy it.

Do a food tour around your city

With enough time on our hands, for those of us who are food fanatics there are other choices. Do a food tour around your city. Maybe try a different culinary experience, or some restaurant that you have never tried before. This can be exciting, and it will seem like you are traveling without even leaving your town.

Try a board game or puzzle night with friends and family

We are much more used to being on the phones nowadays and it could be a different thing to try and bring back some of the activities we had on the past. Doing fun board games or puzzles with your friends or relatives can be a fun experience.

Go biking

Biking can be very enjoyable, and during staycation it can allow you to exercise and see different views. Go on a biking day around your town or close by and get immersed into the experience. It is a good way to let your mind wander while you see beautiful views

Visit a national park

Another great idea for a staycation is to visit a national park. Get immersed into nature and rediscover your natural roots. Some national parks allow you to bring pets and to camp there. So that is another option to keep in mind and it can be fun.

Try making TikTok or youtube videos

Nowadays, TikTok and YouTube have become two of the most important content platforms. If you ever wanted to do some content videos, a staycation is the perfect opportunity to try your video skills. You can also learn about video editing and improve your skills. Who knows maybe you become a TikTok or YouTube sensation during your staycation.

Try volunteering

Volunteering can be an intense experience. Giving back and helping your local community is a nobel thing to do. Staycation is the perfect time to try volunteering, contact your local NGOs and see how you can be of service to them. You can also meet lots of interesting people during volunteer work, and even make some new friends.

Do some remodelling in your house

You know that project you always wanted to do but you have been postponing for a while? This is the right opportunity to finally get it done. You also have time to contact contractor and get some budgets for all of these changes.

Redecorate your house

If you always wanted to redecorate your house, or some of the rooms – staycation is the right time to do it. Check design and decoration ideas, and plan your new decor. PUT LINKS HERE

Do some DIY projects

You know those DIY projects you would love to do but you don’t have time. Well while in staycation you can do them and have some fun while you are at it. Check online for some ideas and have fun with your family and friends doing them.

Explore a city closeby

Sometimes we end up staying around our city, because it’s just work and home. Staycation is the perfect time to visit some close by cities that you have never been to or haven’t been in a long time. Check what things you can do while you are there, and it will feel like a completely new place.

Throw a dance party

Throw a dance party in your house, for friends and family. You can prepare a themed party and invite those you know that are into dancing. Be careful don’t break anything.

Watch that series or movie you wanted to watch for a long time

Sometimes we don’t have time to watch all the movies and series we want. During your staycation you can get up to date with the new episodes and movies coming out.

Clean that closet that you have been postponing

It can be stressful to do deep cleaning during the weekdays. Staycation might be the perfect time to deep clean your house or your closet. Maybe reorganize things, and give away things you do not need anymore. A little cleansing of your home can also be fun.

Plant a garden

Starting a garden is also very relaxing and exciting activity. Choose the plants you want and start your new garden. If you don’t have an outdoor space, you can also consider some indoor options like garden walls. LINK

Breakfast in bed

With that much time in your hands you can try something you don’t do that often. Breakfast in bed is one of those things, and your partner will certainly be very happy. Just be careful and don’t spill any liquids into bed.

As you see there are several things to do during a staycation. It does not need to be boring and it can be much more fun than going away from home. Try some of this ideas with your family and friends and you will certainly have a great time during your staycation.

PERSONA STAYCATION TIP: If you visit Sweden you MUSY visit Varberg a small city on the coast line outside Gothenburg. Its an amazing place with gorg ocean views and lovely beaches. I also tip you to rent a bike and go along Kattegattsleden. Its a bike road that goes from Gothenburg all the way to Denmark and Skåne. The sites along that bike road is abs THE BEST of Sweden :)

Love M

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